5 Ways To Rank influencers, Competitors, online media for ROI


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Free Ways To Rank Influence
Paid Ways To Rank Influence
The Right Way To Rank Influence - The The Value Of The Rank

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5 Ways To Rank influencers, Competitors, online media for ROI

  1. 1. SocialMatica’s Social Media Workshop Series5 WAYS TO RANK INFLUENCERS,COMPETITORS, ONLINE MEDIA FOR ROI
  2. 2. Ranking Things for ROIWhat You’re Going To Learn• What We Need To Rank Influence• Free Ways To Rank Influence• Paid Ways To Rank Influence• The Right Way To Rank Influence – The Value Of Doing It Right
  3. 3. Introduction• Who is SocialMatica – What We’re About – Why We’re Doing This• Who is Joshua Barnes – Director of Social Strategy• Hash Tag #smtca Questions – This week or future workshop content
  4. 4. A Couple Assumptions• I assume that you are, or see the value in influencer identification & outreach• You’re trying to find an empirical way of deciding how to do that
  5. 5. The Process – Baby Steps• ID The Influencer• Measure Their Performance• Rank Them In A Competitive Context• Reach Out And Pitch Your Message
  6. 6. There’s Two Ways To Think About Influence
  7. 7. We Want Them To Either,• Compel Target Demographic In Their Audience or Mine, To Action• OR• Distribute My Message With The Hopes Of Exposing My Brand or Creating Action
  8. 8. How Do We Traditionally Do This?• The Glamour Factor or What I Call
  9. 9. One Rule – No Guessing
  10. 10. What Do We Need To Rank Influence?• Influence Is Not Free Standing – It’s The Actualization of Performance.• Performance Context• Engagement• Audience• Kinetics
  11. 11. P.E.A.K Defined• Performance – How Well Are They Performing• Engagement – Do They Get Response? What’s Their Traffic, Relative To Other Statistics? Social Activity?• Audience – What Is The Size Of Their Digital Addressable Audience Online?• Kinetics – Which Networks Are They Most Prolific; Successful?
  12. 12. ExampleJustin Beiber Talks About How Justin Beiber Talks About HowTo Build A Music Career From To Make A Lot Of Money In Youtube. FOREX Trading
  13. 13. Free Tools Route• Klout - Influence• PeerIndex – Influence• AgencySnap – Performance• SocialMentions• Bing• IceRocket
  14. 14. The 5 Dimensions• Rank• Traffic• Social Activity• Search Mentions• Audience
  15. 15. What We Need To Rank Influence• Social Identity of the person or brand(s) – Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook Fan Page• Blog URL – Traffic• These metrics define performance, which is the first step in defining influence
  16. 16. The Free (sort of) Method
  17. 17. Speaker Gingrich
  18. 18. What About Digital?• Bing Search – General – Social – News• IceRocket.com• SocialMention.com• Traffic
  19. 19. To Summarize• Newt Gingrich – Klout Score 83, 20 Topics – PeerIndex 92, Contextual Topics, Deeper Inspection – 43mm Mentions on BING – 40k Mentions on ICE Rocket, Blogs – 803k Unique Visitors• Sounds Pretty Good…
  20. 20. But Even With All That, We’re Still Missing Something Contextual Performance RankingThat is….Newt Compared To What?
  21. 21. AgencySnap
  22. 22. Newt Gingrich Social Footprint
  23. 23. Compared To The Other Candidates 88.2% 100.00% 85.3% 37.92%
  24. 24. Traffic 42% 33%18% 7%
  25. 25. Search Mentions43.4mm 44.3mm 48mm 16.3mm
  26. 26. Social Activity 10.6mm 10.9mm6.3mm 1.4mm
  27. 27. Audience (Digital Addressable Audience Online) 2.2mm1.9mm 1.5mm 294k
  28. 28. Findings?• Newt Has The Largest Audience• Ron Paul Has A Highly Charged Social Network• Mitt Romney Content/Mentions Not Leading To Highest Social Activity or Traffic• Newt Has Higher Cumulative Total Social Activity, but Ron Paul’s Network Is More Explosive
  29. 29. Conclusions• A Social Network Play Would Work Best With Ron Paul• A Banner Ad Would Be Most Successful With Newt Gingrich• SEO/SEM Campaign Would Work Best With Mitt Romney
  30. 30. We Can Repeat This Exercise• Bloggers• Influencers• Online Media Companies• Competitors• Etc, Etc, Etc
  31. 31. Value Of Ranking• Forensic Trail For Modeling Behavior• Knowing Where To Invest Marketing Dollars• Empirical Basis For Decisions• Efficient & Strategic• No More Guessing!
  32. 32. Quantalyzing: kwan-tell-eye-zing• The quantification, qualification, organization and analysis of contextual influence and social media performance
  33. 33. Questions?www.socialmatica.comtraining@socialmatica.comIf you’d like a fee account to AgencySnap, justsend us a note to the email above and we’llreply with login details.
  34. 34. Appendix• Klout.com (Influence Rank – Identification)• Peerindex.net (Influence Rank – Identification)• Bing.com (Volume Of Mentions)• Socialmention.com (Sentiment, Topical Trends)• Icerocket.com (Topical Trends)• Agencysnap.socialmatica.com (Performance)• Compete.com (Traffic)