Advanced LinkedIn: Profile Ninja Tips, Groups & Company Pages


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Super-charge your LinkedIn presence with these business-oriented tips. Use ninja tips to make your personal profile the best it can be. Join (or create) Groups to increase networking, stay on top of industry news, and generate leads for your business. And create a Company Page to showcase your company, products and services. This presentation will walk you through the key points for those three important LinkedIn concepts.

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  • We’re all here to learn how to really optimize and juice up our LinkedIn usage. I assume you all have complete profiles, great profile pictures, and a built-up contacts database. If not, some of this may be a step or two too advanced for you, but you’ll need all of this info eventually.We’re going to focus on three things tonight: Your profile, Groups and Company PagesWe start with the most personal and end with the most company-oriented. Groups are in the middle.
  • It’s worth an hour or two to be sure your profile is as complete and polished as it can be
  • Be sure to turn this back on once you’re done!
  • How many of you have your job title as your LinkedIn headline?
  • When people search for you, the drop-down results will show their name and their headline. This is important for first impressions!Note the use of pipes – those little up-and-down lines – in some of these profiles (Ana, Jay). They’re very effective as separators. They’re above the forward slash on most keyboards.
  • Your summary is who you are – in the first person. Describe yourself the way you would in a business pitch or conversation.
  • Mike Hickinbotham – note embedded slideshows – we’ll talk more about this laterYour summary can be short – but you do need to get good keywords into it
  • AnaQuillinan –the person I learned lots of my LinkedIn knowledge from and someone many of you may know – she’s here in Larchmont Note use of caps, bullets, and space to set off portions of the profile
  • Jay Baer
  • Betsy Cadel
  • Don’t overlook or waste these spaces – they’re good for SEO and for people looking for you
  • How many of you belong to LinkedIn Groups?How many of you regularly read your Group discussions?How many of you comment in Groups – or do you just lurk?
  • Good time to talk about personalized networking requests – always include a personal message when you request a connection with someone. Tell them why you know them and/or why you want to connect with them.
  • How many of you already have a LinkedIn Company Page?For those of you that do, I hope that I can provide some new best practices for you. For those that don’t, this is like having an extra web page devoted to your business. Do it – it’s so valuable!
  • Your cover image may be similar to your Facebook or Google+ cover, only it’s a different sizeThis is worth spending some money on – buying a high-res image that works beautifully for your company. Or use an image you shoot yourself!
  • Encourage employees to list you as their employer to help make sure you look as big as you really are
  • Make this part of your social media routine and update regularlyUse
  • Note video on right side – you can include video from Youtube or other locations
  • Advanced LinkedIn: Profile Ninja Tips, Groups & Company Pages

