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Community From The Heart


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ommunity of social media professionals, growing from a meeting of a dozen people in a Palo Alto office to over 160 cities around the globe. Social Media Club has grown largely from their emphasis on core values such as sharing, helping others, peer to peer learning and emphasizing ethics. In this session, they will share their lessons learned in building a global community that matters and present their plans for taking the community to the next level. With the belief that all things that matter come from the heart, they have demonstrated that quality almost always leads to quantity if you can simply disregard artificially imposted time tables. This is as much a story of the growth of social media as it is the story of the global community that believes “if you get it, share it”. Together Chris and Kristie will recount the trials, tribulations and joys of building a community by letting go of control and trusting that people will largely do the right thing. And that when they don’t you can respond openly and honestly and do the right thing to make things right. Community, from the heart, is the only path to true personal and professional success, whether your community is one with a social purpose or a business focus. Learn from people who really know, who have really been there and done that.

Community From The Heart

  1. Community from the heart Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells Founders, Social Media Club
  2. The Story of Social Media Club
  3. Inspired by BarCamp photo by Scott Beale, cc license Palo Alto, California (2005) August 19, 2005
  4. and the beginning of Web 2.0
  5. Web conferences were expensive, and exclusive.
  6. So we hosted Web 2 point 1 and charged $2.80
  7. photo by Scott Beale, cc license Planned in one week, hosted at local tv station, 70+ people attended. It was cool. photo by Scott Beale, cc license photo by Tara Hunt, cc license
  8. Overnight, we became community organizers.
  9. BrainJams Connecting People, Ideas and Resources
  10. BrainJams D.C.
  11. Inter-disciplinary, peer to peer learning was valuable
  12. Things were good, but some couldn’t even spell inter-disciplinary, and most weren’t motivated by it.
  13. Social Media was coming of age. *Blogging *Podcasting *Video *Photography
  14. and Chris embarked on a few road trips.
  15. Kristie stayed home with the cats.
  16. London. Miami. New York. D.C. Boston. Portland. Seattle. Vancouver. Los Angeles.
  17. If you get it, share it. Not a tag line, it is a way of life.
  18. Local communities grew from those conversations.
  19. Those conversations sowed the seeds of an international community.
  20. It grew organically.
  21. We gave from our hearts...
  22. and our credit cards.
  23. Social Media Club Values: *Sharing *Helping others *Peer to peer learning *Radical transparency
  24. Social Media Club Mission: *Improve media literacy *Promote industry standards *Sharing lessons learned *Encouraging ethical behaviour
  25. Learned a lot in four years.
  26. Focused on quality over quantity.
  27. Gotta have faith.
  28. and patience.
  29. An understanding partner doesn’t hurt either.
  30. You can’t force it. This is the love part.
  31. “If you love some <thing>, set <it> free.” Butchered quote from Richard Bach Sorry Richard.
  32. Open with Trust.
  33. D.I.A.L. do it all leadership vs D.I.O. do it all ourselves
  34. Attitude more then aptitude. Mostly.
  35. Participation is marketing.
  36. Build real relationships.
  37. Host conversations that matter.
  38. Create value.
  39. Lead, don't manage.
  40. Deal fairly, and openly, with others.
  41. Stand proudly for your values.
  42. Not just a job, but a way of life.
  43. Find those who believe in what you do.
  44. Like Yong C. Lee Leading #SMCEDU
  45. Be honest when you cannot deliver on promises.
  46. Communication is key.
  47. Most important lesson learned...
  48. Whatever you choose to do in your short time on earth, do it from your HEART.
  49. What’s next?
  50. Curate. Learn. Educate.
  51. Secure funding to ensure programs can continue.
  52. Build out SMC platform to connect people, ideas and resources.
  53. That will keep us busy for a while.
  54. <thank you>
  55. @ChrisHeuer 001.408.834.0884 @KristieWells 001.415.577.9022