Real Time Patient Satisfaction Reporting


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Since hospitals and paid based on patient satisfaction, who should collect their responses?

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Real Time Patient Satisfaction Reporting

  1. 1. RealTime PatientSatisfactionApplication Affordable Care Act
  2. 2. October 2012• Value-Based Purchasing Instituted• 1% of Medicare payments to hospitals withheld• $850 Million to be awarded to hospitals that meet quality measures• Achievement or improvement in patient satisfaction determine 30% of incentive payments
  3. 3. The ProblemHospitals are paid based onperformance, who isresponsible for collecting andreporting patient reviews?The data should be submitteddirectly from the patients toan organization that has nofinancial interest in the results.
  4. 4. The iDeaUse technology to support The AffordableCare Act linking satisfaction data directlyfrom the patient to Medicare • Support Value Based Purchasing • Create an automated, efficient reporting model • Patients with limited access to technology will have the ability to submit survey results • Real Time Access
  5. 5. Use TechnologyUse existing technology • GPS, Key Card, Smart Tag, WirelessPassively Collect patient information • Patient location on premisesAuto feed to the cloud servers • Patient to complete survey electronically as part of the check out process
  6. 6. Use of Location Info• Customer satisfaction begins when patients arrive on the premises• Greeters address patients by name and because they can see where they are headed, provide accurate directions, even offer to escort• Hospital staff will have access to patient name and with whom they have an appointment• Departments will automatically be alerted that the patient has entered the building and patient is auto checked in
  7. 7. Passively Collect DataEvery employee has the opportunity to influence patientexperiences • Location provides information of every employee who interacts with the patient • Patient can provide feedback on every person they come in contact with
  8. 8. Complete Survey Electronically• As part of the check out process patients will complete an electronic survey• Survey can be completed from their own device or the one we provide• Completion will automatically be sent to doctors office, medicare, patient and provider
  9. 9. Alliances States Hospitals Patients Medicaid• Insurance carriers• HIPPA• Hospital Care Quality Information from Consumer Perspective• Affordable Care Act State Health Insurance Assistance Program• Aging and Disability Resources Center