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Troy Janisch from American Family Insurance shares the do's and don'ts of a successful video campaign, and provides insight into some of the things his team is busy working on in the area of social video.

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Keys to Social Video

  1. 1. Welcome Social Media Club of Madison
  2. 2. Suddenly Social Video cameras are simpler, smaller and cheaper. New mindset: videos are intended to share information (quickly) — not simply archive it forever. YouTube sees 24 hours of video added to the site every 60 seconds
  3. 3. Setting our Sites on Social Video According to comScore, an ‘average viewer’ watches 187 online videos per month in the U.S. Month-to-month YouTube maintains a commanding lead in viewership, while everyone else battles it out for a marginal piece of the video pie. YouTube serves more than 1 billion videos per day, is a mere five years old today YouTube Is the Top Social Media Innovation of the Decade 2
  4. 4. The Challenge: Creating Good Content
  5. 5. Our Shared Goal: Successful, Social Online Video Will It Blend? was born because Blendtec president Tom Dixon had a habit of testing the durability of their 240-mph commercial blender using a 2×2 lumber — and George Wright happened across the shavings. • Almost 100 million YouTube views • 100 million+ microsite views • 230,000+ YouTube subscribers • 700 percent increase in sales 4
  6. 6. Keys to Online Video: Utilize Existing Content American Family Insurance provides free in-car cameras to teen drivers to educate them on safe driving habits. The basis for LESSONS FROM THE STREET series - Experts - Teen drivers - Teens - Our most popular video series - High social value - Boosts awareness 5
  7. 7. Keys to Online Video: Utilize Existing Content American Family Insurance creates corporate videos that have social value. - Annual reports - Events - Human Resources - Corporate initiatives - Easy to leverage - High ‘brand’ value 6
  8. 8. Keys to Online Video: Create Good Social Content We wanted to create ‘Common Craft’inspired’ consumer education videos in an ‘ownable’ style on topics that inform and protect families. - a VERY DIFFERENT approach for American Family Insurance 7
  9. 9. Keys to Online Video: Create Good Social Content The videos were produced in 2009 as a pilot for the concept to support ID Theft Endorsement - What is ID Theft - Preventing ID Theft - Has my ID been Stolen? - Two minutes - Helpful tips - Useful information - No mention of AMFAM products 8
  10. 10. Keys to Online Video: Create Good Social Content Here’s a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how consumer information videos are made. 9
  11. 11. Keys to Social Video: Create Good Social Content Consumer information videos will continue throughout 2010. This life video was based on an existing brochure. - Entertaining - Educational - Motivating Consumer Information videos test well with customers, agents, and product managers 10
  12. 12. Keys to Online Video: Use everything you have There were enough outtakes from LESSONS FROM THE STREET to create EXTRAS FROM THE EXPERTS 11
  13. 13. Keys to Online Video: Be Nimble Don’t use broadcast budgets and timelines for internet video. - We had a finished video on this topic queued up we couldn’t release -When released, it became our most popular video. -We needed to pull it shortly after release We missed a viral opportunity by 10 days. 12
  14. 14. Keys to Online Video: Integrate Video into Social Strategy Facebook has pathetic support for video. We worked with Shoutlet to create a custom video player to replace the Facebook video tab - ‘YouTube style’ playlist - Localized for agents - Titles, descriptions, browsing - Sharing capabilities Consider using YouTube to drive videos on Facebook 13
  15. 15. Keys to Online Video: Have a YouTube Strategy Users 482M+ (M) % Users Worldwide unique age All 107.9 – monthly visitors <18 25.4 24% 18-34 38.2 35% Hundreds of 35-44 19.7 18% millions of 45-54 15.0 14% Worldwide video views 55+ 9.6 9% daily gender Male 59.3 55% Female 48.6 45% #4 Largest site in the US 14
  16. 16. Keys to Online Video: Syndicate video where you can 15
  17. 17. Keys to Online Video: Parting Thoughts - Create videos on a regular basis - Encourage others to embed them - Distribute them wherever you can - Be real. - Share ‘behind the scenes’ - Build customers into your process - ‘Listen’ to viewers - Use videos to trigger conversations 16
  18. 18. Thank You for Your Sweetly-Faked Attention Become a Facebook fan: Follow us on Twitter: @amfam Keith Katers, Social Media Administrator American Family Insurance Email: Troy Janisch, Digital Marketing Manager American Family Insurance Email: Blog: Twitter: @socialmeteor 17