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Five best mistakes we've made

Presented at Digital Shoreditch 2015, Rob Blackie and Leo Ryan discuss the five best mistakes made in Social.

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Five best mistakes we've made

  1. 1. #OgilvyDS Getting it wrong Rob Blackie, Director of Social Leo Ryan, Global Head of Social Innovations & Partnerships Follow us @robblackie_oo and @Leotwit
  2. 2. #OgilvyDS Accidentally good…
  4. 4. #OgilvyDS
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  9. 9. #OgilvyDS WE’VE LEARNT • The best ideas are open to interpretation – not forced or bribed collaboration
  10. 10. #OgilvyDS WE’VE LEARNT • Accidents happen – so volume helps you get a hit
  11. 11. #OgilvyDS WE’VE LEARNT • Huge ethical issues around jokes that might be interpreted as facts
  12. 12. #OgilvyDS Mary Meeker’s stats Don’t trust numbers unless you understand them
  13. 13. #OgilvyDS THIS IS OK….
  14. 14. #OgilvyDS THIS IS STRANGE…. • Messages = • 700m photos uploaded & sent PLUS • 500m Stories consumed
  15. 15. #OgilvyDS THIS IS STRANGE…. • Equivalent Facebook figures: • 400m photos PLUS • 50bn impressions Facebook Messages / Day = 50.4bn
  16. 16. #OgilvyDS THE GOOD NEWS We started taking Snapchat seriously, even if the numbers were flawed.
  17. 17. #OgilvyDS OTHER STATISTICS PROBLEMS • Small samples sizes – less than 1,000 is rarely a good idea.
  18. 18. #OgilvyDS OTHER STATISTICS PROBLEMS • Direction of causation – did people watch your video because they liked the brand or vice versa? Source: Making an impact: Measuring the value of Facebook video
  19. 19. #OgilvyDS OTHER STATISTICS PROBLEMS • Self reported behaviours – do people know what they do? Will they be honest? Students report 145 minutes per day on Facebook, actually spending 26 minutes per day Source: Comparing actual and self-reported measures of Facebook use, Computers in Human Behaviour 29
  20. 20. #OgilvyDS OTHER STATISTICS PROBLEMS • Figures from social networks – self-serving, misleading, rarely useful Source: / Twitter
  21. 21. #OgilvyDS OTHER STATISTICS PROBLEMS • Cross-country engagement scores – huge differences in behaviours driven by things as simple as the most common devices used • Yet virtually all studies cited in the Social industry are based on the US
  22. 22. #OgilvyDS Crappy content isn’t always bad
  24. 24. #OgilvyDS BUT IT WORKED….
  25. 25. #OgilvyDS SO I REPEATED THE TEST…
  26. 26. #OgilvyDS WE’VE LEARNT • Tribalism & identity often trump quality
  27. 27. #OgilvyDS Thank You Rob Blackie, Director of Social Leo Ryan, Global Head of Social Innovations & Partnerships Follow us @robblackie_oo and @Leotwit