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This webinar presentation deck provides concrete examples, action plans and case studies, including:

· 5 key steps for a business-to-business strategy;
· How to build and engage a community of potential and current customers;
· Real-life case studies from successful business-to-business strategies;
· The highly popular – and now extended – Question and Answer section;

The seminar was led by Brian Giesen a senior regional strategist in Ogilvy’s 360 Digital Influence team and moderated by Graham White, Managing Director of Howorth Communications in Sydney.

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  • Did you know?

    83% of people no longer trust advertising
    70% do trust recommendations from users online
    There are more social media accounts than people on Earth
    66% of all US internet users were using social media in 2010
    92% of B2B buyers use online resources to research products and services
    90% of Senior Executives start their path to purchase with informal research around business problems online
    72% of companies who blog weekly have acquired customers through their blog

    For a compelling vision of how social media is changing the world of B2B marketing, check out the video here:

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  • I am 2 years late but it is still amazing!
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  • Thanks - really useful. I'll be directing people to this presentation from my blog: http://www.b2bsocialmediaguide.com/
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  • Wow in this presentation FB had 175miilion users....as of November 2010 it's more than 500 million active users
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Ogilvy On: Social Media for B2B Companies

  1. Social Media for B2B
  2. Moderator Graham White Managing Director | Howorth Ogilvy Public Relations Sydney
  3. Social Media for B2B Companies A Red Belt Training
  4. Twitter Hashtag #ogilvyB2B
  5. Speaker Brian Giesen Regional Director | 360 Digital Influence Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide @bdgiesen
  6. Jill Ruchel Managing Director @PraxisCafe
  7. Reference: http://bit.ly/dADH0B
  8. No Vendors Responded Reference: http://bit.ly/dADH0B
  9. AGENDA 1. Social Media 101: Quick Refresher 2. Who is the “B2B Decision Maker”? 3. Five Myths About B2B & Social Media 4. Six Ways to Engage 5. Practical Next Steps
  11. Poll Question: Do You Have a Profile on Any of These Social Media Tools:  LinkedIn  Facebook  Twitter  Friendster  QQ
  12. Digital APAC The majority of the world‟s heavy Internet users are in Asia, 41% of the world‟s online population, that‟s about 530 million users. (Source: Comscore) More than 450 million across APAC have participated on social media. (Source: OgilvyOne) From age group of 18-34, 73% in APAC claimed themselves as bloggers, while only 42% in the US.
  13. Complex Digital Landscape Mobile Social B2B IT Sites/ Blogs Networks Landscape Entertainment
  14. 458% Increase of APAC visitors on Facebook Source: BrandRepublic
  18. Three “B2B” Customers Miles, CEO Sally, CIO Ruby, IT Manager Large Enterprise Midmarket Small Business
  19. Miles, CEO Large Enterprise (>1000) “I will be the one to lead my company into the future.” As a CEO of a leading telecommunications company, I have to remain focused one step ahead of change. I am always on-the- CEO go, and my assistant is responsible for making sure my email Age: 53 and appointments are always up-to-date in my mobile as I go HHI: $415K from one meeting to the next Education: MBA, Location: Hong Kong INFORMATION NEEDS1;2 COMMUNICATION CHALLENGES1;2 •Thought-leadership •Too busy for content that requires time commitment •Networking & Peer Insights •Avoids anything deemed overly technical •Case studies of proven business strategy •May leave IT decision making to CIO •How multiple arenas (e.g., politics, stocks, local news) affect his company •May be influenced by prior relationships Sources: 1RoyMorgan08: Chairman/Managing Director/Head; $150k+ FAVORITE BOOKMARKS (WEBSITES)3;6 2The Enterprise of the future. IBM Global CEO study. • Vendor Websites4 • TheAge.com.au • NineMSN News • Commbank.com. IBM Study 2008, Making change happen 3ABRS2009: Chairman/Chief Executive • AFR.com • Google.com.au1 • Economist.com au 4CBS Interactive: C-Suite & IT Pro Media Usage, Aug. • Smh.com.au • Qantas.com.au1 • Bloomberg.com • YouTube 2009 • Asx.com.au • CNN.com • LinkedIn5 • ANZ.com 5IBM Growth Markets Unit: The Curious Web; Q209 • BigPond Email 6RoyMorgan08: Men; 40-59; Chairman/MD/Owner; Internet at Work
