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Step by step guide to Creating a Google+ Brand Page


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Step by step guide to Creating a Google+ Brand Page

  1. 1. Creating a Google+ Brand Page A step-by-step guide by Maebellyne Ventura November 2011
  2. 2. Getting startedSign in to your Google+ accountand head to: orOn the lower right hand side ofyour home page, click on theoption to start creating yourbrand page...
  3. 3. Select which category your business fits into.For my own business, Piggybanker, I chose “Product or Brand”.
  4. 4. Piggybanker www.piggybanker.itSelect what type of Google+ user you would like to accessyour page. You can restrict the age limit to “18 and older” or“21 or older” if your business deals with age-restrictedmaterial or content.
  5. 5. Create your own tag line. For Google+, there are nocharacter limits but there is a 10-word limit. Be creative.Make it stand out.Upload your company logo. It doesn’t matter too much howbig your photo is. The minimum size you should upload is200x200 pixels as this is the display size for your profilephoto.
  6. 6. When you’ve finished creating your page, Google+ will askyou if you want to start spreading the word. If you chooseto do so, an update will be posted on your stream with alink to your new fan page.Personally I would wait until you’ve fully customised thepage before you drive traffic to it. If your brand page looksnice and polished, people would be more motivated to add itto their circles.
  7. 7. You will then be brought to a screen like this. You caneither start posting on your page stream or select any ofthe other options suggested.
  8. 8. If you want to continue editing your page... On your homepage, click on the button just below your name. Your brand page/s should appear. Click on “Manage your pages” Select the brand page you would like to edit
  9. 9. On your brand profile page, click on the “Edit Profile” button.Hover on the individual section that you want to edit. Thesection would then be highlighted in blue. Fill in the sections when the pop-up box appears. You can then select who can see each piece of information that you post on your page.
  10. 10. On the top right hand corner of your profile, you will see an option to add “Recommended Links”. Here you can add links to your website pages, etc. You can also customise the labels for each link, which you can see in the example opposite.To add photos, just click on the “Photos” tab. You can then startuploading photos into different albums.
  11. 11. You can also customise the “Scrapbook” above your profile byadding photos. This is a feature that is similar to Facebook’sphoto strip. Just click on “Edit Profile” and an option to addphotos will appear above your profile tabs.Note that unlike on Facebook, Google+ will condense the wholeimage to fit into a 125x125 pixel thumbnail. To make thingseasy, simply upload square photos. The images will thenappear in the order you specify.
  12. 12. Voila! This is the finished product.