BlogWell Bay Area Social Media Case Study: UCB Pharma, presented by Greg Cohen


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In his BlogWell Bay Area presentation, UCB Pharma's Manager of Social Media and Customer Influence, Greg Cohen, explains how the brand used social to better connect with their patients on a personal level.

He shares how UCB Pharma's latest social wellness campaign lets patients express themselves and inspire others through multiple social channels.

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BlogWell Bay Area Social Media Case Study: UCB Pharma, presented by Greg Cohen

  1. 1. Greg Cohen Increasing Patient Connectivity Through Social Media This video is from BlogWell San Francisco June 20, 2011 Case Studies This presentation is from BlogWell Bay Area August 6, 2013
  2. 2. #blogwell @gcohen85 Jérôme and Raffaele, living with epilepsy Increasing Patient Connectivity Through Social Media Presented by: Greg Cohen
  3. 3. #blogwell @gcohen85 The thoughts and opinion represented in this presentation reflect those of the presenter, Greg Cohen, and not UCB.
  4. 4. #blogwell @gcohen85 Greg Cohen – Manager, Social Media & Influence – UCB
  5. 5. #blogwell @gcohen85 Defining patient centric marketing
  6. 6. #blogwell @gcohen85 PCM gives patients the opportunity to express themselves Listen to patients to understand what they want/need Center your project brief on the answer to “What do our patients want?” Consider the language your patients use and the response you want to elicit Develop programs to elicit feedback and give your patients the opportunity to EXPRESS themselves
  7. 7. #blogwell @gcohen85 Program objectives are both useful and uplifting Insights into patient thoughts and activities Descriptions of Patient- Doctor Interactions General Direction for Quantitative & Qualitative Research Patient success stories Insight into content / programs they WANT
  8. 8. #blogwell @gcohen85 Epilepsy is isolating and confusing More than 2M people in the US are living with epilepsy Epilepsy is the 4th most common neurological disorder in the US 10% of Americans will experience a seizure in their lifetime There are multiple types of seizures, such as generalized and partial-onset seizures Because the condition has been so misunderstood, many people with epilepsy suffer from stigma and isolation
  9. 9. #blogwell @gcohen85 EA on Facebook EpilepsyAdvocate Magazine EA Patient Programs Epilepsy EA on YouTube The Epilepsy Advocates The multimedia Epilepsy Advocate program was designed to engage patients in conversation across various media
  10. 10. #blogwell @gcohen85 Facebook enables community for increasingly open & moderated discussion Unmet Need: Isolation, lack of understanding and stigma created a need for a community providing education, support, and connection 2009: Page Launch with no commenting 2011: Turned on open commenting 2013: Began Real Time Engagement to be more responsive to patient needs
  11. 11. #blogwell @gcohen85 Epilepsy Advocate Facebook Page utilizes insight and innovation to drive engagement
  12. 12. #blogwell @gcohen85 My Four Words… a public relations campaign to drive engagement that started offline… Encourage patients to explain their experience living with epilepsy in a mere 4 words It included local and national events and media outreach…
  13. 13. #blogwell @gcohen85 EA Facebook Social/Traditional Media Third-Parties …with storytelling that expanded to have even greater impact in social media
  14. 14. #blogwell @gcohen85 Create opportunities for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients to share their personal victories over RA
  15. 15. #blogwell @gcohen85 Move beyond enabling patients to participate; engage through thanking them
  16. 16. #blogwell @gcohen85 “Unfortunately, normal teaching didn’t work for these kids…Don’t you see, they’re gonna have to survive in the world of the future. If they learn how to learn, they’ll be able to survive anywhere!” –Mystery Teacher… Internal education is the key to making a patient- centric organization Be positive – anyone can learn about Social Media with patience and a positive attitude Encourage creative thinking beyond the rules of Compliance and Regulatory bodies THEN reshape in context of what’s possible today Don’t rely on the education tools of the past – learn to think in terms of the requirements of the future
  17. 17. #blogwell @gcohen85 Setup processes that make everyone comfortable, then STICK to those processes
  18. 18. #blogwell @gcohen85 In the end everything must come back to patients
  19. 19. #blogwell @gcohen85 Questions? Greg Cohen Manager, Social Media & Influence @gcohen85 #blogwell
  20. 20. Learn more about past and upcoming BlogWells This video is from BlogWell San Francisco June 20, 2011 Case Studies This presentation is from BlogWell Bay Area August 6, 2013