  20. Miles’ Digital Map (CEO, Large Enterprise) ANZ.com Google Wikipedia Afr.com .com.au ASX.com.au AfrMagazine. SMH.com.au com Economist.com TheAustralian.News .com.au News & Business & Bloomberg.com DailyTelegraph.news .com.au Information Communication Finance Microsoft Office Onlin Tools: Westpac Ninemsn News .com.au Outlook ABC.net.au/news Mobile Phone Dailytelegraph.com.au BigPond Email INGdirect LinkedIn .com.au Commbank .com.au Ebay.com GraysOnline .com.au RealEstate BBC.com .com Shopping & Entertainment cathaypacific. Travel SBS.com.au com YouTube VirginBlue .com.au AFL.com.au abc.net.au/TV WhereIs GoogleMaps .com.au Sources:ABRS2009: Chairman/Chief Executive; RoyMorgan08: Men; 40-59; Chairman/MD/Owner; Internet at Work; CBS Interactive: C-Suite & IT Pro Media Usage, Aug. 2009; IBM Growth Markets Unit: The Curious Web; Q209
  21. Sally, CIO (Midmarket) “I’m focused on strategy. I leave the purchasing recommendations to my IT Manager.” Even though I‟ve been successful at several different companies, I know that you‟re only as good as your last CIO quarters‟ growth. With pressure from the CEO to spearhead Age: 43 enterprise change initiatives, I often look to my peers at other HHI: $350K top companies for thought leadership and insights. Location: Sydney USER GOALS1;2 COMMUNICATION CHALLENGES2;3 •Information about new technologies that •Won‟t participate with time consuming can reduce the cost of IT content due to busy schedule •Opportunities to network with other C- •May be influenced by prior vendor suite professionals relationships •Thought-leadership around IT •Less likely to use the web for “entertainment” Sources: 1RoyMorgan08: Chairman/Managing Director/Head; $150k+ FAVORITE BOOKMARKS (WEBSITES)6;7 2Gartner 2009 CIO Survey, A/NZ results 3Forbes Insights, “The Rise of the Digital C-Suite” • Vendor Websites4 • CIO.com.au • MISAustralia.com • Ebay.com.au 06/09 • ZDNet.com.au • ABC.net.au • BBC.com • Facebook 4CBS Interactive: C-Suite & IT Pro Media Usage, Aug. • Smh.com.au • Google.com.au • Cnet.com.au • Qantas.com.au 2009 • Asx.com.au • Wikipedia.org • LinkedIn5 • Gmail 5IBM Growth Markets Unit: The Curious Web; Q209 6RoyMorgan08: Men; 40-59; Professional/Manager; Works in IT; Salary $100k+; Internet at Work 7ABRS2009: Chief Information Officer/Head of IT/IT Director
  22. Sally’s Digital Map (CIO, Midmarket) Cnet.com.a Sourceforge.net u BigPond News News.com.au SMH.com.au ZDNet.com.au BBC.com /Technology Wikipedia.org MISAustralia.com TheAustralian .com.au Technology APCMag.com WhitePages Online News & Yellow.com.au Information CIO.com.au ComputerWorld.co Google.com.au m.au Communication Tools: Lotus Notes Windows Live Search Seek.com.au Mobile Phone Gmail/BigPond/Optus Email SMH.com.au Google LinkedIn /BusinessDay Maps Facebook ANZ.com.au Qantas.com.au Shopping & Business & JetStar.com.au Travel Finance ASX.com.au Domain.com.au Entertainment CricInfo.com Abc.net.au/TV Westpac.com.au Redbook.com. Ebay.com.au Ticketek.com.au StGeorge.com.au au Smh.com.au/Sport Hoyts.com. GreaterUnion.com.au au Sources:ABRS2009: Chief Information Officer/Head of IT/IT Director; RoyMorgan08: Men; 40-59; Professional/Manager; Works in IT; Salary $100k+; Internet at Work; CBS Interactive: C-Suite & IT Pro Media Usage, Aug. 2009; IBM Growth Markets Unit: The Curious Web; Q209
