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YouTube For Business Guide


Published on YouTube can be a powerful tool for small businesses to get a high profile. If you're not using vide marketing in your business you might be missing out.

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YouTube For Business Guide

  1. 1. The social media SENSEI Presents YouTube Marketing For Your Business
  2. 2. Why Youtube?
  3. 3. • Youtube is worlds most popular video sharing website.• 4 billion videos are viewed every day• 800 million unique visitors use Youtube every month• Millions of businesses around the world use Youtube to advertise their products and brands
  4. 4. YouTube Demographics• More males watch YouTube videos than females, with a 53 to 47% split across the sexes• The average age of a YouTube video user in the US in 33 years.• Nearly 64% of YouTube describe themselves as being “tech savvy.”• In the US, 69% of YouTube users possess some level of college education
  5. 5. Some YouTube Video Ideas• Record short videos features tips/advice/reviews regarding a product• Hold interviews with experts• Create informative and entertaining podcasts• Leave comments on other peoples videos• Reply to people leaving messages on your videos
  6. 6. More YouTube Video Ideas• Create a Youtube channel centered around your company/product/brand• Add testimonials from customers on your video channel• Create videos showing successful results of people using your product• Ensure that your videos, if promoting a product are of a high visual quality and are HD ready• Host competitions offering attractive prizes on your videos• Remember to place a link to your site and a phone number/email addresses somewhere in your videos
  7. 7. YouTube Videos Strategy• Make sure that you are clear on what message you want to put across when advertising your product/company/service in your YouTube video• Create a storyboard of the video and write out any text/voiceover/commentary that will go in the video• Identify your target market/potential customers• Locate similar videos to yours on YouTube and analyse the structure and content of their videos/ calls to action.
  8. 8. Questions To Ask Yourself About Your YouTube Video• Is my video unique? Does it stand out from the crowd?• If I were a customer would I buy the product/service, after watching this video?• Is the video clear/easy to watch? How does it play on mobile phones? Is it HD ready? Or does it look amateur?• Is the call to action clear?• Is the message I want to get across being heard?
  9. 9. Promoting Your YouTube Videos• Add your video link to your LinkedIn/Facebook/Myspace/Twitter Pages• Add your video to other video sharing websites like dailymotion and metacafe• Post the video onto your companies website• Ask your employees to spread the video across their personal social networks, (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)• Make sure that your videos are SEO ready by fitting your target keyword into your video title and description. And place keyword rich tags.
  10. 10. Integrate Youtube on Facebook page
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