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Travel Portland Twisitor Center


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Presentation given by Martin Stoll at Social Media Club PDX event: "SoMe Award Winners: Real Conversation."

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Travel Portland Twisitor Center

  1. 1. The Travel Portland Twisitor Center Social Media Club Martin Stoll / @coldinpdx GoSeeTell Network / Social Media Clinic
  2. 2.
  3. 3. The Portland Twisitor Center - #inpdx  Make visitors & locals spokespeople for Portland  Crowd-source visitor information  Involve locals and their expertise  Highlight diversity of Portland  Utilize current “Twitter buzz”
  4. 4. The Portland Twisitor Center - #inpdx Where are good vegan restaurants in Portland? #inpdx
  5. 5. The Portland Twisitor Center - #inpdx  Portland first city worldwide with Twisitor Center  Huge PR around the world (and locally)  Concept now copied by other destinations  Great resource for visitors (and locals)  Adds credibility for Travel Portland  Good fit with overall marketing strategy
  6. 6. #inpdx
  7. 7. Questions? Looking for a job in social media? Follow @somejobpdx