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Publish or Die: Why all brands are now media companies


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Why brands must re-think their communications strategy and start thinking like editors.
This presentation was delivered by Matthew Yeomans and Bernhard Warner of Custom Communication at the Social Media Influence 2011 conference in London. It shows how a social media editorial strategy can build strong community and get you noticed.

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Publish or Die: Why all brands are now media companies

  1. 1. Social Media Influence 2011 @socialinfluence
  2. 2. People are telling stories about your brand Why aren’t you telling your own story?
  3. 3. So what do people want from brands? Entertainment Response Knowledge Leadership Honesty Respect
  4. 4. How can companies serve that need? Be Useful!
  5. 5. There’s no magic formula to social media conversation The Right Conversation The Right Community The Right Content
  6. 6. What do these have in common?
  7. 7. Good content = social media currency
  8. 8. Start thinking like a publisher – What content works where, when? Insert Your Brand
  9. 9. Start with an editorial plan
  10. 10. ORP Case Study
  11. 11. ORP – an historic brand opens it doors Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi (ORP) has been organizing pilgrimages for the Vatican for over 75 years, recently through the brand JOSP, Journeys of the Spirit. Custom is working with ORP to create a social media editorial strategy and to help ORP tell its own stories in a way that are shareable, discoverable and demonstrate the expertise ORP has in organising spiritual holidays. By creating targeted, useful content ORP has succeeded in building a global social media community (called “Jospers”) and has established a prominent SEO footprint. The project is on-going.
  12. 12. At the outset, Jospers had a problem…. A BBQ brand got all the clicks
  13. 13. Jospers secret weapon? It had great stories to tell
  14. 14. So we started unlocking the narrative
  15. 15. We went underground… for in-depth blog reports
  16. 16. We climbed to the top of St. Peter’s before dawn.. to live-tweet
  17. 17. We joined 1.5 mln pilgrims in piazza to film/photograph a global event
  18. 18. … and to bring to life Jospers’ story and community
  19. 19. The ‘always-on’ editorial strategy built strong social engagement
  20. 20. We connected with a global audience The global map of Jospers social media following in August, 2010. Today, Jospers’ social media community spans 42 countries.
  21. 21. We took the story beyond the Vatican press corps The new influencers: days before opening of Vatican Library exhibition in November we let travel, religious bloggers in on the event so they could inform their readers. Great earned media result : reports in blogs that have over 2.5 mln readers!
  22. 22. And we beat The New Yorker and “60 Minutes” at SEO
  23. 23. That was part of ORP’s story. What’s your story……? [email_address]