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Seafarers New York Christmas Program

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Seafarers New York

  1. 1. Christmas At Sea
  2. 2. In 2013, 1,300 Christmas at Sea satchels were collected from congregations for seafarers entering our ports from around the world.
  3. 3. You can start anytime to encourage your congregation to begin assembling these gifts.
  4. 4. Gifts, like scarves and hats, can be handmade or purchased.
  5. 5. Satchels consist of a hooded sweatshirt, a T-shirt, a pair of white socks, a wool cap, a can of peanuts and chocolate.
  6. 6. Churches can assemble any number of satchels – from 1 to 100.
  7. 7. A Christmas card is the most appreciated gift of all.
  8. 8. Any support your congregation can give will help make a difference for the lonely seafarer who is far from home for the Christmas holidays.
  9. 9. Satchels are available at our display table now, or you can call our office for a supply anytime between now and Dec. 15
  10. 10. (212) 677-4800