BlogWell Chicago Social Media Case Study: U.S. Bank, presented by Karen Gutierrez


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In her BlogWell Chicago presentation, U.S. Bank's Social Media Director, Karen Gutierrez, explains how they created a social media strategy and playbooks to carry it out.

She goes into detail about the steps they took for creating a plan that would lead to 65-page playbooks that the team uses to engage in social on a daily basis.

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  • Hi. I found this through your share on Quora. I like the comment regarding "Shiny Object Syndrome". I do agree in advising to avoid such a syndrome. Social platforms should be chosen and implemented strategically.
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BlogWell Chicago Social Media Case Study: U.S. Bank, presented by Karen Gutierrez

  1. 1. Video Case Studies This video is from Case Studies BlogWell San Francisco June 20, 2011 This presentation is from BlogWell Chicago June 19, 2013 Karen Gutierrez Social Media Strategy: Many Marketers, One Vision
  2. 2. Many marketers. One vision. U.S. Bank case study: Social media strategy Karen Gutiérrez @curiousbankerSocial media director, U.S. BankJune 19, 2013 *
  3. 3. About Fifth-largest U.S. commercial bank by assets Employees: 62,000 Customers: 17.6 million Bank branches: 3,080 in 25 states *
  4. 4. The Challenge Decentralized marketing organization Uneven expertise in social media Wide variety of business objectives Tendency towards SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) “Our competitors are…” “We need a Facebook page.” “We want to do Twitter. How do we get approved?” *
  5. 5. The solution: Agency-led journey to a guiding principle for social media marketing at U.S. Bank. 1. Review Digital agency (VML) interviews stakeholders Evaluates current social media efforts. Reviews competitors. At two-day in-person meeting…. 2. Stakeholder Summit Hear results of internal interviews and evaluation. 3. Execution * Stakeholders get overview of digital landscape. Agency & bank complete 18month plan. Four internal subgroups begin implementation. Debate & agree on guiding principle & strategic pillars. Complete playbooks for major social channels.
  6. 6. The Stakeholders: Social Media Council Outer circles: Marketing strategy teams that meet independently and send representatives to twicemonthly council meetings. Inner circle: Strategy team reps + reps from Legal, Compliance, Privacy, Info security, Tech operations, Employee relations PR/Media Relations Wholesale Banking Credit Card (recruiting) Social Media Council-Privacy -Compliance -Info security -Tech operations -Legal -Employee relations Wealth Management * Human Resources Online Channel Customer Service Internal Consumer Banking Communications
  7. 7. VML interviewed 30 stakeholders across enterprise About 45 minutes per stakeholder Informal, open-ended questions Social media team not present (to encourage candor) Stakeholders also completed anonymous survey How is the bank doing in social so far? What do you see as key objectives? What hasn’t worked and why? Is our governance effective? Why or why not? * Which companies are doing things you admire? Who do you see as the target audience? Are policies well-communicated?
  8. 8. Evaluation included: Inventory of U.S. Bank managed channels Comparison to competitors Metrics Content evaluation Recommendations 185 pages total *
  9. 9. 30 stakeholders gathered in Minneapolis for two days Goal: Consensus on a Guiding Principle for social media Agenda: and Strategic Pillars •Day 1: New media overview and results of internal interviews and evaluations. •Day 2: VML presents several options for principle and pillars. Stakeholders break into small groups to brainstorm additions/deletions. Final consensus reached through large group discussion. *
  10. 10. Issues we worked through Tension between customer care and marketing as primary role of social Desire for evidence that social drives revenue Debate over nature of guiding principle – Tactical versus aspirational Concern that business lines are too different for one strategy *
  11. 11. Result GUIDING PRINCIPLE Be as protective of and committed to our online social communities as we are to every other person, audience and market we serve. STRATEGIC PILLARS *
  12. 12. One we rejected Connect with customers to help them recognize and realize their dreams through inspiration, education and service that matters to them. *
  13. 13. Subgroups: •Channel strategy & execution – Playbooks for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube •Governance – Council charter, subcommittees, meeting calendar, postmortem reviews •Tools and resourcing – Inventory of social media/digital resources across bank, gap analysis, selection of SM management vendor •Training – Inventory of existing training, development of video for all employees, e of intranet resources *
  14. 14. PLAYBOOK CONTENTS •Audience and Objectives - Who are we targeting on the (xx) social network? What’s the purpose? •U.S. Bank Social Voice – Character, tone, language, examples of “okay” and “better” posts •Content Strategy – Sources, process, content themes and series, sample calendar •Influencer Strategy – Who, how and why •Editorial Strategy – Frequency, days of week, times of day, starring/pinning/backdating •Community Management – Moderation practices •Measurement - KPIs *
  15. 15. Embedding principle and pillars Example: Content in Facebook planning calendar is checked off against the pillars. *
  16. 16. Example: Humanizing *
  17. 17. Thank you! Karen Gutiérrez Social Media Director, Corporate Marketing U.S. Bank @curiousbanker *
  18. 18. This video is from Case Studies BlogWell San Francisco June 20, 2011 Learn more about past and upcoming BlogWells This presentation is from BlogWell Chicago June 19, 2013