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Social Media in China

  1. CHINESE SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENTED BY: ADAM ZHANG Client Strategy and Innovation Intern
  2. AGENDA   History   Year of 2011   Social Networks   RenRen   Microblogs   Sina Weibo Background: Global Map of Social Networking 2011 Designed by Rikard Andresen, global web index
  3. HISTORY 3
  4. TIMELINE Data  from  CIC   1994 1999 2002 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Social Media Penetration Trend *Million  Users   4
  5. PATH Data  from  CIC   ADOPT . INNOVATE . EXPLODE . 485,000,000 Internet Users PATH
  6. V.S WORLD Data  from   TOP 10 COUNTRIES WITH HIGHEST NUMBER OF INTERNET USERS percentage of population 36% of the Chinese Population Percentage of the world 23% of the World Netizen 6
  7. YEAR OF 2011 BeiJing
  8. BY 2011 Data  from  CIC   Over….. 235 million social network users, 294 million blogs, 181 million bloggers, 148 million bulletin board systems (BBS) 284 million online video users 8
  10. MAJOR PLAYERS Data  from  TechRice  &  D/BM  China   MAJOR PLAYER S Baidu search engine has over 90% of the market share Tecent QQ is the biggest IM software, with 700 million users Alibaba Taobao is the biggest B2C & C2C eCommerce website Sina runs the biggest blog & microblog community Youku is the biggest video website 10
  11. Great Wall SOCIAL NETWORKS
  12. TOP SOCIAL NETWORKS   Founded in December 2005   Founded in March 2008   Founded in March 2005   Claims to have over 165   Over 90 million   Claims to have over million registered users registered users 388 million registered   Mostly university students.   Mostly white collar users Now more and more white workers from urban   Mostly teenagers and collars are joining RenRen area such as Shanghai rural users   Owned by Oak Pacific   Biggest thing is Social   Owned by Tencent Inc. Interactive gaming and virtual goods
  13. RENREN BACKGROUND Dec.2005 (meaning “On Campus”) was created by Wang Xing. Oct.2006 Sold to Oak Pacific Interactive (OPI) for 4 Million U.S dollars. Nov.2007 Expanded market to white-collar workers. April.2008 OPI successfully raised 430 million U.S dollars. Dec.2008 adopted new logo. July.2009 released open app platform. Aug. 2009 Changed name to (meaning “Everyone”). May.2011 IPO in Nasdaq, successfully raised $743.4 million U.S dollars. Now has over 160 million registered users and growing. Oct.2006 April.2008 July.2009 May.2011 DEC.2005 Nov.2007 Dec.2008 Aug.2009
  14. RENREN PROFILE PAGE -1 News feeds are categorized into different sections. Special Attention only shows feeds from Special Friends. Highlight #1 VIP Status is one of the most Highlight #2 important royalty programs Recent Visitors section on RenRen. You have to shows who visited your login everyday for certain profile recently. period of time to become the The feature is useful for basic VIP. It allows more flirting. features such as customizing profile page. You can also become VIP by spending RenRen Beans- RenRen’s Highlight #3 Virtual Currency. Social ads allow video Highlight #4 content, which shows directly once clicked. You can set specific friends as Special This section is only for Friend. RenRen public page Special promotions. Friends will always show at the top of your profile page. Bottom tool bar allows users to see live activities from Upcoming friends’ friends, such as commenting birthday always shown on photos, or leaving a wall on the page. message.
  15. RENREN PROFILE PAGE -2 Social ads here link to 3rd party website such as company website or blogs. Highlight #5 RenRen keeps record of visitors to your page. Number of visitors determines popularity. The bottom part of the page always show the most popular users among your community. 15
  16. RENREN GROUP & PUBLIC PAGE Highlight #6 Basic information RenRen Group is about the group. quite different from Facebook. It works like a mini- forum, where members can start threads and discussions. (More like a Linkedin Group) Highlight #7 Companies cannot set up a public page without RenRen’s approval. This is part of their Revenue Source. Left Bar Shows the most popular public Public pages are pages. categorized into different sections.
  17. 17 NIKE PAGE
  19. MAJOR DIFFERENCE FROM FACEBOOK The majority of RenRen’s revenue comes from corporate pages, social gaming, and virtual goods. As well as social ads and marketing campaigns.
