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Social Media Congres 2009: Stephane Lee - Feedback 2.0 (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

  1. Hosting and leveraging brand conversations Stephane LEE - CEO Dimelo/Feedback2.0 Social Media Congres Media Plaza Utrecht February 26th, 2009 Copyright Dimelo SA
  2. Markets are conversations Copyright Dimelo SA
  3. Conversation trumps media Did you s ee a good film late to the mo ly ? I’d li vie theat ke to go er this w eek-end a nd… Copyright Dimelo SA
  4. Digital multiply conversations Copyright Dimelo SA
  5. The question is not anymore... Do we ha ve to… pa digit al conver rticipate sations ? in Copyright Dimelo SA
  6. But now the question is... l ita e in dig t articipa we… p ow do H s? rsation conve Copyright Dimelo SA
  7. Three phases 1 - Listen 2 - Engage 3 - Energi ze Copyright Dimelo SA
  8. Two kind of places Page Header Logo, baseline etc. Editorial Editorial Bloc Bloc (Video) (Text Image) Navigatio Filtered n Other Participative Bloc filter On Forums, blogs, wikis By category 1 dierent criteria: Categories, Latest Rules etc. Better Ideas Ideas Users Bloc Unknown territorries Your playground Copyright Dimelo SA
  9. Many tools r, do n ve a ng er : ol si b to o ho em th a l» cm i n re l w foo he oo till a W f «A is s Copyright Dimelo SA
  10. We offer more than a tool Feedback2.0 is a white-label brand conversation platform that provide customer-driven organizations a more flexible and actionable way to leverage the intelligence of their community, which allows them to optimize resources and make more timely and accurate business decisions. Copyright Dimelo SA
  11. External facing use cases Requirement / Context Discussion Outcome Examples Brand Image Corporate Debate Management Crisis Management Beta-testing, Product Life Cycle Joint Product Management Specification Take charge of and Community Energise their Management customer base Questions / Answers Marketing with a Product Line Campaigns Head More detailed studies Virtual Focus Group with a continuous panel Copyright Dimelo SA
  12. Internal facing use cases Requirement / Context Discussion Outcome Examples Innovation Obtain and analyse c Management colleagues’ ideas Discussion with Senior Internal Management c Communication Crisis Management HR Listen, explain, Supporting Change participation in change Assist Project Management c Implementation of New Projects Copyright Dimelo SA
  13. Live Demo Copyright Dimelo SA
  14. A feedback space brings : rand Image B INSIGHTS mer Relations Custo IDEAS BUZZ uct Innovation SATISFACTION LOYALTY Prod Copyright Dimelo SA
  15. And it shows : Copyright Dimelo SA
  16. A feedback space is : Interactive Inspiring Intimate Immediate Inclusive Copyright Dimelo SA
  17. What you have to do : • Choose the main goal • Choose a topic that will appeal to your target audience • Set the expectations so you can manage the incoming flow • Organize the response process • Animate, animate, animate,... • Review milestones • Datamine content and plan new projects Copyright Dimelo SA
  18. A good brand conversation • is NOT a marketing campaign • has a great design and user experience • is funny and attractive, yet professional • mixes different user profiles • changes every week (news, events,...) • surpasses user expectations • produces many children • transcends organization silos Copyright Dimelo SA
  19. As a conclusion Dear Brands, Cultivate your conversation instincts ! Copyright Dimelo SA