BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Monster, presented by Kathy O'Reilly


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In her BlogWell New York presentation, Monster's Senior Director of PR and Media Relations, Kathy O'Reilly, talks about how they drove global engagement on Twitter with their #FindBetter hashtag campaign.

At four weeks into the campaign, she shares how they're encouraging the spread of viral content and what obstacles they're facing as people try to hijack the campaign.

Watch the video of this presentation here:

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BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Monster, presented by Kathy O'Reilly

  1. 1. SocialMedia.orgVideo Case StudiesKathy O’ReillyHow Monster is Driving GlobalEngagement with #FindBetterThis video is fromBlogWellSan FranciscoJune 20, StudiesThis presentation is fromBlogWellNew YorkApril 17,
  2. 2. How Monster is DrivingGlobal Engagement with#FindBetterKathy O’Reilly, Senior Director PR & Social MediaRelationsMonster Worldwide@kathyoreilly @MonsterWW
  3. 3. A bit of backgroundGlobal research conducted by Monster found:Most job seekers are in a post-recessionary job search “funk”They’ve heard three years of doom and gloom on the unemployment rateand don’t believe that new opportunities exist and are inclined to stay thecourse with the job they have.“Find Better” is the inspiration they need to believe that betteropportunities exist - and we’re here to help them find it.No jobseeker is the same. Monsters research led to the reasoningbehind our latest media campaign - targeting people during theirconsumer journey each day.2
  4. 4. Find Better™
  5. 5. The intent of Find BetterREALISTIC: it’s not always easy to find a job (particularly in the current climate) but Monster is a facilitator tohelp seekers take simple steps to “find better.” We talk about real opportunities, not dream jobs.“BETTER” IS PERSONAL: “better” could be a different environment, a job closer to home or applying yourskills in a sector you love e.g. an accountant getting a job at a football club. We encourage seekers to keeplooking at what opportunities are out there. We tell stories about real people finding better in their own ways.“BETTER” IS RELEVANT: “better” job search results/outcomes using the world’s most advanced searchtechnology to deliver precise job listings.ACT AS A GUIDE: provide practical, trusted advice and show the things you can do to take control (toolsyou can use and best practice).KEEP INFORMED: real-time information on where the opportunities are in your market and your industry.YOU’RE NOT ALONE: show that there are a lot of people thinking the same way and in the same boat asyou are.4
  6. 6. Find Better™5Leverage a single creative platform to get employers and job seekers to believethat better jobs and better candidates are out there - and that Monster can helpthem find those jobs.TVPRINTDIGITAL SITESALES ENABLEMENT LANDING PAGES CRMSOCIAL CONTENT
  7. 7. The Job Seeker Journey to Find Better6Infographic showcasing ourresearch in UK shared acrossmultiple social channels
  8. 8. Find Better™ Global Marketing CampaignTV Spots running in the UK, Netherlands, other EUcountriesComing out with something different - looking to engagewith Jobseekers throughout the day - with outdoor digitaldisplays at rail and tube stations in the UK and along theroadside.7
  9. 9. New TV Advert 2013 -Pinocchio #FindBetter8
  10. 10. Using Social to Broadcast the CampaignTV spots coming to North America later this summer, early fallSo how can we continue the to build organic momentumin the U.S. ??? ………………..9
  11. 11. Pay it ForwardWe’re on a mission to find the nation’s best bits of career advice!Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’ve climbed severalrungs of your career ladder, we want to hear your tips and trickson how to be successful! What are the best bits of career adviceyou would offer someone struggling in a dead-end job or findingit hard to get work in today’s climate? Are you in that situation?What kind of advice would help you most? Let us know below ortweet using #FindBetter!10
