Media Kits for Bloggers


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Presented by Stephanie Schwab to Philly Social Media Moms, April 23, 2012.

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Media Kits for Bloggers

  1. 1. Media Kits for BloggersPhiladelphia Social Media Moms April 23, 2012 Presented by Stephanie Schwab @socialologist @digifam
  2. 2. Why Do You Need a Media Kit?  More Opportunities • Makes it easier for marketers to tell if your blog is a right fit for their campaign  Looks Professional • Marketers will know they are working with someone who takes their brand and blog seriously  Time Saver • The more comprehensive your media kit is, the less time you’ll spend repeating the same information1
  3. 3. 2Creating Your Media Kit
  4. 4. Essentials  Blog Name  Bio  Audience  Social Footprint  Media Appearances  Previous Partnerships  Available Opportunities  Detailed Contact Information3
  5. 5. Media Kit Formats  Powerpoint • Download as PDF • Can also put on Slideshare if you’re willing to be more public  Word • One-pager • Multiple pages • Download as PDF  On your blog • Ideally, also make downloadable in some way Appearance counts: put your best foot forward, in terms of writing and design, for your blogger media kit4
  6. 6. Blog Name  Also include: • Logo • Quick Contact • Tag Line5
  7. 7. Bio & Description  Keep it short & to the point  Be sure to include: • Your experience & story • Site content & purpose Marketers can’t work well with bloggers if you don’t tell them who you really are6
  8. 8. Audience  Traffic Stats • Include screen shots from Google Analytics – Monthly Uniques • Quantcast data is also good – More accurate than – You have to be willing to make your information public  Demographics • You may need to collect this yourself7
  9. 9. Demographics  Quantcast will give you demographic information from their database • Gender • Age • Children per household (very important for marketers) • Education status • Income levels  Warning: Quantcast data can be off  Best way to get demographics: Survey your readers • Get most critical data (above) • People will drop off if you ask too many questions • Use Survey Monkey or Google Forms • Offer an incentive for the survey – enter into a drawing? Bloggers should occasionally survey their readers to know who to tailor content (and marketing) to8
  10. 10. Your Social Footprint  Site stats aren’t the only thing marketers takes into consideration!  Add all things that make up your reach & influence: • Twitter Followers • Facebook Fans • Klout Score • Awards & Inclusions – Top blogger lists – Top tweeters lists9
  11. 11. Media Appearances/Press  This quantifies your reach  No need to be lengthy, a bulleted list will do • Organize lists by appearance type – Speakers/Panels – Television – Print – Other online mentions You are more than just your blog: be sure to highlight other online and offline points of influence10
  12. 12. Previous Partnerships  List brands you’ve worked with in the past • Use a bulleted list • Include the year • Brand logos are good imagery11
  13. 13. Case Studies  Optional, but very helpful • If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry about it!  Showcase your most effective campaign • Highlight the reach & outcomes12
  14. 14. Available Opportunities  How can you work with the brand? • 4 – 5 bullets for suggested partnerships – Advertising – Review/Giveaway – Sponsored Posts – Twitter Parties – Blogger Outreach • Include estimated pricing, when possible Listing specific opportunities in your media kit make it easy for marketers to approach you13
  15. 15. Wrap It Up: Detailed Contact Information  The final piece of your kit: • Blog name, site URL • Your name, email & phone number • Social profile URLs If you don’t include a phone # in your media kit, be sure to include it in any emails you send to marketers14
  16. 16. Other Tips  Follow common best practices: • Low word count • Keep it “scannable” – Use sub-headers & bulleted lists • Consistent branding & imagery – It should match your blog • Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!15
  17. 17. The bottom line Marketers and PR people don’t want to have to think, they just want great opportunities to create themselves in front of them Do the work for them and put it into a nice tidy package Give them everything they might ask for and then some – but without compromising yourself or oversharing with competitors
  18. 18. Resources➔ Mom-Bloggers-➔➔➔ building-a-media-kit/➔ media-kit/
  19. 19. Bloggers!Send me your (awesome) media kit so I have you in my blogger files for brand campaigns Stephanie Schwab Subject line: [your blog name] media kit And follow me on Twitter: @socialologist & @digifam