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Using iBeacons to enhance your mobile gamification experience with users


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Interested in incorporating iBeacons to your gamified mobile campaign? A new state of the art technology that will surely impress your users. Use it anywhere, even in areas without GPS or low cellphone reception. Use it in the form of a scavenger hunt and start having fun today! Contact us at start your own amazing race with iBeacons.

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Using iBeacons to enhance your mobile gamification experience with users

  1. 1. SOLUTIONS FOR A MOBILE WORLD THE SOLUTION GAMIFYING IBEACON SOCIAL SCAVENGER IS ADDING IBEACON INTO THE PLATFORM TO INCREASE ENGAGEMENT AND SPONSORSHIPS OPPORTUNITIES FOR INDOOR EVENTS. Why are we incorporating iBeacon into our Platform? The 6th challenge type coming to Social Scavenger, iBeacons, creates new location based opportunities, from accurate indoor tracking to chasing down moving targets. This vastly improved short range accuracy represents a first of a kind opportunity for conferences, conventions, stadiums, events, team building, product launches and more! Make iBeacons part of your next Social Scavenger engagement. Available on 93% Smartphone Coverage How it Works Think James Bond. You place a small transmitter (iBeacon) somewhere, let’s say in your coat pocket. The beacon can be a ‘sticker’ or you can use something like an ipod. As players hunt down beacons they can continuously see if they are getting closer or farther…unit they track it down. Beacons are perfect for indoor use as you can drive players to specific locations they might otherwise not explore and you don’t need wifi. Once in range, you can ‘unlock’ any other type of Social Scavenger challenge - creating a unique engagement experience. Maximum Range: 50 meters - 2500 square meters Using iBeacons A few examples Congrats you found it! Congrats you found it! x x Challenge Challenge 3 has 3 has been been unlocked! unlocked! Conferences, Conventions and Sponsors The ability to collect iBeacons drives foot traffic to the locations you want, at the time you want. Combined with the power of Social Scavenger, you can now drive foot traffic, increase sponsorhips and create a one of a kind engagement experience for attendees. Adventure Games On the pure game side, iBeacons are a natural extension to bring moving or hidden targets into games like Scavenger Hunts and Amazing Races. Moving targets in an actors coat? Hidden targets in your sponsors store? iBeacons take the traditional outdoor mobile game to a whole new level! Museums Kids may not love wandering around museums but tracking down famous or interesting pieces via radar, then getting tasked to complete additional challenges? Now that’s a fun and educational experience. Take that to an adventure park or any other venue where kids just want to have more fun. Integrating iBeacons into Social Scavenger While finding an iBeacon can be a challenge of it’s own, there are lots of ways to keep engaging your audience with more challenges. Challenges There are 6 other challenge types you can ‘unlock’ once somebody has found a beacon. Depending on your event or goals it’s up to you! Video Augmented QR Code Text Reality Photo 3 Executions: White Label Have your very own iPhone and Android app Embed Launch our app inside your current app Scavenger Platform Build your event in our hosted app ? Trivia Branded Microsite Streaming branded site comes with white label and embed solutions Other Services Game building, judges, on the ground actors, team gear, post production, creative services and more Contact us Today: Earn Points All challenges can be assigned points and let players climb the leaderboard Badges Why not award custom badges based on how many stages a player completes? Full Games A feature rich platform able to handle any style of content game