Should CEO's Blog?


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Jim Weldon tee's off on whether or not CEO's are missing the boat on blogging.

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Should CEO's Blog?

  1. 1. Should CEO’sBlog? Really? AreWe Still Askingthis Question?Sorry for the triple part question to open a blog. But I am still wondering when top-level executives over the age of 35 will pull their collective heads out of the sand.I stumbled across Bill Marriot’s blog ( ) the CEOof the big hotel chain. He is glorified for his folksy blog that attempts to let us intohis personality and inner actions that showcase how giving he and his firm is. Alltrue and good but really as a frequent guest of the hotel not sure I can take anyaction from what he blogs about.Teach me, lead me, challenge me don’t bore me or update me. If this is the best ourelite CEO’s have to offer perhaps we are better served with so few CEO’s areblogging.Just Imagine (HP-get’s credit for this line) if your CEO had a clue and was able toclearly articulate insights the market cared about and wanted to follow and read.What would that do to help your market leadership?I’m guessing it would instill great confidence in the client base that we are withtop- shelf folks who have a clue. I like CEO’s who show their personality but I’d
  2. 2. rather know if they can lead the firm they created or have been entrusted withleading.Having them tweet they had a great workout this morning is more than trite it’s africkin waste of everyone’s time including theirs. What would be great is to heartheir opinions on how is a player in the market according to their perspective.I would love to know who they think are the GODS of their vertical and why.I would love to know where they think the marketplace is going strategically.I would love to know what keeps them up at night (Andy Grove-Intel).Or they can bore me with an update on the flower arrangement in the newcorporate lunch room.So to deliver some value before you move on to another site or blog post I wouldkeep three things in mind when considering whether your CEO should blog:1. Are they motivated to promote their personal brand and the firms?2. Do they know what they are talking about?3. Will it help attract clients to your product or service?If the answer is not yes to these three questions punt and get someone else to talkon behalf of the company.Hope to se you on-line soon.Take care,
  3. 3. Jim@jimweldonjrP.S. We should talk about Social Media on another post…don’t want to much inone share.Posted in: Social Media Investment