ConAgra Foods: Social listening and engagement for consumer insights, presented by Amy Morgan


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In her Member Meeting case study presentation, ConAgra Foods' PR/Social Media Manager, Amy Morgan, explains how they are tapping social media and influencers for consumer insights.

Amy goes into detail about specific examples from Chef Boyardee, Slim Jim, Reddi-Whip, and their Healthy Choice brands.

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ConAgra Foods: Social listening and engagement for consumer insights, presented by Amy Morgan

  1. 1. SOCIALMEDIA.ORG CASE STUDIES Member Meeting 32 Chicago, 6-15-2014 Learn more about Member Meetings SOC IALMEDIA. ORG MEM B ER MEETIN G 32 CHICA GO ConAgra Foods Amy Morgan Social listening and engagement for consumer insights
  2. 2. Amy Morgan, ConAgra Foods July 15, 2014 @AmM2studios @ConAgraFoods SOCIAL LISTENING & ENGAGEMENT FOR CONSUMER INSIGHTS
  3. 3. “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” – Stephen R. Covey
  4. 4. In ONE minute… 277K Tweets 2.4MM+ Pieces of Facebook Content 3.5K Pinterest Pins 8.3K+ Vine Videos 26K+ Yelp Reviews 200K+ Instagram Photos Source: DOMO infographic
  5. 5. •  Early issues warning system •  Crowdsourcing of ideas for innovation •  Co-creation of near-term products or ideas •  Quick-turn research •  Feedback on products, services, experiences, campaigns •  Funnel of insights on trends •  Competitive intel, SOV Social listening gives us an advantage…
  6. 6. Social Listening Model LISTEN ASK ENGAGE Feedback Issues Questions Polls Surveys Conversations Closed panels Advocacy platforms Our Approach
  7. 7. Our Brands 4 Million + Fans & followers!
  8. 8. Consumer Objectives, Tools & Benchmarks Listen/ Ask/ Engage Our Brand Process
  9. 9. 1.  Social listening to identify pain points & opportunities 2.  A/B Testing of packaging and flavors 3.  Surveys to understand consumer behaviors & affinity 4.  Crowdsourcing via new technologies & platforms 5.  Gamification via shopping apps Our Activations
  10. 10. A Wrong Move Eats into Sales Stopped offering Chef Boyardee with Easy-Off Lids Loyal Consumers Unhappy with Change
  11. 11. Fans help us right our wrong •  Decided to bring Pop Tops back •  Needed to grab consumer attention at shelf •  Vetted 2 labels with Facebook fans via social surveys VS IMPACT: •  Received 400 responses in 5 hours •  Strong preference toward ‘ring’ – version made it to shelf
  12. 12. Brand publicly apologizes Fans can’t keep a lid on their enthusiasm Pop Tops Returns
  13. 13. Impending bacon shortage Bring on the bacon! Bacon idea sizzles •  Leveraged buzz around shortage to soft-sound product idea •  Polled fans on preference for a bacon-flavored jerky … and other breakfast meats •  Results supported our research on snacking need states
  14. 14. Meat lovers rejoiceBacon Jerky launches Slim Jim brings the bacon
  15. 15. How Do You Like Your Chocolate? •  Launching new Greek Frozen Yogurt flavor •  Use Facebook to vet flavor name via ads and wall post IMPACT: •  Generated more than 2k clicks to ads for less than $3k •  Ad CTRs were comparable but consumer comments provide insight on Dark Fudge Swirl name
  16. 16. Whipping up new ideas Solicit product & usage ideas vs. Betterific crowdsourcing platform Wouldn’t it be better if…IMPACT: •  Generated hundreds of ideas around product flavor, usage occasions •  Input into product innovation •  Campaigns continue – full results forthcoming
  17. 17. Do you like us? Survey says! Tap into social platforms to determine what drives brand affinity IMPACT: •  Cost-effective way to generate hundreds of consumer responses for nominal spend •  Use information directionally - first step for planning and innovation work
  18. 18. What motivates you? Survey says! Glean more targeted consumer feedback via ‘offline’ survey with screener IMPACT: •  Cost-effective way to generate hundreds of targeted consumer responses for nominal spend •  Use intel to drive brand decisions
  19. 19. People were pairing Ro*Tel with chicken wings What’s cooking? •  Polled community to determine interest in recipe •  Verdict: Our fans were interested IMPACT: •  Developed, teased & unveiled to social embassies for Super Bowl •  The recipe announcement outperformed recipe posts o Drove likes o Drove visits to the recipe page on o Provided new usage idea to drive buy rate
  20. 20. An Asian soup recipe with pork, ramen noodles, vegetables, soy sauce and ginger for an easy main dish Pins 171 Likes 16 Spicy Chicken Curry made with chicken thighs, zesty tomatoes, curry powder, ginger, coconut milk Pins 20 Likes 4 Which recipes hit the mark? How are consumers responding to our THOUSANDS of recipes? IMPACT: •  Pins & likes are good indicator of consumer sentiment •  Helps determine ideal seasonality & identify influencers with brand affinity •  One input to drive additional recipe development or make in-market optimizations
  21. 21. Tasty Trend: Seattle is buzzing about Asian flavors from Beijing to Singapore in 2014! What is your favorite Asian cuisine? New monthly fan spotlight: Hunt’s <3 Our very first pick is from Kelly at Wildflour's Cottage Kitchen. Give her Classic Italian Spaghetti Sauce recipe a try and let us know what you think! What trends appeal to our consumers? What food trends are most appealing to our consumers? IMPACT: •  Use this intel as one input to drive additional recipe and product development •  Make in-market optimizations Trend spotting
  22. 22. Money talks… Generate direct consumer feedback via mobile shopping app like Ibotta •  Consumers unlock rebates and earn cash, not points or coupons, via gamification
  24. 24. What do we do with this info? 1. Integrate with other consumer feedback to identify common themes •  Digital data – Ratings & Reviews, search •  Consumer Affairs data •  Consumer Insights research 2. Work in tandem with our Marketing, Consumer Insights, Brand & RQI teams to make business and marketing decisions based on this consumer feedback •  Day-to-day (what recipes to feature) •  Longer-term (product development, reformulation and innovation opportunities)
  25. 25. •  Amy Morgan, ConAgra Foods •  July 15, 2014 •  @AmM2studios Questions? @AmM2studios
  26. 26. Learn more about past and upcoming Member Meetings SOCIALMEDIA.ORG CASE STUDIES Member Meeting 32 Chicago, 6-15-2014 Learn more about Member Meetings SOC IALMEDIA. ORG MEM B ER MEETIN G 32 CHICA GO