SMW Event Submission Guide 2012


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SMW Event Submission Guide 2012

  2. 2. SMW EVENT PARTNERSIn this document are a set of guidelines and suggestionsthat were compiled to help you with the planning andexecution of a Social Media Week event in one of the 14participating SMW cities this September.Please note that this document is just a guide and weencourage you to get creative when thinking aboutdesigning your own event experience.
  3. 3. ABOUT SMW Social Media Week hosts two global conferences each year, taking place simultaneously in multiple cities around the world. The mission is to help people and organizations connect through collaboration and the sharing of ideas and information. Local conferences are hosted by our City Organizers, who work collaboratively with leading practitioners, industry professionals, content partners, brand partners, event hosts and local advisory boards to produce more than two thousand events across 24 cities.
  4. 4. SEPTEMBER 2012 CITIES GlasgowVancouver Berlin London Chicago BarcelonaLos Angeles Turin Seoul Shanghai Jeddah Hong Kong Bogota São Paulo
  6. 6. SMW EVENT PARTNERSBenefits of becoming an Event Partner in your city:•  Engage your company or organization in conversations that are relevant to your industry or cause•  Gain recognition as a thought-leader or influencer in your field or industry•  Attract brands and networks of relevant hyper-social influencers•  Amplify your message using the Social Media Week platform
  7. 7. THE DOs IN EVENTS Tips to help you make the best SMW event you canConsider the following when creating your event to get maximum impact:CONTENT • Plan event content that pushes boundaries, provides thought leadership and shares fresh insight • Focus on themes, topics and conversations that serve your audience needs • Structure your events to facilitate two-way dialogue, interactive discussions and heated debates through balanced & objective assessmentPLANNING, STRUCTURE, & PRODUCTION • Consider creative event formats that promote openness, collaboration & inclusivity • Select speakers / participants who have proven credibility in their respective fields • Create a program that supports cultural, ethnic and gender diversity • Integrate technology and/or multimedia into your event in value adding ways
  8. 8. THE DO NOTs IN EVENTS Tips to help you make the best SMW event you canBelow is a list of things to AVOID to ensure that your has high impact • Self-serving or self-promotional events • Old/rehashed content that nothing new or unique • Traditional panel discussions with little audience participation • Events with speakers offering little or no diversity of background or culture • Sessions that feel closed or have a topic with a “limited shelf life” • Sessions that only offer one view, opinion or perspective • Events that encourage speakers to broadcast their ideas • Endless PowerPoint slides with complex diagrams and charts • Highbrow, pseudo-intellectual waffle • Speakers who like to speak for the sake of speaking
  10. 10. HIGH-SPEED NETWORKING“Journey to the Center of the Net”, the SMW Rome team worked with citysponsor Ferrovie Dello Stato, aka the Italian Rail, to commandeer a highspeed train heading from Milan to Rome for an SMW journey like no other.This event pulled in leaders and luminaries from the Italian tech, mediaand press and invited them to take the three hour trip across SMW citiesto connect and learn more about social media “in Italia”.
  11. 11. GLOBAL EVENT SERIESIn partnership with digital agency Beyond, Social Media Weekhosted discussions in New York, San Francisco and London on theFuture of Sharing. The sessions coincided with a research studyand infographic which Beyond published with Mashable during theFebruary 2012 event.
  12. 12. HUMANIZING SOCIAL MEDIAAs part of Social Media Week in NYC, design firm IDEO hosted an eventcalled Humanizing Social Media. Check-in to the event required attendeesto leave their mobile devices behind with their coats, setting the stagefor an experiment in human interaction. Participants were given a largeblank white t-shirt to cover whatever they were wearing, and their choiceof a range of buttons with which to express interests and identity.See video of event:
  13. 13. CROSS-CITY COLLABORATIONSAs a cross-city collaboration between London and Singapore “CanMan Survive On Social Media Alone?” experiment involved twoindividuals who exchanged cities for a week while living off ofothers’ goodwill alone, getting by with no money and only aNokia phone.
  14. 14. POP-UP SHOPSIn SMW London, Ogilvy Group UK’s pop-up advertising agency hosted freeadvertising and marketing advice and ideas to small businesses,charities, arts and community groups and entrepreneurs. Londoners wereinvited to apply for their free hour and a half one-to-one session withexperts from one of the UK’s leading integrated advertising andmarketing agencies. More:
  16. 16. SPONSORSHIP UPGRADEIf your brand or organization would like to increase yourimpact, visibility and exposure during Social Media Week,consider a global or local SMW sponsorship: Packages are customized to fit and can include the following deliverables: •  Brand positioning and promotion across global and/or local web and mobile properties •  Curation and production of dedicated events in selected cities •  Multiple speaking opportunities for brand representatives •  Virtual or physical integration of product, applications or services •  Facilitation of product giveaways •  Custom development of web and/or mobile apps
  17. 17. SPONSORSHIP OPTIONSPACKAGE DESCRIPTIONGLOBAL Global presence & local engagementMULTI-CITY Local engagement in multiple citiesCITY HEADLINE Exclusive engagement in a single cityCITY SUPPORTING Supporting engagement in a single cityHUB SPONSOR Targeted engagement in single content areaINSTALLATIONS Host interactive installationsSINGLE EVENT Host single event, session or partyIN-KIND Provide in-kind support, products or services
  18. 18. GLOBAL STATS & FIGURES*“Social Media Week is a truly global phenomenon—showcasing borderless brands and communications, via the power ofsocial media. We are proud to have been an integral partner, with PepsiCo employees contributing to discussions andidea exchanges on three continents and there, demonstrating the depth and breadth to which digital media ispermeating our company.” *Figures are taken from Social Media Week’s February 2012 event. Bonin Bough Global Director of Social, PepsiCo
  19. 19. ATTENDEE PROFILE“Social Media Week does not disappoint. It is a real-world manifestation of some of the best thatnew technology has to offer - ideas, strategies and insights shared by the people who are shapingthe future. Ellen McGirt Senior Writer, Fast Company
  20. 20. PRESS & MEDIASMW February 2012 received 3,000 press mentions globally, from sourcessuch as Forbes, CNET, The Next Web, Mashable, Guardian, MSNBC, HuffingtonPost, CNN, Washington Post, AdWeek, and many more.
  21. 21. THANK YOU!To inquire about Programming, please contact your local SMW city or:Ben Scheim, Director of Partnerships, ben@socialmediaweek.orgTo inquire about Sponsorships, please contact:Brady Hahn, Director of Partnerships, @socialmediaweek