BlogWell Atlanta Case Study: Solo Cup Company, presented by Angie Gorman & Mark Baxter


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In their BlogWell presentation, Solo Cup's Director of Communications, Angie Gorman, and Manager of External Communications & Social Media, Mark Baxter, share how they are driving engagement on Facebook with their brand.

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BlogWell Atlanta Case Study: Solo Cup Company, presented by Angie Gorman & Mark Baxter

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. EngagingSolo Cup Customers on Facebook November 2011 2
  3. 3. Solo Consumer Products• Facebook page in place for one year now• Growth initially slow and engagement one-way• Fan base has tripled in last six months, engagement increasingHere’s how.
  4. 4. Providing Marketing Support2010. How could we:• Support Solo’s consumer products in the face of decreasing marketing budgets, digital-only advertising and no new product news• Integrate with ongoing Consumer marketing calendar to extend reach of digital advertising• Reinforce and grow a target audience
  5. 5. Communications StrategyOfficial Solo Facebook page launched Sept. 2010• Engage with and build an online community – Solo’s target audience already on Facebook (moms, women age 25-44)• Differentiate Solo Cup products from competition (i.e., not all cups are Solo cups)• Heighten awareness of total product portfolio and generate trial
  6. 6. Getting StartedFirst Six Months (Sept 2010-March 2011)• Adding 1,000 +/- fans per month• 5,394 monthly active users• 9,483 people like this• Limited comments and engagement• Vast majority of fan acquisition via couponing• Heavy reliance on agency partner to create content and moderate the pageHow to kick start fan growth and engagement? 6
  7. 7. Kick-Starting GrowthBeginning in March 2011:• Engage fans with improved relevance and frequency of content updates• Reward fans with ‘sneak peeks’ and regular couponing instead of one-off attempts• Entertain fans with relevant gaming• Interact with fans with DAILY moderation and commentary• Offer fans easy ways to find, refer and purchase Solo products
  8. 8. Solo’s Voice• Be fun and social through compelling and engaging content• Be inquisitive of fans’ opinions and activities• Be inviting and open to ideas and comments• Be nimble with programs that can adapt to consumer response• Be Solo by using the red cup equity but reinforcing the portfolio• Be authentic and real without being too commercial or pushy• Use coupon learnings to ensure year-round engagement
  9. 9. Content PlanningThree pillars:• Increase seasonal engagement, with relevant, interesting posts on company news, sustainability information, fun polls and surveys• Build loyalty with couponing, unexpected rewards and ‘sneak peeks’ of new designs and products as launched• Create relevant, differentiating gaming to keep fans involved
  10. 10. Content PlanningFirst pillar:• Establish content around seasonal drivers, parallel with marketing promotion calendar – Establish Seasonality around key ‘use occasions’: BBQs, Tailgates, Holidays – Add relevant general postings and commentary around annual holidays and events – Target couponing on relevant basis around seasons and occasions, with limited offers
  11. 11. Solo’s Facebook CalendarQ1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Backyards & BBQs Tailgate with Solo Holidays w Solo Facebook Game Solo News – KAB, Innovation, Anniversary Ongoing General Posts – Holidays, Tips, Links Solo Saver’ Active Coupon App Solo Storefront Facebook Imbed Integration 11
  12. 12. Seasonal Content Planning BBQ/Summer Tailgating /Fall Holiday/Winter May-July August-November November-JanuarySeasonal Fan Summer Party Photos Tailgate Photos Holiday PicturesSubmissions BBQ Photos Party Tips Holiday Party Hosting Tips Summer BBQ/Party Tailgate Recipes Holiday Recipes RecipesCoupon Offer • Limited couponing in each season to invite fan engagementSeasonal • BBQ Recipes & How-To’s • Tailgating Recipes & How- • Eco-Forward Focus“Use Occasion” • Picnicking Tips To’s • Holiday EntertainingContent • Beach/Poolside Snacks • Hosting Watch Parties Tips • Fan Surveys & Polls • Football Trivia/Scores • New Years Resolutions • Fan Surveys & Polls • Fan Surveys & Polls Product Focus: Heavy Product Focus: Football Cup, Product Focus: BARE by Duty, Solo Squared Solo Squared, Heavy Duty Solo, Heavy DutyOngoing Wall BARE Product Advisory Board Content, Company News, New Products, SoloCommunication Anniversary Year, Minor Holidays, News related to seasons& Moderation
  13. 13. Seasonal EngagementSeasonal Example: Backyards & Solo (May – August)• Photo submissions re: ‘Backyard BBQ’ – Share pix of how they use Solo to get Solo coupon – Create album of ‘BBQ’ photos – Reward submissions, but limit the coupon offer• BBQ game & interaction – Create Solo ‘PLINQO’ game – Offer gift cards to monthly high scores – ‘Fangate’ the page to spur page growth• Survey and engage fans on their BBQ plans, likes and ideas• Link to Solo Store and e-Vite for Solo-themed party invitations 13
  14. 14. April 2011
  15. 15. Reaction To Our Posts• March/April Timeframe – Most popular posts: Likes: • Bare Board: St. Patty’s green tips 23 • KAB Phoenix story 9 • KAB NYC story 20 • Brigade link 11 • website 230 • CNN story 31 • Happy Earth Day 16 • Craft ideas 125 • COUPONS 000s
  16. 16. Couponing StrategySecond pillar:• Engage and build our online community via controlled, relevant couponing activation in return for user- generated content
  17. 17. Couponing Strategy • Like us first for access to special coupons • A reward for fans when they participate
  18. 18. Couponing Strategy • Re-skinned for a new use occasion
  19. 19. Plinqo™: Solo’s Facebook GameThird pillar:• Differentiate Solo products from the competition (i.e., not every cup is a Solo cup) with seasonal, relevant Facebook-housed game featuring Solo Squared cups & Heavy Duty plates
  20. 20. Plinqo™: Solo’s Facebook Game
  21. 21. Plinqo™: Solo’s Facebook Game
  22. 22. Plinqo™: Solo’s Facebook Game
  23. 23. Plinqo™: Solo’s Facebook Game
  24. 24. Plinqo Game Winners
  25. 25. Solo’s Profile Pic
  26. 26. Surveys & Polls 26
  27. 27. ‘Sneak Peeks’
  28. 28. Solo’s Store
  29. 29. Where Are We Today?Current Stats• 31,200 people like this (up from 9,500 in March)• 19,000 monthly active users (up from 5,400)• Substantially increased engagementNo longer a one-way conversation• Fans talking with us• Fans talking with other fans 29
  30. 30. Activity & Metrics• 31,200 fans (625 talking about us)• 19,000 monthly active users• Destinations: Wall, Coupon tab, Game• Top referrers: Coupon sites, Solo website & search engines• Game: 800 visits/month; visitors view about 3 pages each visit, stay on the site average 5 minutes 30
  31. 31. Next Steps• Continued Facebook engagement and relevance• Foodservice B2B social media integration via Twitter, LinkedIn• Corporate HR engagement via Facebook ‘Careers’ page• Development and integration of holistic ‘digital media strategy’• Improved monitoring of social conversations and influencers strategy 31
  32. 32. Solo Cup CompanyThank You! 32
  33. 33. 33