  20. MICROBLOGS HangZhou
  21. TOP MICROBLOGS Sina Weibo Tencent Weibo MICROBLOGS MARKET SHARE   More than 140 million   Claims to have 160 registered users million registered users   Mainly white collar   Mainly teenagers, 2nd workers from urban and 3rd tier city users area   Mainly exiting users   Elite-based-celebrities, from Tencent QQ media figures and corporations   22% of the total market   57% of the total market share share   9% of the total   87% of the total browsing time (2010) browsing time (2010)
  22. SINA WEIBO BACKGROUND Sina runs the Biggest & Most Influential Blog Community Top celebrities, public figures, politicians Primary example: Han Han Ranked #2 in Time Ranked #25 in Fast More than 460 Magazine’s 100 Company 100 Most Million Visitors to his most influential Creative People in blog hosted on Sina people of 2010, and Business 2011 the world’s most popular blogger Leverage the exiting user base: star blogs, celebrities, etc. Video 2010 “Year of the Microblog in China” 
  23. SINA WEIBO MAIN PAGE Access to Weibo Square, Micro Groups, Applications and Game Centre. Shows latest comments, Highlight #1 RTs and DM Weibo allows much more received from types of media content such followers. as video, photo, or music. Badges are one of the royalty programs Express much more with 140 offered by Weibo.You characters in Chinese than many can receive different other languages. Allows 280 types of badges English character. based on different Social Ads. Companies criteria. Highlight #2 can create campaign Media contents page on Weibo. such as videos, photos are visually attached to each Top trending tweets, they can be topics. easily viewed without leaving the page. As well as Highlight #3 Retweets. Number of RTs, Retweet shows Comments can the original be easily found tweet with all under each entry. the original Highlight #4 comments and Comments RTs. You can and Replies add a full 140 listed under characters on the entry, like top of the traditional original tweet. blog.
  24. OTHER FEATURES Highlight #5 Highlight #6 Sina offers two types of Virtual currency: Sina verified account: Personal Weibi (micro currency) (orange) and Institutional to purchase virtual (blue). goods. Highlight #7 Highlight #8 You can create and ask users to join Micro Groups. It Not only apps, Sina Weibo also offers social games. is like Facebook Group which allows you to see You can share latest scores, view ranks on specific members’ latest tweets within the group. games, etc.
  25. CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE : LIVE Q&A Shows date and time of the Live Q&A Session Click to ask a question or view the past question. Tweet will be shown on Guest user news feed. featured in this Q&A session
  26. SINA WEIBO V.S TWITTER Data  from  HP  Labs   Top 10 Followed Users Grass Root Celebs on Weibo Rank Weibo Followers Twitter Follwers 1 Chen Yao 10,824,244 Lady Gaga 12,744,068 2 Xidi Xu 9,774,844 Justin Bieber 11,995,297 3 Kangyong Cai 8,655,952 Barak Obama 9,741,427 4 Na Xie 8,335,855 Katy Perry 9,239,141 5 Wei Zhao 8,253,130 Kim Kardashian 9,111,765 6 Jong He 8,246,497 Britney Spears 9,077,878 7 Ming Yang 8,068,048 Shakira 7,742,819 8 Bingbing Li 7,891,438 Taylor Swift 7,549,211 9 Kun Chen 7,502,214 Ashton Kutcher 7,445,541 10 Jianxiang Huang 7,117,866 Ellen DeGeneres 7,338,445 Top 10 Retweeted Users Rank Weibo Retweets RT Ratio Twitter Retweets RT Ratio 1 Urban Fashion Magazine 1,194,999 99,583.25 vovo_panico 11,688 179.81 2 Fashion Brand VANCL 849,404 65,338.77 cnnbrk 8,444 100.52 3 Online Trend Magazine 127,737 57,987.48 keshasuja 5,110 100.19 4 Gourmet Factory 553,586 46,132.17 LadyGonga 4,580 84.81 5 Horoscopes 1,545,955 40,683.13 BreakingNews 8,406 84.06 6 Silly Jokes 3,210,130 39,631.23 MLB 3,866 62.35 7 Good Movies 1,497,968 39,420.21 nytimes 2,960 50.17 8 Wonderful Quotes 602,528 35,442.82 HerbertFromFG 2,693 46.43 9 Global Music 697,308 31,695.81 ESPN 2,371 35.92 10 Funny Jokes Countdown 366,7566 30,310.49 globovision 2,668 35.57 26
  27. SINA WEIBO V.S TWITTER Quotes  from  HP  Labs  &  TechRice   KEY FINDING #1 “ In China [onmediaWeibo], the trendsjokes,created almost entirely due to ” retweets of Sina content such as are images and videos, whereas on Twitter, the trends tend to have more to do with current global events and news stories. KEY FINDING #2 “ The number of retweets that than the get on Sina Weibo are several ” orders of magnitude greater authors retweets for the trending topics on Twitter, although they contribute to fewer topics. KEY FINDING #3 “ We also observe that there are more unverified accounts among the top 100 trend-setters on Sina Weibo than on Twitter and most of the ” unverified accounts feature discussion forums for user-contributed jokes, images and videos. 27
  28. LATEST UPDATE Data  from  TechRice   VERSION 4.0 – DESIGNED FOR MARKETERS New Top Bar Design,Three Columns Layout, Photo Albums,Corporate Account,Real Time Search…. Social Ads DATA R-T Search Mobile Social Gaming eCommerce 28
  29. THANK YOU ! “ In a society where the collective has long been emphasized over the individual, first thanks to Confucian values and then because of communism, these sites have created fundamentally new platforms ” for self-expression.
  30. ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA GROUP Social Media Group, established in 2006, is one of the world's most well-respected agencies helping business navigate the socially engaged Web. CONTACT US 460 Richmond Street West, Suite 301 Toronto, ON M5V 1Y1 (416) 703-3764