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Georgios kolovos ge


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Georgios kolovos ge

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Georgios kolovos ge

  1. 1. WE ARE LIVING IN A FASINATING TIME of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared since 2000. Accenture @gkolovos #tmkme2 52%
  2. 2. @gkolovos #tmkme2 only39% of CFOs have confidence in their Marketing Directors Marketing Week
  3. 3. Lessons from the past Philosophy Politics Art @gkolovos #tmkme2
  4. 4. Thales of Miletus @gkolovos #tmkme2
  5. 5. @gkolovos #tmkme2 KNOW THYSELF the most difficult thing in life is to
  6. 6. PERSONAL BRAND @gkolovos #tmkme2
  7. 7. Chief Technology Officer Chief Experience Officer Chief Product Officer Chief Content Officer Data Scientist Data Lead Simplicity Engineer Influencer Relationship @gkolovos #tmkme2 IS THIS MARKETING?
  8. 8. 88% of marketer thing marketing should own digital 23% of the other functions agree Source: Omobono @gkolovos #tmkme2 DIGITAL OWNERSHIP VS
  9. 9. @gkolovos #tmkme2 Commercial Support Commercial Accelerator Product & Services Innovation Business Model Transformation MARKETING ORGANISATION
  11. 11. @gkolovos #tmkme2 WHAT MAKES YOUR COMPANY UNIQUE?
  12. 12. GE Capital or Formula E FORMULA E @gkolovos #tmkme2
  13. 13. SINGLE PURPOSE @gkolovos #tmkme2
  14. 14. Lycurgus of Sparta @gkolovos #tmkme2
  15. 15. 300h of videos uploaded 31.2MM messages sent 347.222 tweets sent 17.361 profiled viewed 48.611 photos posted In just 1 min… @gkolovos #tmkme2
  16. 16. @gkolovos #tmkme2
  17. 17. Aristotle @gkolovos #tmkme2
  18. 18. Ethos PathosLogos Credibility - Trust Consistency - Logic Emotions - Imagination @gkolovos #tmkme2
  19. 19. See tutorial regarding confidentiality disclosures.
  20. 20. See tutorial regarding confidentiality disclosures. EMOTIONALLY TOUCHING FUNNY VISUALLY APPEALING @gkolovos #tmkme2
  21. 21. See tutorial regarding confidentiality disclosures. See tutorial regarding confidentiality disclosures. @gkolovos #tmkme2 50% Sales reps ignore of marketing leads Marketo
  22. 22. See tutorial regarding confidentiality disclosures. of the buyer’s journey is completed before buyers speak to sales Corporate Executive Board 57 % @gkolovos #tmkme2
  23. 23. Plato @gkolovos #tmkme2
  24. 24. @gkolovos CHANGE YOU let your lover #tmkme2
  25. 25. Funnel Management Prospect Inquiries Proposal/Sales Closing Marketing Sales @gkolovos #tmkme2
  26. 26. Partnership @gkolovos #tmkme2
  27. 27. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED @gkolovos #tmkme2
  28. 28. Epictetus @gkolovos #tmkme2
  29. 29. @gkolovos #tmkme2 It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters…
  30. 30. @gkolovos IMPOSSIBLE SITUATION #tmkme2
  31. 31. @gkolovos #tmkme2 SIMPLE SOLUTION…
  32. 32. @gkolovos #tmkme2 CLARITY LEADERSHIP COURAGE
  33. 33. FLUFFY? WEAK? @gkolovos #tmkme2