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Cisco Systems: Social selling at Cisco, presented by Jennifer Roberts


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In her Member Meeting case study presentation, Cisco’s Social Media Marketing Manager, Jennifer Roberts, talks about how they rolled out social selling capabilities and tools to their virtual sales organization.

She shares four real-world examples of how their sales reps implemented the program and provides a checklist to help you get started with social selling at your organization.

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Cisco Systems: Social selling at Cisco, presented by Jennifer Roberts

  1. 1. Cisco Systems Jennifer Roberts Social selling at Cisco MEM B ER MEETIN G 34 SOC IALMEDIA. ORG SAN FRAN CISCO SOCIALMEDIA.ORG CASE STUDIES Member Meeting 34 San Francisco 2-4-2015 Learn more about Member Meetings
  2. 2. Social Selling at Cisco Jennifer Roberts, Marketing Manager
  3. 3. Agenda What is Social Selling Why Social Selling Social Selling POC Review What We Learned Use Cases Getting Started
  4. 4. What is Social Selling? Lead Qualification Sales Demos Cold Calls Today’s Social Selling is about enabling sales to use social platforms and tools to communicate and connect with customers throughout the buying journey. Lead Qualification Sales Demos Warm Calls Social Networks Traditional Sales Model Social Sales Model
  5. 5. Why Social Selling?
  6. 6. “It used to be that a salesperson, who made a 100 cold calls would get 10 appointments and 1 sale. “Today, a sales person who makes 100 calls is leaving a 100 voicemails that are ignored by 100 people.” Do you pick up the phone from a number you don’t recognize?
  7. 7. Social Media is today’s new selling tool
  8. 8. Scale Social Selling Model • Create ongoing training—on-demand, liveRaise Your Social IQ • Select a platform (i.e. LinkedIn) you want your sales reps to use to grown their networkGrow Your Connections • Understand their content needs • Consider creating a platform for your reps Create Your Professional Brand • Identify key metrics: sales qualified leads, # new connections per accountAttribute Success
  9. 9. Social Selling FY14—The Year of the Proof of Concept OBJECTIVE Introduce Social Selling capabilities in the form of POC and Pilots to Americas, APJC & EMEAR VSAMs. PURPOSE Educate and enable sales reps to leverage social media channels (LinkedIn & Twitter) to engage, nurture and ultimately sell to customers on their preferred platform. RESULTS • 7 confirmed SQLs • 156% increase in LinkedIn network growth • Rolled out to 62 VSAMs globally WHAT WE LEARNED • Don’t introduce new concepts in Q4 • Sales reps are excited about new capabilities but want control
  10. 10. Social Selling FY15—The Year to Scale OBJECTIVE Rollout the Social Selling model to entire GVSO PURPOSE Raise the digital IQ of the organization; grow the network of individual sales reps; drive SQLs RESULTS • Restarted 1st week of December with Regional Operational Excellence training • 3 confirmed SQLs • 11% increase in LinkedIn network growth Nov-Dec. WHAT WE LEARNED • Executive leadership is important but so is knowing where you need their support • Cultural changes take longer; Social Selling is not a tool change
  11. 11. Real World Examples A Sales Rep used a combination of LinkedIn & Twitter to expand her network and introduced two of the SMBs in her region. • Key Takeaways • Positioned herself as a trusted adviser • Less about selling and more focused on value she could provide to her network
  12. 12. Real World Examples A Sales Rep in the Americas used a combination of Outlook, & LinkedIn to identify and nurture new contacts. He added 30 new contacts to his network in a matter of days and continued to add new contacts over several weeks. He also captured significant value in qualified leads. • Key Takeaways • Scheduled the use of LinkedIn part of his daily job • Didn’t just make connections; he nurtured relationships
  13. 13. Real World Examples A Sales Rep in the Americas used her social network to earn an introduction to a large school district that no one had been able to connect with for 2 years. Ultimately, this outreach effort led to a significant opportunity. • Key Takeaways • Made herself available to share knowledge and answer questions from her network • Gained knowledge about projects for the upcoming fiscal year
  14. 14. Real World Examples A Sales Rep in EMEA used LinkedIn to help find the right people to invite to his private LinkedIn group. He provided extra information and support to his partners and made deeper connections with his customers as a result. • Key Takeaways • Focused on helping his partners develop their own presence by providing content for blogs • Interacted directly with customers to help answer their questions
  15. 15. Social Selling Checklist—Getting Started Executive buy-in is critical—but it’s also important that you bring in their support at the right time. Training—provide ongoing support: on-demand, live and one-on-one support is needed to make the transition. Know what you’re measuring—define the success criteria for your program and determine how you’ll track the metrics Test new tools—pilot new technologies with a small group; encourage your sales reps to innovate Define your content goals—bring sales and marketing together to solve this challenge; define short term and long term goals and strategy Training Evaluating Connecting Social Selling
  16. 16. Contact Information Email: Twitter: @rideboulderco
  17. 17. Learn more about past and upcoming Member Meetings MEM B ER MEETIN G 34 SOC IALMEDIA. ORG SAN FRAN CISCO SOCIALMEDIA.ORG CASE STUDIES Member Meeting 34 San Francisco 2-4-2015 Learn more about Member Meetings