    1. 1. Advanced LinkedIn:Profile Ninja TipsGroupsCompany PagesStephanie SchwabCrackerjack
    2. 2. In This Presentation: Advanced LinkedIn Ninja Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn Company Pages2
    3. 3. LinkedIn Ninja Tips
    4. 4. Spend Time With Your Profile Spend time on you before you spend time on groups orcompany pages4
    5. 5. First: Turn Off Broadcasts While you’re mucking around with your profile, turn offactivity broadcasts5uncheck this
    6. 6. What’s Your Headline?6
    7. 7. Headline Not your job title Think advertising copy or blog post title 120 characters7
    8. 8. Who Are You?8
    9. 9. Summary Keyword-rich, compelling copy Not a job description First person! Can use keyboard characters for bullets or separators9
    10. 10. More Summary Examples10
    11. 11. More Summary Examples11
    12. 12. More Summary Examples12
    13. 13. While You’re Writing… Create or back up everything you’re doing in Word or a textfile LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to save old versions13
    14. 14. Customized Links Valuable real estate in your public profile Link to your company website, company blog, other companyor non-profit, personal site, etc.14• always use “other” soyou can name each link• link to all yourpresences on the web
    15. 15. Profile: Resources 3 Stunningly Good LinkedIn Profile Summaries• 8 Tips for Supercharging Your LinkedIn Profile• 8 Profile Tips to Maximize the New LinkedIn User Interface for2013•
    16. 16. LinkedIn Groups
    17. 17. Why You Should Be Active in Groups Stay on top of industry news and events Connect with potential clients and customers Develop thought leadership in your area of expertise Make other connections: speaking, personal connections Create a group around your company, product or service
    18. 18. Join Some Groups Choose wisely• Join 3-5 groups, max, tostart• Keep groups focused butwithout too much overlap• Choose groups with 100s,but not 1000s, ofmembers (for bestnetworking potential) Visit often• Visit 2-3 times per week• Change email settings toreceive more or fewergroup messages18
    19. 19. Group Best Practices Don’t spam the group• Make sure your additions to the conversation are relevant andnot all focused on you or your products/services “Share” to post to multiple groups – but make sure it’srelevant (see previous bullet)• You can share to groups from your personal updates or yourcompany page Take it offline• If you get into a serious discussion with someone about yourbusiness, suggest that they connect with you so you can emailabout it directly• You cannot post an email address within a group, so you mustconnect first19
    20. 20. Joining Discussions Join “Most Popular” discussions• These will have greatest visibility What to say:• Respond to existing comments• Provide additional insight• Ask a question Like and Share discussions• Posters will see that you’ve done that20
    21. 21. Start Your Own Discussion Once you’ve participated for a while, start your own discussion• It’s bad form to do this right when you’ve joined a group What’s important to the group? Your discussion should targetthese points Ask a compelling question Follow up and pay attention to your discussion21
    22. 22. Start Your Own Group If your industry or niche isn’t servedby a well-trafficked group, startyour own When you set up your group,optimize your group page by:• Using keywords in the group title• Using keywords in groupdescription Choose an Open Group if you wantthe discussions visible to the world,or a Members-Only Group if they’revisible to members only22
    23. 23. Group Manager Best Practices You’re the hostess at the party!• Make sure all your guests are comfortable Communicate with group members• Send a weekly message to the group– Highlight key industry news– Promote group members to the rest of the group Help people network with each other• Make introductions• Encourage newcomers Choose which content to feature• The Managers Choice box highlights a discussion23
    24. 24. Groups: Resources 15 Tips for Getting the Most From LinkedIn Groups• How To Network Using LinkedIn Groups• Best Practices for LinkedIn Group Management• 5 B2B Content Marketing Tips for Boosting Your LinkedInGroup•
    25. 25. LinkedIn Company Pages
    26. 26. Why You Need a Company Page Tell your company story Share career opportunities Get found by people searching for your services Highlight products and services Share company news Generate leads
    27. 27. Essential Elements of Your Company Page Cover Image & Logo About Us Connected Employees Company Updates Products & Services Product Recommendations
    28. 28. Company Page: Cover Image & Logo Specifications:• Image - Minimum 646x220 pixels, PNG/JPEG/GIF format,Maximum 2 MB• Logo - 100x60 pixels, PNG/JPEG/GIF format, Maximum 2 MB Make your cover image high-quality and memorable28
    29. 29. Company Page: About Us Be descriptive inmain About section• Use relevantkeywords• Write with somepersonality – nottoo corporate Specialties• Keywords are veryimportant here• List all of yourcompany’sspecialties in thelanguage peoplewill be using insearch 29
    30. 30. Company Page: Connected Employees30 When your employees indicate they work for your company,they show up here This helps establish the size of your company
    31. 31. Company Page: Company Updates Similar to Facebook orGoogle+, you can postupdates for yourcompany on LinkedIn These will go to all ofyour followers andappear at the top ofyour company page Your blog is greatupdate material, as arenew products orcompanyannouncements31
    32. 32. Company Page: Products and Services Edit your main Company page to describe what you do Include up to 3 banners with URLs to click through• Great opportunity to showcase products/services/specials• Banners are 646x222 pixels Edit from the Edit button at the top of the Products page32help people understandthat this is clickable byincluding a call-to-action“button” in your banner
    33. 33. Company Page: Specific Products You choose whatyou showcase Add an image(100x80 pixels) Use good keywordsin your descriptionand key features Link to the relevantpage on yourwebsite Include video if youcan33
    34. 34. Company Pages: Product Recommendations These are featured on every product/service page Ask clients and customers for them You choose what to use/feature on your product page34
    35. 35. Company Pages: Resources 21 Examples of Powerful LinkedIn Company Pages• 5 Strategic Tips for Creating a Killer LinkedIn Company Page• Turn Your LinkedIn Company Page Into A Sales Magnet• 5 Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn Company Pages•
    36. 36. Questions?Stephanie Schwabstephanie@crackerjackmarketing.comtwitter: @stephaniescrackerjackmarketing.com36