French and Indian War: Conflicting interests Britain and colonies


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The conflicting interests of colonists and the British durin time of French and Indian War.

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French and Indian War: Conflicting interests Britain and colonies

  1. 1. Created by: H. Robert Brady, Ph.D. IPS Director of Social Studies and World Languages (ret.) Director of Communications, Indiana Council for the Social Studies Indianapolis, IN 46222 Conflicting interests
  2. 2. The British in London and the British colonists do not see eye to eye Image credit:
  3. 3. Image Credit: Those in Great Britain and those in the colonies see their economic interests going in different directions.
  4. 4. Image Credits: British merchants want to make the largest profit they can possibly make. This often comes at the expense of the colonist, but that’s okay by the British merchants.
  5. 5. The mercantile system is designed so the colonies work to make the mother country rich. That means, when real profit is to be made, it should be made by merchants here in Britain. The colonists do not appreciate their role in this economy. The British in Britain thought colonies existed to make Britain rich not the make the colonists money. Image Credit:
  6. 6. London is ripping us off. We do the work; they get the profits. We need more out of this arrangements. The colonies and the colonists need to be properly taken care of by those in London. They need to hear and react to our interest in addition to theirs. The interests of British colonists in the Americas ran contrary to those of the people living in Great Britain Image Credit:
  7. 7. His majesty certainly protects his subjects in Great Britain. Look at all he spends on the Royal Navy. Why won’t he do the same for us and provide enough Red Coats to squash the Indians and terrify the filthy French? I bet it’s because we’re “just colonists!” Image Credit: Frontier colonists often felt they lived in greater danger than anyone in Britain but received less protection that the average Briton did.
  8. 8. Image Credit: King George II The silly colonists in America do not understand the security needs of an empire that extends around the globe. I have colonies in Africa, India, and in the Caribbean that must also be protected. One can’t be everywhere at one time. Priorities! Military spending cannot be allowed to bankrupt the country. Translated into English from the King’s comment in German* Britain had many colonies across the globe that it needed to protect. Forces had to be divided and sent where they were most needed.
  9. 9. British interests were global reaching beyond the wants and needs of any one set of colonies. Image Credit: The British colonists in the 12 American colonies were only* interested in the needs of their colonies. Image Credit: * There were only 12 colonies. Delaware was part of Pennsylvania. It became separate only when it became a state in 1776 at the time independence was declared.
  10. 10. This does not bode well for the future relationship between Britain and the American colonies but ...
  11. 11. everyone must work together to fight against the hated French who are gathering at the colonial borders.