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BlogWell Los Angeles Social Media Case Study: Raytheon, presented by Chris Hawley


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In his BlogWell Los Angeles presentation, Raytheon's Managing Editor, Digital Content, Chris Hawley, explains how they built a news operation to cover the Farnborough Airshow in real time.

He goes into detail about the challenges, the strategy, and the lessons learned from using social media to cover the event publicly.

Watch the video of this presentation here:

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BlogWell Los Angeles Social Media Case Study: Raytheon, presented by Chris Hawley

  1. 1. Video Case Studies This video is from Case Studies BlogWell San Francisco June 20, 2011This presentation is from Chris HawleyBlogWell Los Angeles Brand Journalism on the Flight Line: December 5, 2012 How Raytheon Covered the Farnborough Airshow
  2. 2. Brand Journalism on the Flight Line: How Raytheon Covered the Farnborough Air Show Chris Hawley Managing Editor of Digital Content, Raytheon Dec. 5, 2012 Copyright © 2012 Raytheon Company. All rights reserved.Customer Success Is Our Mission is a registered trademark of Raytheon Company.
  3. 3. Operation: Brand JournalismThe air shows in  The Assignment: Create a Farnborough Air Show microsite offering near real-Farnborough, UK and time features, news, videos and photos.Paris, France (alternating  The Challenges:years) are the most – Much of what we sell and who we sell it to is secret or sensitiveimportant trade shows for – Event is closed to public most of the weekthe aerospace and – Governments must approve many of our stories – Arms export lawsdefense industry – Visual restrictions (we can’t show uniformed military officers, for example.) – Weapons are a delicate subject when writing for the public – Show was smaller than previous years, our budget for show tighter – “Scrubbed” computers and tight security complicated live reporting – Time difference complicated posting – Six autonomous divisions unaccustomed to collaborating on stories. – Corporate culture not used to writing for general public 12/18/2012 2
  4. 4. Our Strategy Started planning two months in advance with weekly calls involving PR, trade show folks, etc. Most content prepared before the show and topped off with breaking quotes and color as soon as approvals could be secured. On-site PR folks secured approvals (in one case securing permission to quote a Royal Air Force officer within 24 hours) One dedicated reporter on-site Clearly communicated the need for speed and journalistic standards – Insisted on real interviews – Asked company presidents not to tinker with quotes – Candid photos 12/18/2012 3
  5. 5. Microsite Editorial Calendar Content/Channel Monday, July 9 Tuesday, July 10 Wednesday, July 11 Thursday, July 12 Friday, July 13 Aviation Warrior ISR story (off briefing) ATM/order new skies Intl Business (Hawley) Tweetup #meetRay Main FIA12 Feature Hawley (Hawley) SM-3 CDU/RACR/F-16s MilCom TARC set up TARC 2nd FIA12 Feature NASAMS Tweetup Primer GPS OCX Mini-Munitions Aviation Warrior 3rd FIA12 Feature SM-3 test footage; CDU video 24 hours of flight Culligan interview clips Videos/YouTube Aviation warrior video SM-3 photo gallery; 2 Tweet gallery Indian ATC hub gallery Business Presidents Tweep Photo Gallery; NASAMS/ESSM images; photo gallery (intl travel); Group shot; TARC Photography Aviation Warrior model mini-munitions art competition photos images; EKV SM-3 evolution AESA Infographic Gate-to-Gate Infographic Patriot InfographicInfographics/Graphics infographic & NASAMS infographic SM-3 Learjet Patriot at sunset Twitter bird Wallpaper SM-3 package data link Tweetup Primer; DDR news coverage; WHS Intl Business; News Tweetup #meetRay; news; Aviation warrior news w/Hawley story; media coverage; 24 coverage; TARC (MMU lead) Twitter video; ADAS comic strip; news coverage; CDU hours of flight Culligan broadcast video; WHS media interviews coverage Aviation Warrior package CDU video; Pilots 24 hours of flight TARC set up; Patriot TARC competition Facebook w/ indy elements account of AESA Wallpaper; Patriot Infographic Aviation Warrior; SM-3 DDU news w/Hawley 24 hours of flight Intl Business TARC competition data link news; story Google+ NASAMS/ ESSM news; Culligan broadcast interviews 12/18/2012 4
  6. 6. Leverage Digital & Social Media Channels LINKEDIN GOOGLE +  Major News  Major News  Rocketry contest  Cool Tech  Videos  Interactives (internal only) YOUTUBE  Videos  Interactives FARNBOROUGH MICROSITE TWITTERFACEBOOK  “Headline News” Rocketry contest  Videos Chalet Gallery  Photography Photos  Interactives  Rocketry contest  Tweetup
  7. 7. Responsive Design 12/18/2012 6
  8. 8. Design With Multimedia Focus Clean, simple2012 Farnborough- designspecific navigation Emphasis on Raytheon official visuals social media account stream (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube)Strategic tags foreach post and abilityto sort stories by tag Continually refreshedDaily sub-stories multimedia assets on home page 12/18/2012 7
  9. 9. Sub-PagesSub-pages for multimedia, news releasesand wallpaper downloads. 12/18/2012 8
  10. 10. Farnborough Tweetup amplified impact23 participants, 21,000+ followersUS (Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Washington),UK, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands 218 people sent 1,200 tweets using #meetRay > 3 million impressions Net reach 488,000 people Security folks had some misgivings at beginning (confidentiality, protests, liability) -- communication was key to getting them on board Farnborough Airshow Week
  11. 11. New Content Each DayWith a robust editorial calendar, content was refreshed each day of the show according to theday’s priorities on site. 12/18/2012 10
  12. 12. Content-rich feature stories Feature stories included related multimedia – photos, videos and infographics. Editorial quality improved, increasing average visit duration on site from 11 minutes last year to over 18 minutes this year. Enhanced readability with use of pull quotes. 12/18/2012 11
  13. 13. Results: More impact with less content 2011 2012 Paris Farnborough Change Airshow Airshow Total Posts 53 27 -49.1% Videos 49 13 -73.5% Infographics 5 8 +60% Visitors 8,385 12,690 +51.3% Average Visit 12:05 18:34 +53.7% Duration Int’l Visits 12.22% 22.86% +87% * 10-day metrics taken from Sunday pre-show to Wednesday post-show
  14. 14. Lessons Learned Get all stories written ahead of time, top off with fresh quotes as necessary Quality over quantity One-company stories and big-picture context Make sure photographers understand journalistic focus (candid shots, etc.) and don’t over-program them with assignments Plan time for dumping photos and video Give the audience what it wants! 12/18/2012 13
  15. 15. This video is from Case Studies Learn more about past and BlogWell San Francisco June 20, 2011 upcoming BlogWellsThis presentation is from Los Angeles December 5, 2012