  23. Ruby, IT Manager, Small Business “I may be working with a small budget, but I expect to get the same level of service as a large company” The web is the first place I turn to for IT info (or any info)- I trust the opinions of top bloggers and other IT pros online. IT Manager Age: 31 This year, my goal is to find a new IT process to optimize HHI: $80K the sales cycle, ensuring orders go smoothly from the Location: Singapore purchasing interface through fulfillment. INFORMATION NEEDS1;2 COMMUNICATION CHALLENGES1 •Entertaining and informative content •Big vendors won‟t care about his business •Stay up-to-speed with latest technologies •Peers have more influence than vendors •Networking opportunities and peer •Avoids vendor Web sites unless it‟s as reviews engaging as his leisure web activities •Mobile Content Sources: 1RoyMorgan08: IT Professionals; 100-999 FAVORITE BOOKMARKS (WEBSITES)2 Employees 2ABRS2009: IT Manager • Vendor Websites3 • Ebay.com.au • Facebook • Yahoo!7 3CBS Interactive: C-Suite & IT Pro Media Usage, • ZDNet.com.au • MISAustralia.com • YouTube • FoxNews.com Aug. 2009 4IBM Growth Markets Unit: The Curious Web; • ASX.com.au • ANZ.com • ComputerWorld.co • Wikipedia m.au Q209 • INGDirect.com.au • Google.com.au • Ticketmaster.co 5RoyMorgan08: Men; 25-39; • LinkedIn4 m.au Professional/Manager; Works in IT; Company size 100-999; Internet at Work
  24. Ruby’s Digital Map (IT Manager, Small Business) Sourceforge Cnet.com.au TheAge.com.au News.com.au .net BBC.com SMH.com.au ZDNet.com.au DailyTelegraph /Technology FoxNews.com .com.au MISAustralia.com Wikipedia.org Ninemsn news Technology APCMag.com CNN.com News & Yellow.com.au Information CIO.com.au Google.com.au ComputerWorld.com.au Communication Tools: Yahoo!7 Search Lotus Notes Mobile Phone Seek.com.au Gmail/BigPond/Hotmail Email MyCareer.com.au WindowsLive/Yahoo!7 Messenger Google Maps LinkedIn FT.com Facebook Whereis.com.au ANZ.com.au Qantas.com.au Business & BRW.com.au Shopping & Finance AFR.com FlightCentre.com.au Travel YouTube Entertainment Abc.net.au/TV ASX.com.au VirginBlue.com.au Ticketmaster.com.au TradingRoom.com.au RealEstate.com.au Cricket.com.au VillageCinemas INGDirect.com.au Ebay.com.au AFL.com.au CarSales.com.au .com.au Commbank.com.au GreaterUnion.com.au Sources:ABRS2009: IT Manager; RoyMorgan08: Men; 25-39; Professional/Manager; Works in IT; Company size 100-999; Internet at Work; CBS Interactive: C-Suite & IT Pro Media Usage, Aug. 2009; IBM Growth Markets Unit: The Curious Web; Q209
  25. Poll Question: Do You Have a Profile on Any of These Social Media Tools:  LinkedIn ANSWERS!  Facebook  Twitter  Friendster  QQ
  26. B2B decision makers spend 1% of the time buying. They now spend the other 99% researching & talking to each other. Image Source: zharpey_row @Flickr
  28. Myth # 1 – Social Media is Just for Kids
  29. TRUTH: Social Media is Going Mainstream  Facebook has more than 175 million members, and the fast growing segment are users over 30 years old.  Nearly three-quarters of baby boomers use a video sharing site, like YouTube, multiple times every month.  More than four out of five online users are active in either creating, participating in or reading some form of social content at least once a month – Forrest/August 2009.
  30. Myth # 2 – Social Media Doesn’t Apply to B2B
  31. TRUTH: Word of Mouth Has Always Been Important – Social Media Makes it Visible  In 2007, 15% of B2B Marketers said they used social media.  Today that number has nearly quadrupled as 57% of B2B marketers are currently using some form of social media to connect customers, create leads, and tap into new sources of innovation.  In 2009, 51% of B2B Communicators cited brand building/brand management as the primary objective for social media adoption.
  32. Myth # 3 – Social Media is Obscure, Niche Content
  33. TRUTH: Social Media is a trusted source for many purchase decisions and product opinions – especially in B2B.
  34. Myth # 4 – Social Media is Not Relevant to Conversion
