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Intel ligence in S o cial Media                                      Live-event reporting                                 ...
Intel ligence in S o cial Media         4:                 Decide on your Editorial Strategy                              ...
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Using social media for effective live-event reporting


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These days, you are just as likely at a trade show, conference or major event to run into "a reporter" from a major company or organization as you are a beat journalist, with the former using a combination of blogs, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to keep the growing number of followers at home up-to-date. Welcome to the new age of corporate reporting. This guide will show you how it's done.

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Using social media for effective live-event reporting

  1. 1. Intel ligence in S o cial Media Live-event reporting using social media tools W hether its an indus t r y t r ade show, a big press conf erence or a public e vent, organiz at ions and br ands are nding that the y need to co ver it muc h like a jour nalist would. Using an assor t ment of so cial media to ols and smar t de vices, heres how your co ver age c an b e heard ab o ve the noise. 1: C hoose you r device Sma r tphone : Cam era : Vi d e o D i git al au d io : a Ne t-re a dy p h o n e a d igital SLR that can ( i P h o n e , A n d ro id , c a pture the news - recorder: reco rd er: A handheld camera for podcast - r eady B l a ck b e rry, Win d ows m a k e rs and atmos phere that can capture s hort r epor t s Mobile ), p re fe ra b ly with of an event video interviews a h ig h m e g a -p ix e l c a m e ra a n d vid e o re c o rd e r 2: C hoose yo ur app s / ch a nne l s TWITTER FACEBOOK FLICKR YOUTUBE f or t i m e l y upda t e s to keep your think like a photo- video a nd phot os , fa ns involved j o u r n a l i st : a p i c t u r e interview s be f or e dur i ng a nd t e l l s a t h o u sa n d a f t e r a n e ve nt wo r d s INSTAGRAM TWEETDECK TUMBLR/ FEEDBURNER f or s ha r i ng i m a g e s to sync updates across POSTEROUS on- t he - g o w i t h your m ultiple channels a b l o g t o p o st t h e R S S f e ed als o c om m uni t y (i.e., Twitter, c r e a t e s Po d cas t- l o n g e r- f o r m st o r i e s Facebook, Posterous sp e c i f i c feed s b lo g) with a few taps 3: A ssem ble an ed itor ial t e a m : Assign each wit h specif ic t asks A p h o to g ra p h e r (F lick r) to s n ap photos ; A rov in g re p o rte r to p o s t u p d ates on the fly (Twitter, Fa c e b o o k , Twe e td e ck ) Note: a s ingle person can handl e multiple dut i es, but i t s A rov in g re p o rte r wh o c a n c o nduct long-form interviews always bes t to have back- up ( b lo g ) o r v id e o in te rv ie ws (YouTube, Facebook) -- i.e., an edi t or who can A n e d ito r to c o o rd in a te , e d it, overs ee all content created, s tep in when t echnol ogy a n d p o s t o c c a s io n a l s u mma ri zing updates (Facebook), plus falters temporar i l y or who r es p o n d to fo llowe rs , fa n s can cas t a second pai r of eyes on all updat es or post s.
  2. 2. Intel ligence in S o cial Media 4: Decide on your Editorial Strategy Assemble team to discuss what newsworthy information you will need to cover. Set up an editorial calendar. 5: P r e - e ve n t P l a n n i n g i s Ke y H e r e a r e t h i n g s yo ull n eed to d o b efo r eh an d : Do an in-the-field test-run with your devices and social media channels Big events come with their own Twitter hashtag. Is there one specific to your event? If not, create one and let everyone know well in advance. Tell your community in advance where they can find your reporting. Remind them often Get them involved early. Ask what theyd like to learn/see from the event coverage 6: Live-rep or tin g Impact: the most impactful reporting is timely, detailed, accurate and newsworthy. Interview members of t h e p u b l i c . Dont confine your reportage to your "boss" or company officials. Your readers will want to hear what people outside the company think too. Mix it up. Use Tweets for quick news updates, blog posts for more in-depth reporting, plus videos and photo re portage to tell a complicated story (i.e., a new car launch) Dont forget: have fun reporting! Your readers will notice and appreciate it, and will be more likely to share your reportage with friends. 7: Post-even t follow-up Write a comprehensive follow-up blog post summarizing the event. If there are photos, create an album that you can share with your following. Lots of data? Think infographic or charticle. Did you meet interesting people, companies? Acknowledge them and their work pub- licly on your Facebook, Twitter channels and, where applicable, in the bl og. Post-event analysis. Call in the team to discuss what worked/what didnt. Capitalize on the event coverage buzz. This is good momentum to grow your follower ranks. R e s e arc he d an d prod u ce d b y S o ci al Me di a I n u e n ce o e rs work shops , b e s poke tr a ining a nd S o c i al M e d i a In u e n ce eL ear n i n g se ssi on s on soci a l me di a conte nt c re a tion. Fo r m o re detai l, v i si t ht t p ://soci a l me di a i n u e n c e. c om / tr a in in g / @s oci ali n uen ce