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Community Management Tips and Best Practices


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Community Management Tips and Best Practices from Social@Ogilvy.

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  • The concepts covered are all applicable and well framed but they're still too high level for many SMB's to come up with actionable processes and routine (especially those in the Pi Attorney space)

    If Olgivy were to come up with a Social CM strategy + plan to help make a not very social sexy niche like Pi Attorneys more social 'friendly' that spoke to these 10 best practice concepts, you'd have a winner.

    FYI, I popped over to your Deck since someone form your .org started following me on SShare and glad I did. Nice page and nicer decks.
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  • Thanks for this very nice overview on communitymanagement!
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Community Management Tips and Best Practices

  1. 1. CommunityManagementTips and BestPractices
  2. 2. Community Management Tips and Best PracticesCreatePostsvisual1Include assets forincreased engagement.Images catch the eye ofFacebook users scrollingthrough their newsfeedson both their computerand mobile device.
  3. 3. Community Management Tips and Best PracticesUse aset of eyessecond2Ask someone near youto review your Facebookpost before hitting the“send” or “schedule”button. Even if yourcontent calendar wasreviewed, you caneasily copy somethingincorrectly or miss asmall edit if you’vestared at your own posttoo long, yourself.
  4. 4. Community Management Tips and Best PracticesConcise posts aretypically easier to digest,especially as moreFacebook users checktheir feed from theirsmartphones. Many ofour clients try to keepposts around 50 words.Keep itbrief3
  5. 5. Community Management Tips and Best PracticesWhat’s going on in thenews? If a popular viralstory seems like a naturalfit for your brand, don’tbe afraid to hold a quickbrainstorm to identifyengaging content that isboth timely and relevantfor your fans.benimble4
  6. 6. Community Management Tips and Best PracticesSocial media movesquickly, and so shouldyour brand. Respond toyour fans quickly, and ifyou don’t have an easyanswer for them, letthem know that you’relooking into it and willget back to them.Respondto your fansquickly5
  7. 7. Community Management Tips and Best PracticesThis goes well beyonddemographics. Historicalcontext can go a longway toward relationship-building. Remember toinject personal touches,and your advocates arethe first to come to yourdefense when you needthem (and you will).Knowfansthy6
  8. 8. Community Management Tips and Best PracticesIn the age of socialmedia, you’re competingwith brands even if youdon’t know it yet. Yourcustomers get nearimmediate customercare responses from @TWC (client). Coca-Cola(client) is asking for theirbest moments andfeaturing them. Whatare you doing?Live toserve7
  9. 9. Community Management Tips and Best PracticesBefore you promotethe $50,000 your branddonated to cause X,think about how thatwill be received by yourfans. Does it make sensefor your brand voice?And whatever youdo, don’t hold moneyhostage for Likes orother engagement.Donate todonate8
  10. 10. Community Management Tips and Best PracticesModerate inmoderation9Establish a set of guidelines to make even the newestmembers of your social sphere comfortable to engagewith you. One of our clients even posts a pie chart eachmonth showing the percentage of comments deletedand why in case violators have questions.
  11. 11. Community Management Tips and Best Practicesbe“The truth shall set you free.”10“The truth shall set you free” should almost always be the mindsetfor brands on social media channels. Avoiding questions or lyingabout certain situations will only fuel the fire. It’s important for brandsto not be afraid of honesty and to try getting in front of the issuebefore it boils over. (Each circumstance is different. See our CrisisManagement Playbook for more insight.)