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Bernhard Warner Professional Portfolio


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How did I get from the obituary desk to digital content strategist for big companies and NGOs seeking to raise their profile with donors? Here's the story in a few slides.

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Bernhard Warner Professional Portfolio

  1. 1. Bernhard Warner A Brief Professional Portfolio @bernhardwarner
  2. 2. About Bernhard Warner Bernhard Warner is a journalist, author, communications strategist, media trainer and public speaker with more than two decades of professional experience. Examples of his journalism can be found here. He has taken his extensive newsroom experience to help scores of companies and organizations of all sizes to tell their story in a more compelling and convincing way -- and has advised them on how to measure that success. Through the years clients have ranged from Adidas to the Vatican's Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, from non-profits to FTSE 100-sized brands. He is the co-founder and former editorial director of Social Media Influence. Bernhard provides: - Effective content strategies for organizations of all size to deliver them a global following and boost their global standing. - Keynote speaking engagements to inspire leadership teams. - Crisis communications, e-reputation consulting, training; plus governance and policy-writing. - Cause-related marketing initiatives plus crowd-sourced fund- raising. The following slides are a selected portfolio of Bernhard’s editorial/consulting experience.
  3. 3. Publishing
  4. 4. I am the co-author of #FAIL: The 50 Greatest Social Media Screw-Ups and How to Avoid Being the Next One. For more details, please see:
  5. 5. Journalism
  6. 6. Over the past two decades, Bernhard has written and edited for publications on two continents, with a background that spans magazines, online, news wires and broadcast. A few years ago, he took this experience to the university level to develop an introductory journalism course for John Cabot University in Rome. He also does corporate media and social media training in both English and Italian.
  7. 7. Bernhard helped conceive, launch and wrote The Very Near Future column for Bloomberg Businessweek, dedicated to innovation, disruption, change across industries.
  8. 8. Bernhard co-launched a series of editorial columns for The Big Money covering business, marketing and innovation in the Web 2.0 era: The C-Tweet, YouTube Brand Watch and Today’s Business Press
  9. 9. Bernhard was part of the launch team of Mousetrap (later Tech Central), The Times Online’s inaugural tech blog. He also wrote a weekly column about technology and current affairs.
  10. 10. Bernhard’s writing on sustainability and green innovation has been featured in The Guardian, among other publications.
  11. 11. Bernhard’s writing on how social media is transforming the business world has been featured in The Washington Post, among other publications.
  12. 12. In 2001, Bernhard was named Reuters’ first ever European Internet correspondent. Based in London, Bernhard coordinated the news wires’ digital coverage across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, working with reporters and editors from London to Johannesburg to Dubai.
  13. 13. From 1998-2001, Bernhard held several key editorial positions at “The Industry Standard”, and The Industry Standard Europe where he broke scores of stories. His beats included Wall Street, Madison Avenue, sports and retail.
  14. 14. Bernhard started his journalism career in the early 90s writing for a Central New Jersey daily that battled to stay alive in one of the nation’s most competitive newspaper markets, sandwiched as it was between New York and Philadelphia. The pay was lousy, the hours were long, but the team of reporters were great and the bylines will always be cherished.
  15. 15. As editor of SMI, Bernhard coordinated daily coverage about how technology and social media are transforming business, government and our cultural ties to them. He also planned and produced original research, infographics and presentations on industry hot-topic issues.
  16. 16. Bernhard has been interviewed countless times by the likes of Fortune, US News and World Report, Time, Reuters and Al Jazeera for his unique perspective and analysis on how social media and technology are transforming business, politics and culture.
  17. 17. In his role as a writer, editor, chronicler of digital media’s role in transforming business, politics and culture, Bernhard is often invited to speak before diverse groups. He’s presented recently at The British Library and at the Italian Senate, plus at numerous industry functions and off-site “team-building” events.
  18. 18. Digital Editorial & Social Media Client Work
  19. 19. Then took that journalism experience in-house to help companies and organisations more effectively tell their story through digital media. I began my career as a journalist in the early ‘90s… From the news room to the board room
  20. 20. 2009: Volkswagen Tiguan and Radar DDB In late 2008, I was part of the launch team for Radar, a social media agency for Omnicom’s DDB in London. One of our efforts was a crowdsourced contest, using everyday Brits to review and film the new Volkswagen Tiguan. It was a big hit with the automotive press and generated quite a buzz online as 9 people vied to win a new Tiguan.
  21. 21. 2009: Guinness celebrates its 250th anniversary To celebrate its 250th anniversary, Guinness launched a global, year-long series of events and debuted a new beer, the Guinness 250. We helped the brewer develop social content to create buzz around the campaign, and the beer.
  22. 22. 2010 to present: Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi is part of the Vatican. Since the 1930s it has been guiding pilgrims to the most sacred Christian sites in Rome, across Europe and the Holy Land. We developed a social media editorial strategy to help ORP attract a younger, tech-savvy audience and bring visibility to ORP initiatives, like the Vatican Library exhibit in 2010-11.
  23. 23. 2006 – 2012: Social media monitoring, reputation management for LBG Lloyds Banking Group asked us to help them monitor their online reputation, particularly as it applied to bank charges, the annual AGMs and investor sentiment around the acquisition of HBOS. In 2009, I helped implement a successful social media monitoring task force to help manage strategic communications around a £13.5bn shareholder cash call, still the UK’s largest ever rights issue. We did round-the-clock crisis monitoring and updates during this period, with reports presented daily to the CEO.
  24. 24. 2012: Helped NGO boost its visibility, find new donors and raise vital funds. Working with a Rome-based NGO, I developed a digital editorial strategy to raise its profile for its initiatives to fighting human trafficking in Asia, Africa and South America. This led to increased visibility among the donor community and over $100,000 in new funding commitments in first year.
  25. 25. Bernhard Warner @bernhardwarner