Social Media Leader Overview


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Social Media Marketing 101 and overview of SocialMediaLeader's marketing solutions.

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Social Media Leader Overview

  1. 1. An  Overview   Proprietary Information Copyright Social Media Leader 2011
  2. 2. Social Media Marketing 101
  3. 3. Billboards TV Product Traditional Media - Broadcast FunctionRadio Newspapers (one-way)
  4. 4. Product Social Media- Engagement Function (2-way)
  5. 5. Social Media- 2-Way Engagement
  6. 6. Social Media- Engages your Prospect (2-way) -  Real time -  Quick -  Easy -  “Free” -  Spontaneous -  Social -  Friendly -  Human
  7. 7. TV Billboards Best Of Both WorldsRadio - Mindshare Domination Newspapers
  8. 8.
  9. 9. High Engagement provides you with the ideal business environment
  10. 10. Why do you think golf is so popular among business people?
  11. 11. Traditional Engagement Tools
  12. 12. Mobile Engagement Tools – Hot!Increases No. Of Prospects You Can Reach
  13. 13. New Engagement ToolsIncreases No. Of Prospects You Can Reach
  14. 14. Businesses All Over The World Want To Market Using Social Media For The Following Reasons…
  15. 15. 1.  t’s FREE IThey save tens of thousands of dollars in advertising costs
  16. 16. 2. LeverageWhen a Facebook or Twitter user interacts(comments or responds) with the business owner on FB or Twitter, the user’s FB friends or Twitter followers can see the conversation (and discover the business owner).They can reach out to Prospects they never would be able to, if they stick to traditional media.
  17. 17. What Is Social Media?
  18. 18. Social = People Interacting With Each Other
  19. 19. Social = People Interacting With Each Other Media = Plural of “Medium” “Medium” Newspapers Radio TV Internet
  20. 20. Social Media = Social Internet
  21. 21. Social Media is allabout “Engagement”
  22. 22. Social Media for business and marketing is all about engagingyour Prospects in the company of other people… …who are looking at your interaction or listening to your conversation
  23. 23. Social Media – For Fun
  24. 24. Social Media – For BusinessYou’re engaged with another party, and others are listening to your conversation
  25. 25. What are Social Internet sites?
  26. 26. Which Are The Most Important? 500  Million  Ac+ve  Facebook  Users  !!  10  Billion+  Tweets  Sent  on  Twi=er  Since  2006   126  Million  -­‐  The  number  of  blogs  on  the  Internet.  2  Billion  Videos  Are  Streamed    Each  Day  On  YouTube!  
  27. 27. Your Organization’s Basic Social Media Strategy
  28. 28. Mailing  List   Website   Physical  or  Online  Store  
  29. 29. Social  Media  Manager  The  Social  Media  A-­‐Team  
  30. 30. Social  Media  A-­‐Team   1.  Social  Media  Accounts  Setup  Master   -­‐  Graphics   -­‐  FB  Personal  Account  Setup  -­‐  FB  Fan  Page  Setup  With  Customized  Landing  Page  Design   -­‐  Twi=er  Personal  Account  Setup   -­‐  Twi=er  Company  Account  Setup   -­‐  Twi=er  Background  Design  
  31. 31. Social  Media  A-­‐Team   1. Social  Media  Accounts  Setup  Master   -­‐  YouTube  Account  Setup   -­‐  YouTube  Channel  Background  Design  -­‐  Blog  Setup  with  blog  theme  compa+ble  with  website   -­‐  Blog  plug-­‐ins  setup   -­‐  Blog  setup  tes+ng  
  32. 32. Social  Media  A-­‐Team   1.  Social  Media  Accounts  Setup  Master   -­‐  Mailing  List  Setup   -­‐  Pop-­‐Up  Window/Slide  In  Ads  Setup  (Op+onal)   -­‐  Integra+on  of  all  Social  Media  Accounts:    Twi=er  <-­‐>  Facebook  <-­‐>  YouTube  <-­‐>  Blog  <-­‐>  Mailing  List   (for  them  to  update  each  other)   -­‐  Seng  up  Google  Analy+cs  to  analyze  website  traffic  
  33. 33. 1.  Personal  Profile   1.  Mailing  List  2.  Fan  Page   so_ware   1.  Personal  Account   2.  Company  Account   Integra+on  of  your     web  proper+es  
  34. 34. Social  Media  A-­‐Team   2.  Updates/Tweets/Blog  Posts  Writer  -­‐  Researches  for  proper  materials  to  be  made  into  updates/ tweets/blog  posts   -­‐  Writes  updates/tweets  to  be  published  every  single  day   across  Social  Media  Accounts   -­‐  Writes  blog  posts  to  be  published  every  week  
  35. 35. Social  Media  A-­‐Team   3.  Engager   -­‐  Searches  for  other  users’  updates/tweets  that  are  worth   responding  to   -­‐  Provides  intelligent  responses  to  other  users’  updates/ tweets  -­‐  Engages  other  users  as  much  as  possible  to  get  their  network   of  friends  to  no+ce  you    
  36. 36. Social  Media  A-­‐Team   4.  Befriender  -­‐  Looks  for  targeted  users  to  befriend  (Facebook)  and  to  follow   (Twi=er)  -­‐  Accepts  FB  Friend  requests  only  if  they’re  from  people  you’re   targe+ng  or  they  can  help  you  meet  your  objec+ves  -­‐  FB  Personal  Account  has  a  limit  of  5,000  friends  so  you  need   to  choose  your  friends  very  carefully  
  37. 37. Social  Media  Manager  -­‐  Manages  Social  Media  A-­‐Team  to  ensure  deliverables  are   done  on  +me  -­‐  Liaises  with  your  company  representa+ve  to  get  company   logos,  informa+on  and  other  materials  for  Social  Media   marke+ng  setup  and  work  to  proceed  
  38. 38. -­‐  Provides  you  with  a  Social  Media  Manager  and  an     A-­‐Team  to  manage  your  Social  Media   Marke+ng  campaigns/services  -­‐  Updates  will  be  made  every  single  day  on  one  of  your   Social  Media  accounts   -­‐  Fee  is  a  frac+on  of  what  you  would  pay  to  hire  your   own  team  
  39. 39. Contact  Us  to  Explore;