5 Tips To Making Great Vines


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Our own James Whatley explores 5 tips to making great Vine content.

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5 Tips To Making Great Vines

  1. Be A Master Storyteller Refine your story, then refine it again. Define your creative direction and edit the story before you press record. Remember, you don’t have to complete the story in one video. In fact we have seen brands like GE and Burts Bees master Vine videos by creating a series of Vines using the same themes, characters and styles with great success.
  2. Find A Production Quality Balance Vine champions quick and timely videos without the use of expensive equipment or professional editing tools. Make sure to storyboard your ideas, plan for every fraction of a second, practice your shots (lighting is key) and find a balance that fuses high production and fun/casual videos. We have seen that many users on Vine are less impressed with professional videos and more focused on creativity and the strength of a great story.
  3. Plan For Your Approval Process While Vine has recently added functionality to edit videos and save them, remember that in some cases you may have to recreate your entire six second video. Plan accordingly and be prepared to make a last minute change to your video.
  4. Prioritize Visuals For Twitter Since its recent IPO, Twitter has made significant changes to its offering that prioritize visual content in the Twitter timeline. Now, photos and Vine videos are featured more prominently to allow for more people to see your content so take advantage of this space.
  5. Remember Your Audio But Be Able To Tell Your Story Without It In many cases, viewers may watch your video for the first few times on mute. When producing your Vine videos, account for audio recordings but don’t rely on it to tell your story.
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