BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Walmart, presented by Umang Shah


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In his BlogWell New York presentation, Walmart's Director of Social Strategy, Umang Shah, talks about how they use data to build better social media strategies.

He shares how they are focusing on creating really great content and using empirical data to guide human engagement via social media.

Watch the video of this presentation here:

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BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Walmart, presented by Umang Shah

  1. 1. Umang ShahData-Driven Social Media: LeveragingData to Deliver a Human Social Strategyfor Global EnterpriseThis video is fromBlogWellSan FranciscoJune 20, StudiesThis presentation is fromBlogWellNew YorkApril 17,
  2. 2. UMANG SHAHDIRECTOR, SOCIAL STRATEGYWALMARTData-Driven Social Media:Leveraging data to deliver a human socialstrategy for global enterprise.Tuesday, April 30, 13
  3. 3. For more Hashtag#BlogWellengageTuesday, April 30, 13
  4. 4. About MeDirector, Social Strategy - WalmartFormerly Social Strategist, MicrosoftXerox, VMWare, Harris InteractiveWork in Walmart Corporate AffairsReputation Management - “Live Better”Created the Walmart DNCTechnologistOff-Road TriathleteDog PersonTuesday, April 30, 13
  5. 5. About Walmart2.2 Number people who work for Walmartglobally, in Millions.5$420+ Annual Sales in Billions.More than 2/3 of the US populationlives within 5 mi of a Walmart store.Tuesday, April 30, 13
  6. 6. 2About Live Better2,450Number of truckloads of suppliesdelivered to Katrina victims before thegovernment or Red Cross could help.11.8Millions of metric tons of CarbonDioxide prevented from entering ouratmosphere by Walmart sustainability.Billions of dollars Walmart hascommitted to ending hunger.Tuesday, April 30, 13
  7. 7. ManageOur MissionProtectOur mission is to protect, manage andimprove Walmart’s reputation.ImproveTuesday, April 30, 13
  8. 8. The Role of Social Media Give Walmart ears - and a voice.Stop letting the media control therelationships - and the conversations.Develop the ability to respond in real time.Use Walmart Owned Media tounderstand, analyze, participate in, andguide the dialogue on a direct, 1:1 basis.Change Hearts and Minds.Tuesday, April 30, 13
  9. 9. The SituationTuesday, April 30, 13
  10. 10. Challenges Popular Stereotype.What Walmart actually is.Public Relations Mindset.Technical Implementation Challenges.Internal perceptions / past experiences.Tuesday, April 30, 13
  11. 11. The SolutionTuesday, April 30, 13
  12. 12. Use empirical datato guide human engagement.Tuesday, April 30, 13
  13. 13. Key elements of a data-drivenenterprise social strategy:StHuTe CuTuesday, April 30, 13
  14. 14. Key elements of a data-drivenenterprise social strategy:Strategic Elements:• Discovery• Risk Assessment• EngagementHuman Elements:• Cross-Functional Team• Influence• Data AnalysisTechnology Elements:• Monitoring / Research• Content Optimization• AnalyticsCultural Elements:• Collaborative Planning• Team Execution• Command CenterTuesday, April 30, 13
  15. 15. Building The Walmart TeamSpecialist Generalist>Tuesday, April 30, 13
  16. 16. Distribution Strategy• “Winning Wins.”• Content from each handlereposted based on performance.• Empirical judgement of ContentQuality (not opinion)@WalmartHub@WalmartGreen@WalmartAction@WalmartGiving@WalmartHealthy@WalmartWWWMarketing Voice@WalmartNewsroomCreating the StrategyTuesday, April 30, 13
  17. 17. Real TimeExecutionTuesday, April 30, 13
  18. 18. Real Time Content • Walmart produced andpublished content on a realtime, multichannel basis forseveral key initiatives.Tuesday, April 30, 13
  19. 19. OptimizationTuesday, April 30, 13
  20. 20. Influencer Research• Top 50 influencers wereidentified, and engaged directly.Creating the StrategyTuesday, April 30, 13
  21. 21. Amplification• Content syndication based onpast performance data.Tuesday, April 30, 13
  22. 22. Real Time Reporting + Research• Over 200 ongoing, specificqueries plus situational queries• Real time research requests• In-depth “infographic reporting”3-5X per week, per handle.• Traditional and online media• Informs online as well as offlineresponse and content creation.Tuesday, April 30, 13
  23. 23. Monitoring• Unique query construction foreach handle, with ongoingoptimization• Situational monitoring for knownand emerging real time issues• In addition to brand levelmonitoring, coordinated localizedmonitoring efforts at the statelevel (50 total).• Content and responserecommendations routedindividually to team membersubject matter experts• Approved content is optimizedbased on audience activity forcontent that is not time sensitive.Tuesday, April 30, 13
  24. 24. Real Time Alerts12 hours a day, M-SuReal time alerts, insights andrecommendations, as it happensDelivered to each individualsubject matter expertReal time crisis responseAll reporting, content planning,governance, approvals and crisisresponse team activationavailable via mobile appSample alert:Pitbull: Internet Rallies to Send Pitbull to the Most RemoteWalmart inAmerica - SomethingAwful goons David Thorpe and JonHendren have come up with what is quite possibly their mostuproarious troll to date: With the help of fellow Internet funmakers,the shenaniganeers have devised a foolproof plan to send hip hopartist-cum-shilling machine Pitbull to a Walmart on "the frozenAlaskan island of Kodiak."Volume: High | 1,948 Total Mentions (76% Twitter) Sentiment: Neutral (57%)Why ThisAlert Was Sent: New Story, Intensity, Threat PotentialWalmartAction Items:  Send to appropriate team memberRaidiousAction Items: MonitorTuesday, April 30, 13
  25. 25. Questions?Tuesday, April 30, 13
  26. 26. Learn more about past andupcoming video is fromBlogWellSan FranciscoJune 20, StudiesThis presentation is fromBlogWellNew YorkApril 17,