  12. 12. How we startedBegan to seed #FindBetter to our Facebook community, and theorganic engagement has been very enthusiastic. Our first 2#FindBetter status updates on our MonsterWW Facebook pagefeatured the following questions:11
  13. 13. Content resonating with the community12Facebook posts have gained even more popularity over the past month, with thefollowing generating the most comments and shares.Top 5 Posts based on Reach to date:How do you deal with an office jerk? #FindBetterWhats the best bit of career advice your parents ever gave you to prepareyou for the big, wide world of work? #FindBetterWhat are your tips on performing an eye catching resume? #FindBetterWhats your best tip to stay sane during a difficult work week? #FindBetterIf you won the lottery and won $1 million, would you quit your job or continueto work? #FindBetter
  14. 14. Identify Influencers to Help Build BuzzIdentify members of the twitterati - influential careeradvice experts - who can help support us in thiseffort. The call to action should always be to Tweet tipswith the #FindBetter hashtag.13
  15. 15. Influencers influencing the Movement14#FindBetter! “@PortageHR: #jobtips from @MonsterCa how toanswer New #Grad #interview questions: Buzz @RecruitmentBuzz11 MarTodays #recruitmentbuzz foreword @siteadvisor asks foryou to get onboard @Monster_UK #FindBetter campaignResumeStrategic: RT @MonsterWW: 5 $100K jobs that dontrequire a Bachelors Degree -
  16. 16. #FindBetter WednesdayIn the US, we’ve begun to capture the best of tips and incorporate into one blog postper week for MonsterWorking (our seeker focused blog) for a new effort called#FindBetter Wednesday. It’s Hump Day, so what better day to help people get throughthe week than Wednesday. The best “tip contributors” are spotlighted in a weekly blogpost, highlighting the best #FindBetter tips of the week from Facebook and Twitter.15
  17. 17. CRM sent weekly to promote “Find Better Wednesdays” “This Week on Monster” email (deploys to 5MM activeseekers who have opted into weekly emails fromMonster). The emails drive to the MonsterWorking blog -- ourseeker focused blog.Plans underway to promote via other existing Monstermarketing channelsExploring paid social campaigns to promote #FindBetter16#FindBetter Wednesday
  18. 18. So how’s it working?Facebook posts generated over 400 comments,increasing our total Facebook reach by 18% andincreasing people talking about Monster by 16% in thefirst 2 weeks of activation.Our spike in new “likes” to the MonsterWW Facebookpage directly correlate to the #FindBetter posts sharedon FacebookBiggest peaks coincide with #FindBetter Wednesdayblog posts on MonsterWorking17
  19. 19. 1818Find Better™| Social ImpactFrom March 1…1,197 Tweets using #FindBetter660k+ Reach5.8m impressionsPeaks coincide with "#FindBetter Wednesdays"Social Media Mentions Trend for #findbetter
  20. 20. Truly a Global MovementGlobal teams encouraged to follow the #FindBetterhashtag conversations being generated in the UK, the US& Canada, and adapt the content to share in their regionsin their local language.19
  21. 21. Find Better in the UK and Canada…20Global teams activelyusing various socialchannels to promoteFind Better content
  22. 22. Global Teams Getting into itOur UK team is getting really involved. The ladies ofMonster Chancery Lane share their tips to #Findbetter?Check out this link Canada @MonsterCa29 MarExcellent #Career advice from the streets of #Montreal: #FindBetter ^G21
  23. 23. True Global Effort22
  24. 24. What’s Next?Movement has taken off so quickly we’re now in the process offinalizing some guidelines for the global teams and employees alikeabout what Find Better really means. We’ve created a PR messageBible and currently working on social guidelines to clearly define: The mission of #FindBetter Types of content that should/should not be included using the FindBetter hashtag Create consistency throughout the different countries so when userssearch for #FindBetter on Twitter or Facebook, we have one unifiedapproach Tips for avoiding #FindBetter hijackingAnd as it began, our team in the UK is taking on this next task to sharewith us across the pond and help us drive this truly global effort23
  25. 25. Thank you!
  26. 26. Learn more about past andupcoming video is fromBlogWellSan FranciscoJune 20, StudiesThis presentation is fromBlogWellNew YorkApril 17,