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Case study: Instagram, presented by Lauren Salazar


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In her Brands-Only Summit presentation, Weight Watchers' Lauren Salazar shares a case study on how they're leveraging Instagram.

She goes into detail about their Instagram strategy and talks about their top-performing video campaign, user-generated content, and more.

Published in: Social Media
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Case study: Instagram, presented by Lauren Salazar

  2. 2. January 26, 2016 Case Study: Instagram Lauren Salazar Director, Social Media
  3. 3. I?AMWHO
  4. 4. • On Instagram Since 2012 • 305,000 Followers • 800 pieces of content to date • Our strategy is one part US, two parts THEM • We have a lot of NEW stuff this year • Measurement and Media Plans are on my other laptop. You Need To Know Before I Start
  5. 5. today’s • Photo & Video Best Practices • Leveraging UGC • Influencer & Celebrity Integration • Experiential on Instagram
  6. 6. make a video Why It Works 1.Simple 2.Seasonal 3.Sound off
  7. 7. make a video Point lift in Ad Recall, 3x platform benchmark +29 Higher Video Completion Rates 36% Significant lift in Purchase Consideration
  8. 8. if something works, do it
  9. 9. get to sell
  10. 10. what’s not working
  11. 11. celebrate when
  12. 12. sometimes = big difference
  13. 13. your community is a
  14. 14. practice
  15. 15. let others you
  16. 16. shine a spotlight on
  17. 17. shine a spotlight on
  18. 18. shine a spotlight on
  19. 19. shine a spotlight on
  20. 20. take your to shine Views in 24 hour period ~2MM Exceeded platform engagement benchmarks
  21. 21. turn event setups into Instagram
  22. 22. Seven Sacred Lessons of Instagram 1. Build For Sound-Off, Swipe Through 2. Find Your Formula and Work It 3. It’s All About Perspective 4. Regram and Replicate, Repeat 5. Give Up Control 6. Bet Big on Big Moments 7. Make Experiences ‘Grammable
  23. 23. Thank You Lauren Salazar Director, Social Media @sassandglitter
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