  35. TRUTH: There is Broad Applicability All Along the Sales Funnel Sample Metrics Business Value Total Visits, Page Views, Tells us a story about the universe Exposure Visitors, Segment by channel / exposed to the campaign media tactic, Repeat visitors Organic Search (by Engine / ONLINE ENGAGEMENT Keyword), Referring Site Traffic, Tells us a story about how many of Response Organic vs. Driven traffic %, Top the audience are raising their hands Content Viewed, Web Content to start a relationship with the brand Analysis Pictures created, number of Tells us how many of the campaign Interaction creations, Sends to Friends, respondents are showing us that they Store Searches, Product are more than interested in the brand Views/Interactions Registrations, Shared creations, Tells us how many of our universe are Participation „Depth‟ of Conversation, Repeat showing a longer term relationship Usage, Demographic commitment to the brand Segmentation Opinions Gathered, External Shows us how the campaign is Discussion Blog Comments, Conversation progressing by observing digital Sentiment chatter sentiment for the brand Advocacy Conversation Chains, Maven Helps us to identify brand advocates who could open up new campaign Identification tactics
  36. Myth # 5 – Social Media is Not Worth the Risk
  37. TRUTH: For Most B2B Brands, the Benefits Far Outweigh the Risks  Social media has became a critical component in building positive relationships.  All of this is built into search results, increasing visibility and promoting thought leadership to prospective customers.
  38. The Opportunity With Real Life Examples
  39. Digital Landscape: 6 Areas of Opportunity Objectives Resources Required Timing / Logistics (✓ = achieve objectives) (✓ = requires high level of (✓ = requires long resources) time/complexity) Research Upper Lower Staff & Content Investment Timing to Complex: & insights funnel funnel Employees & Assets Deploy Infrastructu (awarenes (desire and re/technolo s/interest) action) gy LISTENING ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ SEARCH ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ CONTENT (creation & ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ distribution) SOCIAL ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ENGAGEMENT ANALYTICS (tracking & ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ optimization) EMERGING MEDIA (mobile, ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ virtual)
  43. “hp” Optimized Search Paid “small business server” Search EXAMPLE: SEARCH MARKETING
  45. Right. Now? What Can You Do?
  46. Start Here 1. Have a Clear Objective  Think about what you‟re looking to achieve from Social Media  Is it measurable? 2. Google Your Primary Brand  What shows up in the top 10 results? Positive vs. Negative?  Which results are from social media – what do they say?
  47. Start Here (Continued) 3. Start Listening  Setup an account on Twitter and listen to what people say about your brand, products  Use Google Blog Search to read what bloggers are talking about 5. Find Influencers  Who are the people who come up the most?  Are they widely read? Do they generate conversation? Are they an expert in your industry?
  48. Start Here (Continued) 5. Make Yourself Findable  Join LinkedIn  Search for questions on LinkedIn Answers and listen to what people are asking 6. Make Your Content Findable  Publish thought leadership in multimedia as well as text  Use Infographics to explain complex issues  Seed images on Flickr, videos on YouTube, decks on Slideshare, etc.
  49. FURTHER READING:  Ogilvy On: Social Media for Crisis Management  Ogilvy On: Twitter for Business  Ogilvy On: Facebook for Business  Social Media in Asia Presentation  APAC Statistics and Research (Asia Digital Map Blog)
  50. “ One company that goes with this online-initiated flow is Ogilvy Public Relations. ”CONTACT Brian Giesen “ 25 China Experts you should follow on Twitter… Thomas Crampton ” Regional Director | 360° Digital Influence Ogilvy Sydney p +61 2 8281 3853 e brian.giesen@ogilvy.com.au t @bdgiesen asiadigitalmap.com “ Ogilvy's digital specialist Brian Giesen outlined the best strategies for getting business results on social networking site Twitter. ” For case studies... www.asiadigitalmap.com
  51. Any Questions?