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  • There is one theme you should keep in mind with LinkedIn: Self ImprovementGroupsLinkedIn’s “Groups” function allows information to travel seamlessly amongst all members who are able to comment and publish on content generated by your brand. This interaction, as opposed to the top down approach of other networks transform your group from a collection of business professionals into a vibrant community of discussions.I recommend tailoring your content in this platform to meet the following criteria:1. Share Best Practices2. Share Insights3. Share Guidance Business Leaders can be very busy, and not have much time available to interact on the social web.I’ve had the honor of moderating the IBM for Midsize Businesses Group on LinkedIn and discovered some catalysts for engagement on this LinkedIn group. The group, I’m proud to say, receives more comments than discussions, which your clients will deem as a key success metric when looking at the activity on a LinkedIn Group. 1. Content Curation2. Engaging Your Audience (Who, What, Where, When, How)
  • Objective: Invite security and cloud computing experts to crowd source a list of 10 steps midsize leaders should take to protect their companies and their data.Strategy: Target niche groups with security interest in addition to larger midmarket social community.Paul Adams: Information spreads faster and makes a greater impact when shared within a group united by one common interest.Content Outcome: The top 10 steps will be aggregated, collected and returned tothe community in the form of a blog post.Key Learning: Focusing on niche groups rather than those who fit simply into the vast SMB category is more effective in gaining participation.
  • I don’t know how you feel about Google+, I’d love to chat with you all after actually and get your thoughts on the platform, but there is one specific content creation function that I would like to highlight, and that is the Hangouts function. I find the Google+ Hangouts function to be useful for three reasons:1. You can unite your brand with audiences in a highly interactive and visual environment2. The content can be captured for later viewing and continued momentum on YouTube.’3. You can reshare the content across all your social properties Elevate your Google+ Hangout with a theme.
  • A Clear Vision For Innovative B2B Social - #wommu

    1. A Clear Visionfor InnovativeB2B SocialWOMM-U 2013Mauricio Godoy, Account DirectorMay 2013
    2. 2The Social WebGuttenberg invented theprinting press around theyear 1432.Suddenly, books that wereonly read by the elite upperclasses were available tothe common man.The ideas from up hightricked down to the lowerclasses, who then began toform their opinions andhave the mental powers ofthose above them.
    3. 3The Social WebPeople listen to us, and wehave the power that wasonly reserved for greatpublishing giants.Companies are growingever more comfortable withsocial media themselves.They are now saying “Hey,I wonder how we can usethis social media that ourcustomers are using.”
    4. 4Perfect IntersectionBoth B2B and B2B socialare very similar in thesense that you have tokeep the best interests ofyour audience in mind.In B2B, however, the keymotivator is "selfimprovement" meaning weare using social to learnhow to improve ourbusiness performance.The great part about B2Bsocial is that we can helpothers and in turn becomebetter professionalsourselves.
    5. 5Clear visionThe biggest barrier toadoption is a lack of clarity.Two DynamicsThis session will show youtwo dynamics of B2Bsocial.How B2B socialempowers your clients’customersHow B2B socialempowers your clients tobecome betterprofessionalsthemselves.
    6. Self Improvement
    7. 7LinkedIn GroupsIt allows information totravel seamlessly amongstall members who are ableto comment and publish oncontent generated by yourbrand.This interaction, asopposed to the top downapproach of othernetworks transform yourgroup from a collection ofbusiness professionals intoa vibrant community ofdiscussions.Tailor your content in thisplatform to share:Best PracticesInsightsGuidance
    8. 8LinkedIn GroupsOur experienceWe moderated IBM forMidsize Businesses Groupon LinkedIn.The group receives morecomments thandiscussions, which yourclients will deem as a keysuccess metric whenlooking at the activity on aLinkedIn Group.Our goals were:Content CurationAudience Engagement
    9. 9LinkedIn GroupsOur experienceWe ran some tests InLinkedIn Groups to seewhich would gain the mostclicks through to contentand these were our results:Discussions with Numbers6 Steps to Start Your Big Data JourneyBest PracticesBig Data Implementation Best PracticesROI/ScienceAnalytics ROI - From Strategy to Execution
    10. 10LinkedIn GroupsAudience engagementWe have no paid supporton our group. Ourengagement is strictlyorganic, so you’re gettingthe purest results withoutany paid campaigns oradvertising.
    11. 11LinkedIn GroupsInvite security and cloud computing experts to crowd source a list of 10steps midsize leaders should take to protect their companies and theirdata.Target niche groups with security interest in addition to larger midmarketsocial community.Information spreads faster and makes a greater impact when sharedwithin a group united by one common interest.The top 10 steps will be aggregated, collected and returned to thecommunity in the form of a blog post.ObjectiveStrategyPaul AdamsContent OutcomeFocusing on niche groups rather than those who fit simply into the vastSMB category is more effective in gaining participation.Key Learning
    12. Hangouts can be useful
    13. 13Google+ HangoutYou can unite your brandwith audiences in a highlyinteractive and visualenvironmentThe content can becaptured for later viewingand continued momentumon YouTube.’You can reshare thecontent across all yoursocial propertiesElevate your Google+Hangout with a theme.
    14. 14Elevate your Google Hangoutwith a ThemeUnite your brandambassadors withexclusive contentLincoln Trailer withinterview featuring StevenSpielberg and JosephGordon LevittBring your offline andonline worlds togetherEllie Goulding invited herfans to a hangout for avirtual meet & greet. Theparticipants receivedsigned copies of her albumcover.Give them something topreview beforehand andthen use the hangout forthem to share theirexperiences online.Host a class. You can walkusers through steps andprovide directions.
    15. 15Google+ HangoutConnect your fans withthought leaders.How about a businesspartner that can share thechallenges your brands’clients were facing andhow your brand stepped into resolve this issue.Create a pressconference.Provide exclusive content,have a special event withselect influencers.Record your hangoutand have it available onYouTube. The video canbe tagged so userscontinue discovering yourbrand.
    16. 16Google+ HangoutBest PracticesYou do want the event to feel spontaneous having some order will keepeveryone in order.The video can be tagged and gives your brand continues search resultbenefits on YouTube.Have a script with yourquestions in advanceChoose the rightparticipantsHave a technical test runConnect your Google+and YouTube pages
    17. What it does
    18. 18TumblrThe numbers• Over 105 million blogs• More than 80 millionposts each day• 225+ million monthlyusers• Tumblr radar has 120Mimpressions every day.The numbersGives you the freedom totell your story however youwant.AmplificationWhen people reblog yourcontent it appears on theirblogs and their followers’dashboards, which furtheramplifies your story andhelps you get discovered.
    19. Page
    20. “You have to look like the communityyou want to be a part of.”Twitter
    21. 21TwitterWhat it can do for you• Rapid Customer Service• Establishing a largepresence on a key topic• Example: Reaching SMBaudience constantly tooutshine competitors.