BlogWell Atlanta Case Study: Coca-Cola, presented by Natalie Johnson


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In her BlogWell presentation, Coca-Cola's Digital Manager of Communications, Natalie Johnson, shares how the world’s most iconic brand is engaging fans through social media.

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BlogWell Atlanta Case Study: Coca-Cola, presented by Natalie Johnson

  1. 1. Social Media Monitoring at The Coca-Cola Company Natalie Johnson
  2. 2. Social Media Monitoring at Coca-Cola• Gather insights about online consumer sentiment• Identify and engage with key influencers• Track and evaluate campaigns• Identify trending topics• Benchmark and track brand and Company conversations• Conduct competitor benchmarking and tracking• Evaluate online share of voice• Develop key insights and strategies
  3. 3. Heartbeat vs. MAPBest for real-time monitoring of Best for in-depth research andbrands and products. Ideal for historical analysis. Ideal for lookingknowing what is happening right at what has happened in the past ornow. over time• Real-time monitoring and • Real-time monitoring with measurement historical archives• Key influencer tracking • Key influencer tracking• Geography and demographics • Geography and demographics• Automated sentiment • Automated sentiment• Engagement workflow
  4. 4. Global License Allocation for Heartbeat• Each Heartbeat can be used my multiple Sysomos users; pre-established Heartbeats available for use are: – Each of the top brands – Each of the five regions • Pacific • North America • Latin America • Europe • Eurasia and Africa – Dedicated Corporate topics• Remaining Heartbeats will be designated for ongoing requests
  5. 5. Global License Allocation for MAP• There are less licenses for MAP• Each operating unit and two key functions will receive licenses to use as needed: – Pacific – North America – Latin America – Europe – Eurasia and Africa – Public Affairs and Communications – Global Connections• The most important thing about MAP is to LOG OUT
  6. 6. Rules for Sharing InformationAll users are required to include the following information when sharinginformation obtained through Sysomos whether it is a casual email or aformal report: Date that the information was pulled or the report was developed Heartbeats used Date range of the data analyzed Summary of tags or queries Goal or purpose of the report Requestor (this could be an individual person or an ongoing team request)
  7. 7. Progress to Date• There were less than 50 people trained in 2010 and we’ve more than quadrupled this number in 2011• We are monitoring in more than two dozen languages around the world• Various markets are customizing and creating their own local dashboards using data from Sysomos• Teams from various business areas within the organization are asking for access to the tools – momentum is building
  8. 8. They are Using the Tools too…• Benchmark the amount of conversation prior to a campaign and measure the campaign’s effectiveness• Identify influential people who are driving conversations or who are actively talking about The Company, brand or campaign.• Analyze the effectiveness, velocity or viral spread of a campaign or product launch• Monitor sensitive topics to determine if conversations are trending up or down• Determine if a campaign or phrase has been previously used by another Company or if there are any positive or negative associations with a phrase or potential spokesperson• Assess the conversation related to partnerships, sponsorships or events• Track general share-of-voice relative to competitors
  9. 9. Some Quick Lessons Learned…Interesting Findings:• Adoption across the globe is best when conducted in person – Local champions are a must – Web based training should be used as a supplement• Creating an @CocaColaCo Twitter voice requires the following: – Posting more often – Following followers – Engaging and compelling contentCreating Buzz• Tweeting live CEO speeches• Earnings content• Don’t be afraid to be controversial• New and exciting activations
  10. 10. Thank You Natalie Johnson @nataliejohnson @cocacolaco