BlogWell San Francisco Social Media Case Study: Cisco, presented by Jeanette Gibson


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BlogWell is the only conference where social media executives from large companies come together to share their case studies, offer practical how-to advice, and answer your questions.

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In the BlogWell San Francisco case study presentation, "How Cisco Engages Customers, Partners, and Press with Social Media," Director, New Media Corporate Communications Jeanette Gibson describes how created billions of media impressions for half the traditional cost, as well as successful tactics to get executive involvement in engaging the public.

Measuring ROI, managing teams, legal issues, B-to-B, working with agencies and creating great content are central themes at BlogWell. This event is the best opportunity available for anyone looking to get started or improve their corporate social media efforts. Learn more at

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BlogWell San Francisco Social Media Case Study: Cisco, presented by Jeanette Gibson

  1. 1. How Big Companies Use Social Media San Francisco | June 23, 2009 Jeanette Gibson Cisco “How Cisco Engages Customers, Partners, and Press with Social Media”
  2. 2. Blogging at Cisco Why…   Create conversations with customers, partners, employees and the public   Platform to discuss the role of the network   Thought leadership How…   Extensive use of video increases engagement   Integrated blogs with communications campaigns
  3. 3. Telling our Story Via Video Cisco Channels Blog: Partner Summit 2009
  4. 4. Executive Thought Leadership
  5. 5. Executive Thought Leadership: Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior on Twitter   Uses her Twitter Community of over 500K followers to: –  Amplify Cisco’s voice on Cloud and Unified Computing –  Share technology insights –  Get feedback on her ideas and presentations
  6. 6. Hosting Events via Twitter: “Tweetup” Turn Online Connections into Real World Events: Example:
  7. 7. Virtual Events The Vibe: Partner Twitter Environment for Partner Summit June 2009
  8. 8. Transforming Global Launches 2005 Today   Launch Execution   Market Conditioning   Press Conferences   Telepresence Briefings   U.S. then Global   Real-time Global Impact   Customer Reach   Customer Interactions   PR/AR briefings   Community Building   Wide-range Budget Req   50-75% Cost Savings   Spokespeople   Thought leadership Transactions Interactions, Engagement Leveraging Web 2.0
  9. 9. Communications Launch Activity Results CEO TelePresence News Briefing   Telepresence audience: Press and analysts from 8 locations: London, Munich, Paris, New York, Boxborough, San Francisco, San Jose, Toronto   Live web broadcast available to public Cisco and partners: Accenture, BMC, EMC, Intel, Microsoft, VMware 3.96 Billion Media Impact   Record high traffic for Cisco blogs. 500+ comments in blogosphere about Cisco   3,100 Tweets; 455K Twitter Impressions   21 Published Analyst Reports   100% Sell Side Analysts Issued Reports
  10. 10. Measuring Impact UCS Earnings launch;/Flip coverage coverage Q3FY09 Data: Top 300 Traditional Media, Top 150 New Media; Financial Analyst Data; Industry Analyst Data
  11. 11. Reinforce Engagement Via Governance Your Personal Social Media Compass Has Not Changed
  12. 12. Engaging Employees: Cisco Communications Center of Excellence Learning Home Page Workshop Schedule Learning Discussion Forum
  13. 13. Internal Awareness & Education: Web 2.0 Summit Series – Virtual, Global
  14. 14. Key Takeaways
  15. 15. How Big Companies Use Social Media Learn more about upcoming and past BlogWells: or