The Insidious Plot to Socialize the Enterprise


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Social Media Week 2012 opening keynote from Global Managing Director of Social@Ogilvy

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  • How has Social Changed Leadership? This is the story about business leaders. What are we all going to do to lead our business to get the most out of this worldwide, unstoppable phenomena we call ‘social media.’I asked Ben and Ray how social had changed leadership itself…..
  • The Insidious Plot to Socialize the Enterprise

    1. The Insidious Plotto Socialize theEnterpriseJohn BellGlobal Managing DirectorSocial@Ogilvy
    2. Social Media Adoption Path Nervous Listening Experimenting Connecting Fully Ambivalence Unconnected Leadership integrated experiments applies Value100 spring up governance and everywhere enlightened across the social brand business management to extract more value 0 Phase 0 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 2
    3. The Insidious Plot?More like Inevitable Shift
    4. BusinessDiscipline Social Behaviors
    5. Social Business Strategy Business Value Examples Create customer value • Deliver services and products via preferred social channels • Add content or utility to increase customer value • Increase individual and network value of customers (i.e socialCRM) Build brand reputation and value • Manage risk via ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, influencers and customers • Co-create with customers and stakeholders to deepen “investment” Expand operations and innovation • Increase efficiency of marcom programs excellence • Crowd-source solutions with customers and stakeholders • Deliver service solutions more efficiently Strengthen workforce and culture • Increase internal collaboration on business problems/systems • Feature employees in external communications and customer touchpoints 55
    6. Creating CustomerValueDeutsche Bahn launchesa new train ticket only foryoung people, sellingover 145,000 of them viaFacebook. 6
    7. Build brand reputationand valueTime Warner Cable solvescustomer problems viaTwitter to walk-the-walkof customers-first. 7
    8. Expand operation andinnovation excellenceAll Clad listens to cooks‟reaction to products andimplements changes likethe new handle design. 8
    9. Strengthen workforceand culture Ford taps into employees, retirees and more as „badge-carrying‟ brand advocates. 9
    10. Social businessbehaviorsBuilds Integrated customer relationshipsFosters horizontal collaborationMakes clear commitments to innovationBecomes adaptive and agileMasters an endless flow of data 10
    11. How fast are socialmedia behaviorschanging?
    12. Growth markets outpace the US insocial network usage…Managed social network profile in past month 79.8% 74.9% 72.3% 70.4% 54% 49.3% Indonesia Philippines Turkey Brazil China USGlobal Web Index 6 – November 2011 12
    13. These global markets will define the nextphase of social media useSocial network usage growth from 2009 to 201027% 18% 13% 5%China Mexico Russia USGlobal Web Index 6 – November 2011
    14. And mobile lets us tap into theopinions of our 130 friends anywhereIn the BRIC countries accessingyour social networks via mobile isup 158% over the past 2 years
    15. These opinions drive purchaseFor opinions on products to buy,Millennials are more than 3x aslikely than Boomers to turn to socialchannelsBazaarVoice Study 2011
    16. Not just in B2C but B2BSenior decision makers90% 60% Managed social80% network profile70%60% Uploaded photo online50%40% Watched a30% video clip20%10% 0% GWI.1 July 2009 GWI.2 Nov 2009 GWI.3 July 2010 GWI.4 Nov 2010 GWI.5 July 2011 GWI.6 Nov 2011Which of the following have you done online in the past month?(% of decision makers and senior-decision makers globally, GWI.1 – GWI.6, July 2009 to Nov 2011) 16
    17. How customers buy,vote and act ischanging…globally
    18. Each of us has ourown “PersonalMessage Shield” 18
    19. What employeesexpect is changing
    20. Employees expectsocial culture Collaboration Access to Leadership Platform freedom Blended Relationships 20
    21. How are ourbusiness leadersresponding?
    22. How have wesocialized our ownenterprise?
    23. 60+ years of deliveringremarkable experiences
    24. UnlockingleadersBusiness the Value isHard… in the potentialbelieveof social media And while 69% of executives report 56% Inc 500 - Social measurable business Media very important to benefits from Social business Media… Just 20% of businesses received 80% of the benefits from Social MediaMcKinsey Study 2009 24
    25. It Requires ChangeMoving marketing and communications to an owned, earned, paidmodel…Increasing collaboration between marketing, communications, legal, HRand customer service…Putting a value on customer and stakeholder advocacy, not just sales…Preparing employees as ambassadors, not just, as a workforce…Integrating Social Media across the business 25
    26. 26
    27. Fully integrated A global shift calls for Social Businesssolutions for a new the largest network of Solutions can drivecustomer/stakeholder Social Media strategists customer and internaljourney value across the enterprise 27
    28. The 7 Solutions thatDeliver Business Value 28
    29. We deliver remarkableexperiences andrelationships that inspireadvocacy, action andbusiness results
    30. How has socialmedia changedleadership?
    31. How have yousocialized yourown enterprise?
    32. Connect with meJohn BellGlobal Managing Director | Social@Ogilvyjohn.bell@ogilvy.comSocial for Brands 32