The Sharing Economy and Transit


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A hit-and-run Pecha Kucha-style crash course talking about the Sharing Economy, Technology and Transit. How can this evolving business model and related service support transit agencies in the future?

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The Sharing Economy and Transit

  1. 1. The Sharing Economy and Transit Illustration source: Fast Company PAUL SUPAWANICH @tweetsupa
  2. 2. What is the Sharing Economy? (e.g., collaborative consumption) A popular way to access goods and services in new and less expensive ways. Its many innovations include car sharing, ridesharing and peer accommodations. - Bayshare
  3. 3. Why Sharing and Why Now?
  4. 4. Nights booked/ 30 months 250,000 1 1 1,000,000 Manifested in Reality: Rides taken/ 14 days
  5. 5. Sharing Economy: Transportation Edition
  6. 6. Long-distance Ridesharing
  7. 7. Commute-based Ridesharing (Carpooling)
  8. 8. Taxi-style Ridesharing
  9. 9. Peer-to-Peer Carsharing
  10. 10. Providing Choice: Differentiating factors in shared transportation: - Personal connection - Conversation - Availability
  11. 11. Hypothetical Scenario Must schedule at least a day in advance 30 minute pickup window No real time information $42.11 per Ride Same day availability On-demand service Real-time arrival information <$42.11 per Ride* *probably
  12. 12. The Sharing Economy is going to save the transit world
  13. 13. What I am suggesting: Transit agencies should dare to be creative with these new tools to serve specific markets They can be embraced as methods that supplement existing transportation services Sharing economy users are likely transit users. Expansion of these services help enable a car-free or car-lite lifestyle
  14. 14. Providing Last-Mile Services Improving access to carsharing at transit stations
  15. 15. Optimizing Existing Services Volunteer ridematching services
  16. 16. If we can leverage the sharing economy to: Increase Choice Reduce Costs Everyone Leaves Happy!* Transit Agencies Win Consumers Win *probably
  17. 17. Paul Supawanich @tweetsupa All slides available via