BlogWell Atlanta Social Media Case Study: Coca-Cola, presented by Adam Brown


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As the world's most iconic brand, Coca-Cola faces the daunting task of connecting their fans around the world from hundreds of different countries and cultures. In his BlogWell Atlanta presentation, "The Creation of Expedition 206," Coca-Cola's Group Director of Digital Communications, Adam Brown, took us behind the scenes of how social media is literally taking their brand around the world.

Adam's presentation covers how they got their fans involved in the development of Expedition 206, how they determined which platforms to use, and how they're creating content that knows no language or cultural boundaries.


BlogWell is the only conference where social media executives from large companies come together to share their case studies, offer practical how-to advice, and answer your questions.

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BlogWell Atlanta Social Media Case Study: Coca-Cola, presented by Adam Brown

  1. 1. H wBg rn s s S c l da o iBa d U e oi Me i a Alna N v mb r 02 0 t t | o e e 1 ,0 9 a A a Bo n d m rw C c-oa oaC l H ww ’ lv rgn te o er e ea ig h e ra-me e a C c-oa e li w b t oaC l t w wg se a. m/lg l w .ap d lo Bo Wel c
  2. 2. how we’re leveraging the real-time web at Coca-Cola office of digital communications & social media tuesday, november 10, 2009 coca-cola confidential & proprietary
  3. 3. think about it… our home page isn’t just, it is coca-cola confidential & proprietary
  4. 4. and today, it’s still different… our home page isn’t just, it is and and and and and coca-cola confidential & proprietary
  5. 5. a daily chatter snapshot… coca-cola confidential & proprietary
  6. 6. two new mantras… 1 fish where the fish are coca-cola confidential & proprietary
  7. 7. two new mantras… 1 fish where the fish are 2 keep fans first coca-cola confidential & proprietary
  8. 8. coca-cola confidential & proprietary
  9. 9. 4R social media strategy review what the social media community is talking about with strong, coordinated monitoring programs. take ideas for community participation and video vignettes from them respond to the comments, posts and other chatter with accurate information on the Company and our initiatives with full transparency and disclosure and an approachable style record short video vignettes that respond to the conversation with “purposeful entertainment” that educates and informs in an entertaining fashion that isn’t too slick redirect Online community members to the videos and other social media content, using both search engine optimization/marketing as well as online conversation “cross-pollenization” to improve search rankings and assist others in discovering the relevant content coca-cola confidential & proprietary
  10. 10. our key focus here… empowering subject matter experts to respond* coca-cola confidential & proprietary
  11. 11. social media guidelines online company commitments what does the Company commit to do (and not do) online spokesperson guidelines what we’re asking of our associates when they represent the Company online online associate guidelines what do we expect of our associates when they are online on their own time?
  12. 12. this is all great, but… how do we create compelling content in these online venues that celebrates the spirit of our brand and drives intent?
  13. 13. fish where the fish are…
  14. 14. thank you adam brown director office of digital communications & social media twitter: adamcb coca-cola confidential & proprietary
  15. 15. Lan r a o t po n e r moe b u u cmig a d at lg l: n p sBo Wel s ht:g se a. m/lg l t / ap d lo Bo Wel p/ c or l e g se a. m i @ ap d lo v c