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How to create Facebook Instant Articles?


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This guide will explain what an Instant Article is and step-by-step slides showing the setup and submission procedure to get your first Facebook Instant Article live. Full blogpost with more screenshots here:

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How to create Facebook Instant Articles?

  1. 1. Instant Articles is a mobile publishing format that enables news publishers to distribute articles to Facebook's app that load and display as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web. WHAT ARE INSTANT ARTICLES? - F A C E B O O K
  2. 2. NEWS MEDIA Facebook turns into news media focused on trending topics & quality content MOBILE!! User experience on mobile must be flawless and is more important than desktop Facebook makes it more difficult to visit external websites as everything will be hosted on Facebook NEW ADS NO TRAFFIC New advertising formats and placements within Instant Articles W H Y S H O U L D M A R K E T E R S C A R E ?
  3. 3. PREP BEFORE YOU BEGIN Follow the steps to get your first article published: Instal PageFrog plugin (for all WordPress sites) Have min. 10 articles ready to publish Business Manager account if you want to monetize Download Pages Manager app to preview on mobile
  5. 5. Facebook will ask you to choose a specific Facebook page and agree with their terms and conditions.
  6. 6. CLAIM YOUR WEBSITE First, copy the code in Initial Setup window and paste it in the header of your website HTML code. Next, specify your URL. STEP 2
  7. 7. An important step is to claim your website url, which is simply authorizing it with Facebook (just like e.g. Pinterest).
  8. 8. STYLE YOUR ARTICLES Click to Style Editor to add your own styles of how the articles will look like. There is a default option installed already, however you are free to change them as you want! STEP 3
  9. 9. SET UP API OR RSS FEED This option is to ensure your published articles are automatically fed into Instant Articles. This is where you must use a WordPress plugin. STEP 4
  10. 10. Once you've installed the plugin in WordPress, PageFrog will ask you to copy the code and paste it back in Production RSS feed in Facebook:
  11. 11. CREATE OR MODIFY 10 ARTICLES Once your RSS feed is activated, all new articles will automatically appear in your Facebook Instant Article dashboard. This is where you can modify them. STEP 5
  12. 12. In draft mode, all new stories received from your RSS feed are stored in your library as unpublished Instant Articles until you manually publish them through your Page admin dashboard.
  13. 13. PREVIEW ARTICLES If there is an orange icon next to your article, you can open it up and Facebook will show you (in orange) what is wrong. If you want to preview your article before it goes live, use the Facebook Pages Manager app STEP 6
  14. 14. Unfortunately your article is shown in a HTML code form and so are also the errors. The highlighted code in orange will show you what the problem is exactly. The best way is to fix them directly in the article rather than the code.
  15. 15. EMAIL & MONETIZE SETTINGS Here is where you agree to place advertisements on your articles to earn money. You need to follow the steps mentioned by Facebook and agree to their T&Cs. If you'd like to get email notifications, you can do it here too. STEP 7
  16. 16. SUBMIT! Submit 10 articles for review. In this case, Facebook team takes up to 5 working days to go through your content and approve it. After your articles are approved, FB will automatically publish your new articles. STEP 8
  17. 17. Your articles might need to be disapproved and you'd be asked to revise them. Facebook provides you with guidelines and screenshots to show how to fix the errors. You can always resubmit the articles.
  18. 18. THERE'S MORE TO DISCOVER W A S T H I S G U I D E H E L P F U L ? R E A D F U L L A R T I C L E : W W W . S O C I A L M E D I A T I P Z . C O M