Social Media Optimization


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Social Media Optimization is a search engine marketing process that very few marketers know about and even fewer used. It allows anyone with the know how to place their products and services on Page #1 of TOP search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for MEGA traffic!

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Social Media Optimization

  1. 1. Social Media OptimizationAmong the top 3 search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, social media relatedtopics account for more than 1.5 BILLION keyword searches each and everymonth.Any business with a website can use social media phenomenon’s like Facebook,LinkedIn, Slideshare, Twitter, Youtube and any hundreds of others, to get abusiness’s sales message on Page 1 of top search engines. Just a tip: keep youreyes open for Google Plus.Each social media site has hundreds of millions of pages created by people andbusinesses just like yours. What this means is that, because these sites have somany pages of content, the search engine of from Google, Yahoo and Bing, Askand dozens of others, index all of these sites and pages above all others, yoursincluded!Our method of building social website profiles is to do so in a way that allows yourbusiness to reach top search rankings and thereby, customers who are ready tospend money!Our company was founded in 2008 on 5 Strategic Web Imperatives; rd  No small to medium sized Internet business should depend on 3 party, long term social media management when the tools to do so can be mastered quickly, IN HOUSE.  Search Engine Optimization with social media profiles should be taught in an easy to understand format. rd  Any 3 party services paid for by online business owners, must include easy- to-understand, next generational, website traffic techniques  All web businesses should be provided a social media strategy that allows them to displace their competition within search marketing at MINIMAL Page 1
  2. 2. www.websitewordpress.netOur services are; ✔ Set-up 10 custom Facebook Fan Pages using our targeted, traffic generating process. ✔ 5 custom LinkedIn Profiles to position your offer with more seasoned websites ✔ 5 Twitter optimized profiles to penetrate hidden keyword markets ✔ Create a custom Social Media Marketing Optimization Plan ✔5 internal PDF sales documents, literature or brochure optimized for high search rankings and easy website traffic ✔ Youtube video optimization plan for of easy product and services offer views ✔ Top documents sharing site plan for easy website traffic ✔ Press Release optimization to get your message in front of competitors clients ✔ Our TOP 5,000 most useful website links which provide thousands of FREE services to web business owners ✔ 10 easy-to-understand video tutorials. We will show you our process so you can repeat it as many times as you desire!If you are thinking: “I already spend too much time trying to keep up withcustomers and friends on current social profiles!”The profiles we set-up, and through our video tutorial series, you will achieve highsearch rankings in your KEYWORD MARKETS where your fiercest competitors nowenjoy supremacy.Once these super optimized profiles are set up, with your website site address andbusiness information, you will never have to worry about them Page 3
  3. 3. www.websitewordpress.netenjoys website traffic to their products and services that otherwise, wouldn’teven know they exist.There is nothing more you will ever again need to do, unless your website domainchanges once these profiles reach top pages of keyword search in your targetmarket.Cost: $159.00Once your payment is processed, you will be taken immediately to aquestionnaire which will allow us to better understand your needs and goals.Depending upon the level of service needed, most profile services are completeand ongoing social media strategy plan written for your specific business andaccording to your needs, in 7 business days. Partner with us Page 5