BlogWell Atlanta Social Media Case Study: SunGard, presented by Valeria Maltoni


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In her BlogWell Atlanta case study presentation, "Building Social Media from Within," SunGard's Director of Marketing Communications, Valeria Maltoni, explained how they built social media from within the walls of a conservative brand.

Valeria's presentation covered how she built internal trust and credibility by closely tracking her team's efforts, how launching internal social media gave everyone a thirst to contribute, and how they're finding success engaging in social media even though most of their customers aren't online.


BlogWell is the only conference where social media executives from large companies come together to share their case studies, offer practical how-to advice, and answer your questions.

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BlogWell is produced by GasPedal and the Social Media Business Council.

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BlogWell Atlanta Social Media Case Study: SunGard, presented by Valeria Maltoni

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  2. 2. Building social media from within – BlogWell Atlanta
  3. 3. service offerings spotlight on being helpful category elevation – business continuity outposts for ease of interaction
  4. 4. How did we get here?
  5. 5. “In God we trust, all others bring data.” — Framed plaque from the ‘60s at NASA’s Johnson Space Center
  6. 6. It started with two unlikely partners…. PR + advertising
  7. 7. PR = public relations be helpful/educate participate/contribute be easy to reach/connect with
  8. 8. Advertising = storytelling about customers human/real scenario “show me, don’t tell me”
  9. 9. How do you influence leadership decisions? earn attention by providing value (results) reliability builds credibility leads to trust
  10. 10. You are here degree of external transparency
  11. 11. 5,151+ members so far 299 groups 14 internal communities of practice [focused on tangible, continual improvements]
  12. 12. Life of the community Level of energy and visibility Active Engaged Adaptive Building Potential Dispersing Common ground > Help > Guidelines > Business Impact Time Creating Sustaining Evolving
  13. 13. Provide a platform for peer conversations
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Help them see each other
  16. 16. Integrated marketing team service delivery team customer touch points product development
  17. 17. One of the world's leading software and IT companies, SunGard has more than 20,000 employees in 30 countries.
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