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Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi.

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  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Social Keeda Think Tank
  2. 2. Presentation Objective: <ul><li>Why go Social ? </li></ul><ul><li>What are the Benefits ? </li></ul><ul><li>What we Do ? </li></ul><ul><li>What will be my investments and ROI ? </li></ul>
  3. 3. Social Media Marketing Consumer Engagement Enables
  4. 16. Social Media Marketing Benefits ???
  5. 18. 3X Your Brand Awareness
  6. 19. Excellent Lead Generation High Brand Recall Referral Impact Multiple Formats of Engagement Contests Videos Simulations APPS
  7. 20. How We do IT
  8. 21. Step 1: Social Media Strategy: Positioning & TG Demographics The Process: Your Central Theme/ USP that will connect you and your consumer. It can be your Positioning statement Online research of competitor activity Group discussion with key stakeholders on the central theme. Establish TG demographics Age: Occupation: Family Size: Interests: Region of Living: Key Reasons to buy Competitors shopped with: Etc… The TG understanding is done through a series of following activities: Interviews with shoppers Offline research Feedback Forms Discussions with stakeholders How we do?
  9. 22. Step 2: Campaign CREATIVES The Process: The Strategic Position and TG understanding helps us develop suitable creative's for the campaign. These creative's are FBML codes which will be utilized for the campaign Study of online activity of the TG. Develop suitable tools to Engage with the TG. 1. The Landing Page & Banner These are divided into three areas of operation 2. The Social APPS 3. Social content
  10. 23. Step 2: Campaign CREATIVES CREATIVES RESOURSES Landing Page FBML Coded Flash Version embedded on Facebook Banners FBML Coded embedded on Facebook/ Youtube Videos Client Existing or new. (Shopper experience, Interviews, New Products) Contests FBML coded with enquiry track back Engagement Module Dali Posts highlighting the key USP Facebook Exclusive Integration of Mobile with Facebook Account for Getting Loyalty Points Loyalty Points Social APP FBML Coded APPlication Simulator Game FBML Coded with the purpose of delivering the key message New Launch Videos Videos of new range launched
  11. 24. Step 3: Engagement with the Consumer How we do it? Building a Strategic Follower Base for the client’s consumers (Fans) on the social network Assessment of online activity for consumers and Engaging them with the Social Network. Deploying campaign creative's and monitoring the response on a continuous basis. In order to build the Fan Following we explore both online and offline medium extensively. Online: Involves a series of activities done continuously on the Social Media like Sending Invites to People Engaging people on similar groups Paid Marketing on Facebook Viral Activities like Referral Points, Viral Videos, Quizzes, Contests etc Offline: Involves a series of activities to promote the social media campaign Utilizing ShopFlor Live Facebook Kiosks Branding in store about Facebook/ Youtube Linking ATL and BTL campaigns with Social Media Campaign
  12. 25. Step 4: Measure Results What all is measured and reported? Our Team continuously monitors your Social Media Campaign and Reports Back the Findings on a monthly basis Analytics: Insights: There are two sections of the monthly report (A) Analytics (B) Insigths New Users Interactions Media Consumption User Age/ Location/ City Fan Projection for Next month Cost Per Fan Engagement Index Views/ Comments/ Feedback
  13. 26. ROI and Investment ???
  14. 27. The Measure of Success??? You Fan Base will reflect the true measure of your campaign success. We will look foreword to a Fan Base of Minimum 30,000 within 6 months of activation. This would mean a total connection base of 1.5 Million people online. Engagement Index > 7% Engagement Index = Consumer Engagement over the period of campaign Total Fan Following Count Daily View by more than 2.0 Lac people
  15. 28. Amit Agarwal (+91) 9999 89 3817 Ruchi Mittal (+91) 9999 89 3814 Contact Social Keeda Resource Centre Website Facebook Blog Other Brand on Facebook 1.4 Lac Followers 17 K Followers 1 M Followers 95 K Followers