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BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Walgreens, presented by Chris Catania

In his BlogWell New York presentation, Walgreens' Online Community Manager, Chris Catania, shares how they use community management strategies to build relationships, support culture change, and engage employees.

He gives a detailed summary of their four big challenges starting out, how they overcame those challenges, metrics from the 6-month program, and how they intend to improve moving forward.

Watch the video of this presentation here:

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BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Walgreens, presented by Chris Catania

  1. 1. Chris CataniaUsing Community ManagementStrategies to Build Relationships,Support Culture Change, andEngage EmployeesThis video is fromBlogWellSan FranciscoJune 20, StudiesThis presentation is fromBlogWellNew YorkApril 17,
  2. 2. Using Community ManagementStrategies to Build Relationships,Support Culture Change and EngageEmployeesChris Catania, Online Community Manager4/17/13©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. As We Travel Down The Path How we got started What we’ve learned duringthe first miles of ourinternal social journey How we’re evolving ourcommunities and socialeco-system throughstrategic communitymanagement©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved. 2
  4. 4. Our Challenge©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved. 3 Analyze, understand and organize the current Walgreens internal socialeco-system Develop and manage the existing employee communities while preparingfor a social intranet rollout Begin demonstrating the business value of employee communities Live out the Walgreens Corporate Communications charter: “Connectpeople to the business and each other”
  5. 5. Keys To Overcoming The ChallengeRaising The Bar: Measure with Data and Get Smarter with Strategy“Without mastering data, you’re simply working in the dark. Withoutdata, you’re not a professional. Without data, you will never becomebetter than you are right now. You can’t optimize your activities. Youcan’t proactively develop your community.”“Strategy is, by far, the most important and most high-value work.People who strategize well combine profound understanding ofcommunity development with advanced project management skills...”- Rich Millington, Buzzing Communities©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved. 4
  6. 6. Our Vision: Communities With A Purpose©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved. 5 To produce tangible examples, stories and business usecases that achieve the goals and objectives of our SocialPlaybook. To develop, test and evolve the social intranet userexperience and community management strategy To continually demonstrate how our Social Playbook andcommunity management strategy supports theWalgreens Growth Objectives.
  7. 7. How We Got StartedExecuting Our Community ManagementStrategy Created a “1-9-90” pilot community to test andexperiment with social strategy Listened and then engaged with the “1-9-90” withincurrent community ecosystem Asked for their “3 interests” Hosted one-on-one meetings and offline communitymeetups Modeled desired community behaviors within internalsocial ecosystem Connected members within the community and duringmini-meetups Conducted internal divisional and department road tours©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved. 6
  8. 8. Other Important Stuff We Did Along The Way Continued to refine our SocialPlaybook, and align it with ourexternal social media policy Created community editorial contentcalendar and connected each pieceof content to company strategy Regular reporting and meeting withexecutive sponsors Engaged business units and createdcross-functional work stream teams Began creating framework for Centerof Excellence and Social MediaCouncil©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved. 7
  9. 9. Success Stories
  10. 10. ©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved. 9Our communities are helping team members to feel moreconnected to the company“This pilot experience has shown me how our community gives usthe opportunity to be more engaged and motivated while at work.Contributing to discussions about product ideas and customerexperience has made me think more about how what I do every dayis connected to and impacts company strategy.”- Help Center team member, shared during community MeetupConnecting Team Members To The Business
  11. 11. Solving Problems & Saving Resources©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved. 10Our communities are helping team members saveresources and quickly find subject matter experts“This year, I was able to post my macro problem andleverage the community to solve our annual macro problem.Had I not had access to the community, it would have hadcost implications for our division as well as the company.Our community allowed me to connect with an expertcommunity, allowing my problem to be solved much morequickly and cost effectively.”- Finance Team Member
  12. 12. The Value of SMEs & Timely Feedback 287 comments on blog post about new PaidTime Off policy 78 specific responses by PTO SME Overwhelming positive feedback fromcommunity on quality and timeliness ofresponses Educating employees before the official PTOannouncement was made Key business use case for SME program©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved. 11
  13. 13. The Results©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved. 12During a six-month pilot we… Exceeded community success metric goals:61% Email invite accept rate60% Profiles complete63% Active Users37% ParticipatingSelf-moderating emerging and only one TOU issue.Over 4,000 total actions, high engagement from the “90%”Over 300 unique conversations (75% business related) Identified more than 20 additional business use cases and strategic communityopportunities
  14. 14. Keys To Engagement Success©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved. 13 Hosted one-on-one pilot member meetings,offline meetups and divisional road tours Engaged all segments of the “1-9-90” Applied consumer engagement tactics tocontent and invite strategy Modeled and highlighted desired communitybehaviors and posted regular communityupdates Consistent and compelling business-valuestorytellingBigfoot Risk Analysis Adds Value
  15. 15. What We’re Aiming For NextOur Goal: demonstrate the business value of employeecommunities and strategic community management.Key actions we’re taking: Ongoing executive and stakeholder education Continue to unify and nurture our employeecommunities Regular reporting and business value storytelling Continue to align our community goals with companycultural beliefs©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved. 14
  16. 16. Thanks!Chris
  17. 17. Learn more about past andupcoming video is fromBlogWellSan FranciscoJune 20, StudiesThis presentation is fromBlogWellNew YorkApril 17,