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Social Media Landscape in Indonesia - April 2013 Summaries


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Social media activity summaries in Indonesia, April 2013.
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- Get to know more on Indonesia’s users in many social media channels.
- Recapping most commercial campaign study cases in Indonesia 2012.
- Music, cinema, and social causes in Indonesia’s social mediasphere.
- Concerns on the openness of social media in Indonesia.

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Social Media Landscape in Indonesia - April 2013 Summaries

  1. 1. April 2013Hashtag battle is used by Samsung and Sunsilk.Simple online campaigns are still happening.Users have to submit photo with productplacement within it.The President of Republic Indonesia starts hisown Twitter account
  2. 2. Citra Seoul Mate
  3. 3. Indosat Smartphone Photography
  4. 4. Clear Cool Riders
  5. 5. #sexyMBDCbrowsing
  6. 6. Chevrolet #AkulahIndonesia
  7. 7. Panasonic Gobel Awards
  8. 8. Presidential Palace’s Twitter
  9. 9. @SBYudhoyono
  10. 10. @SBYudhoyono
  11. 11. BCA Simple Things Matter
  12. 12. Line WWF Orangutan
  13. 13. Sunsilk Kilaumu
  14. 14. Tantangan Asha
  15. 15. Ford Drive Connect Win
  16. 16. Samsung S4
  17. 17. THE WHITE BOOK•  Get to know more onIndonesia’s users in manysocial media channels.•  Recapping most commercialcampaign study cases inIndonesia 2012.•  Music, cinema, and socialcauses in Indonesia’s socialmediasphere.•  Concerns on the openness ofsocial media in
  18. 18.