How to use Instagram to grow your business


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How to use Instagram to grow your business

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How to use Instagram to grow your business

  1. 1. How to use Instagram to grow your business
  2. 2. What is Instagram? Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking mobile app that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them. A distinctive feature is that it confines photos to a square shape, similar to Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images, in contrast to the 16:9 aspect ratio now typically used by mobile device cameras. Users are also able to record and share short videos lasting for up to 15 seconds.
  3. 3. It’s all about filters... The main point of Instagram is that helps to post really good images by using filters, even if the original content is just a normal photo. Using this filters every single photo can look great discovering the artist every user has inside.
  4. 4. The power of visual Adidas have got there Instagram down to a tee. Because they have so many products and so many athletes that they sponsor they always have powerful ammunition for a great Instagram post. This particular posts features American Football Quarterback Robert Griffin III. It features him showing off a variety of Adidas products as well as using the #teamadidas hashtag. Using a hash tag as part of the image is a great idea, especially if you want to make the brand more commercial as the trend will be everywhere you see. Trying to make the brand logo as apparent and visual as possible generates more brand awareness and therefore instantly recognizable.
  5. 5. Geo-tagging Instagram’s new geotagging feature can help your brand on the visual map! The great thing about Instagram is that you can actually geo-tag, which lets people know where you are and who you are with. The introduction of geo tagging to Instagram duplicates the way that Facebook use “tag a friend” and “Find yourself” Instagram have duplicated this but in a more visual way, so your location corresponds with the people you are with.
  6. 6. Spare the word! Real Madrid done a similar thing when world-record signing Gareth Bale signed for them, they used the hash tag “#WelcomeBale”. That post alone gained over 125,000 likes. This post is a prime example of how many people one hash tag can reach. Now, any post that occurs on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are likely to feature the #WelcomeBale hashtag.
  7. 7. On-the-way! Although you can view other peoples images on a computer or laptop, Instagram is predominantly for mobile. The purpose of this is to take photo’s and upload them whilst you on the go. This also links to geotagging and you can upload a photo of the Bullring (for example) and geotag Birmingham, therefore people can view something that is a good representative of Birmingham. With an app designed just for mobile you are able to upload photos whenever, wherever. The app also enables you to able a filter of your choice so that you can modify your photo before it is finally uploaded. This helps you to post the best quality photo possible without the use of another app.
  8. 8. Facebookgram? Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012 and since this day the platform is even more Facebook orientated. This helps businesses to segregate their social media platforms and not bog their Facebook and Twitter down with too many photo’s/videos. It is also a great way to advertise your Instagram as a link on your other social media platforms will reach out to your followers across all platforms and therefore you already have a fan base to build upon, rather than building one from scratch.
  9. 9. Get Instagram Helpful tools • Chrome extension: Even if Instagram is a mobile focused platform, this extension lets users see what is going on from the computer. • Followgram is an elegant web interface that allows you to manage your Instagram presence. • Ink361 is a free web interface that allows you to view photos and engage with other Instagram users. When you sign in, you will be greeted with the latest photos by the people you follow.
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