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Whos with me


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Whos with me

  1. 1. Who’s with ME?!I’ve always wondered if you could tell who was with your company or against iton-line. Based on the tools I’ve used and seen it’s apparent that most of the resultsare more than just incomplete they are plain garbage.FRIEND/FOE/NEUTRALThe notion of Friend/Foe and Neutral is flawed at its core and how they arederived. I’ve read the on-line musings of dozens of so called experts on the topic ofsentiment analysis; three core items strike me;1. It’s very difficult to determine the intent of language with out the propercontext. The example I love is in the retail skateboard industry- where “bad”equals good. Having a dictionary that denotes the key language used is critical todeciphering meaning.2. It is time consuming to determine how long ago a post for or against yourfirm occurred. Leaving your team with many hours of research to identify the hotareas in your market place around the current topics.3. Not all posts and comments are created equal. Frequency and volume(place post was made) of a post should not be the main determinants as to whethera person carries weight at the end of the day.ADDED DIMENSIONS
  2. 2. Now, if we include the added dimensions of company size, geo and vertical it’snearly impossible to identify who really matters in any market place. So based onwhat I’ve seen big companies rely on Analysts and the middle market firms createtheir own teams of listeners and SMB-small firms blog into oblivion hoping theymake some waves to impact their overall market.Wouldn’t the world of marketing and influence be a better place if we could notonly determine who was important but how they are important relative to ourcompetitors and us?If we look at how Google leveraged Page Rank and the power of crowd sourcing-link votes- to determine what websites to serve up relative to the search stringentered on its site that dramatically improved the relevant sites on the SERP.SOCIAL RANKIn our case building a vertically driven Social Rank would offer the same powerand insights into who matters in the marketplace we are competing in and who weshould really listen to as marketers as well as who we should direct our marketingdollars towards as we look to influence the influencers.With a clear direction of whom to market at now the attention is focused on whatto say more than where are they located. This distinction allows you double andpotentially triple the effectiveness of your digital spend now that we know whomatters.More on this topic next week…I will jump into how building a people databasearound influence will change how on-line marketers approach their digital budgets.Good hunting….hope to see you on-line soon,Jim
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