Social media measurement standards: How to demonstrate social media's value to your organization, presented by Katie Paine


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In her presentation, CEO of Paine Publishing, Katie Paine, discusses what it really means to measure social.

She offers some important numbers to keep in mind when thinking about reach and six tips on what you really should be looking at when measuring your social content.

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Social media measurement standards: How to demonstrate social media's value to your organization, presented by Katie Paine

  1. 1. Social media measurement standards: How to demonstrate social media’s value to your organization KATIE PAINE PAINE PUBLISHING SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/SUMMIT2013ORLANDODECEMBER 9–11, 2013
  2. 2. Social media measurement standards: How to demonstrate social media’s value to your organization Social December 9, 2013 Katie Delahaye Paine CEO Paine Publishing @KDPaine
  3. 3. Paine Publishing: Providing communications professionals the knowledge and information they need to navigate the journey to good measurement  Newsletters  Training Courses  Consulting  
  4. 4. Welcome to the “I want what I want, not what you send me” era, aka: “The Relationship Era” ®
  5. 5. What’s Changed?  Collapse of mass media  Growth of media everywhere  Intolerance for messaging  It’s not about the media, it’s about your business and what your stakeholders do if/when they see it  The Barcelona Principles 4 “Viewers are more likely to stop watching commercials at the moment in which brand logos appear on the screen” - ARF Study
  6. 6. Important Numbers to Remember The average audience for a MyDrunkKitchen video ( 1,000,000 CNN average nightly audience179,000 The amount that Sodexo saved in recruitment using Twitter $300,000 The number of times per hour Digital Natives switch media—every 2.2 minutes. 27 Increase in mobile shopping on Black Friday 201399.24%
  7. 7. More Important Numbers to Remember The percent of conversation that happens OFF LINE 90% The amount of conversations generated by bots, spammers and pay-per-click sites 40% The percent of on-line conversations that are public 10% The percent of Facebook & Twitter posts that are actually seen < 5%
  8. 8. Conversations $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Savings, shorter cycles, more renewals, better ideas, Product Support HRIR SalesCIR&D Mktg Research Prod. MktgPR//Mkt 7 Social Media isn’t media, it’s your business
  9. 9. Eyeball counting HITS Outcomes MSM Online Social Media Reality: Eyeballs are not awareness, yet 8
  10. 10. Likes Are Not Engagement 9 AdvocacyCommitmentTrial/Consideration FollowersLikesImpressions
  11. 11. Big Numbers Influence  All influence is relative  Who is influential depends on your audience  A computer cannot tell you who matters most  To be influential requires relevance, frequency & reach
  12. 12. Good Relationships Are More Cost Effective  Type I love Zappos into Google, and you find 1.19 million references  Type Citibank and you get 21,000 references. Citibank spends 100 times more a year on advertising than Zappos.  Cost per delegate acquired:  Obama: $6,024  Clinton: $147,058  Romney: $2,389,464
  13. 13. So What?  It’s not about the media, it’s about your mission and your stakeholders  It’s not how loud you’re shouting it’s about relationships.  There are no boundaries  It’s not about how big your data is, it’s about how you use it  Silos are so 1999
  14. 14. What is a standard?  A published specification that:  establishes a common language;  contains a technical specification or other precise criteria;  is designed to be used consistently, as a rule, a guideline, or a definition.
  15. 15. Cross-Industry Collaboration AMEC Council of PR Firms Institute for PR PRSA Global Alliance IABC SNCR DAA WOMMA ARF FIBEP CIPR PRCADell General Motors McDonalds Ford Procter & Gamble SAS Southwest Airlines Thomson Reuters #SMMStandards “The Coalition” “The Conclave” Clients
  16. 16. Top Priorities Content Sourcing & Methods1 Reach and impressions2 Engagement3 Influence & relevance4 Opinion & advocacy5 Impact & value6
  17. 17. What are you measuring?  Paid – Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, popups, banners etc.  Owned – @SNCR;  Earned -- Everything else (Including Shared) 16
  18. 18. Content Standards – All About Transparency  PDF and Word Versions Available  Modifications underway based on GM experience
  19. 19. #2: Standards for Reach & Impressions  Multipliers should never be used  Ford research found that less than 5% of what is posted is actually seen (FB claims 10%)  OTS not Impressions  Specific to a particular channel – i.e. Twitter: first line followers
  20. 20. #3: Standards for Engagement  Engagement = some action beyond exposure  Level depends on goals  Engagement should be measured by the % of your audience that is engaged, and the % engagement for each item published
  21. 21. #4: Influence & Relevance  Adhere to WOMMA Standards  “Influence” is the ability to cause or contribute to a change in opinion or behavior  Influence cannot be expressed in a single score or algorithm  Should include some combination of the following five elements:  Reach  Engagement around individual  Relevance to topic  Frequency of posts around the topic  Audience impact as measured by the ability to get the target audience to change behavior or opinion  If an individual scores a 0 on one element, they aren’t influential
  22. 22. #5 Opinion & Advocacy  Sentiment is specific to the author is trying to convey, often measured through context surrounding characterization of object  Opinion is a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.. It is articulated and associated to the speaker  Advocacy (n) vs. (v) is publicly stated support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy Advocacy requires a level of expressed persuasion.  The key distinction between “advocacy” and “opinion,” is that advocacy must have a component of recommendation or a call to action embedded in it
  23. 23. #6: Impact & Value  Impact: The effect of a social media campaign, program or effort on the target audience  Value: Value can be short term or long term & may be expressed in many ways including cost savings, shortened sales cycle, increased customer retention etc.  ROI: Return on Investment. A financial performance measure. To calculate ROI, the benefit (return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment; the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio  Any measure of Impact & Value must be tied to the goals and objectives for your organization, brand or program
  24. 24. Now What? Put it to use  Consistent metrics across lines of business, divisions etc.  Consistency across agencies & vendors  Focus on insights, not tools
  25. 25. Photo Event The End Game: Resource use High Engagement i.e. Video Starts Resource Use Low High Medium Veryhigh Total Volume of Coverage VeryHigh Medium High Low High Resources Low Engagement Low Resources Webinar Status update Link Ultimate Road Trip Google + Chat Media Day Corporate Video
  26. 26. 6 steps to standards-compliant measurement Step 1: Define your goal(s). What outcomes is this strategy or tactic going to achieve? What are your measurable objectives? Step 2: Define the parameters Who are you are trying to reach? How do your efforts connect with those audiences to achieve the goal. Step 3: Define your benchmarks. Who or what are you going to compare your results to? Step 4: Define your metrics. What are the indicators to judge your progress? Step 5: Select your data collection tool(s). Step 6: Analyze your data. Turn it into action, measure again 25 Six Steps to Success 1 2 3 4 5 6
  27. 27. Thank You!  For more information on measurement go to  For a copy of this presentation or to subscribe to Your Measurement Moment, our bi-weekly e-newsletter, give me your card or email me at  Follow me on Twitter: KDPaine  Friend me on Facebook: Katie Paine  Or call me at 1-603-682-0735 26
  28. 28. SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/SUMMIT2013ORLANDO Learn more about past and upcoming events DECEMBER 9–11, 2013 SOCIALMEDIA.ORG/EVENTS