ApacheCon 2014; Let Me Help You. Don’t Fear the Man with the Free T-Shirts


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The Apache Way™ is an incredible process for developing software as good or better than any other software development methodology. While we do a great job producing software that powers the Internet we often don’t do everything we can do to promote that technology, encourage new users and get more awareness of the work we do. This talk will outline considerations for how to promote a project and track progress and drive adoption to help insure the viability of the project and sell your boss on how to allow him to invest more of your time and company resources to help develop your Apache project.

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ApacheCon 2014; Let Me Help You. Don’t Fear the Man with the Free T-Shirts

  1. 1. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle Mark Hinkle Senior Director Open Source Solutions Citrix http://open.citrix.com @mrhinkle
  2. 2. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle
  3. 3. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle
  4. 4. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle • Open Source Education • Developer Relations • Awareness Building • Recruit Users • Facilitate Participation • Give Away T-shirts
  5. 5. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle
  6. 6. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle • I personally believe deeply in Open Source as the right way to develop non-differentiated software • If the Apache Software Foundation is successful it validates me • I want to be part of something cool - I get to be part of a organization that touches the lives of billions of people • If Apache projects we use are successful it makes it easier for my company to be successful • I like you guys and gals. You’re my peeps.
  7. 7. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle LevelofParticipation AWARENESS > ENGAGEMENT > ADOPTION > EXTENSION > CONSUMPTION Awareness Discuss Download Use Feedback Document Evangelize Core DevelopmentDistribute C o l l e c t i v e I n t Level of Effort C o l l a b o r a t i v e Repurpose Extend Refactor
  8. 8. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle
  9. 9. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle
  10. 10. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle • Apathy sucks! If you write the code for the public good, make sure the public knows about it! • Is there or should there be a blueprint for Apache projects to promote their project just like development? • Crappy proprietary projects get used when no one knows about the cooler, faster, better Apache projects. • Am I off base? Should I just >/dev/null ?
  11. 11. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle The Good • Consensus Driven • Excellent Development Process • Excellent Webserver • Passionate vocal developers • Great developer resources The Bad • Consensus Driven • Lousy promotion process • Lousy Website • Anonymous users • Poor user success infrastructure
  12. 12. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle • Given $50,000 from war department and $20,000 from Smithsonian for a “special project” • Seat at Harvard • Head of the Smithsonian • Professor at the U.S. Naval Academy • NY Times covered his exploits • He wanted to be rich and famous • He had every advantage….
  13. 13. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle • No high school diplomas • They were bicycle repairmen, not engineers • Self-funded their airplane development • No engine maker in the world could meet their needs so they invented one • First manned airplane flight 1903 • When Samuel Pierpont Langley found out he quit
  14. 14. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle What if the Wright Brothers had the same backing of Samuel Pierpont Langley?
  15. 15. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle ` Apache Software Foundation Provide Software For the Public Good Companies Provide Value for Stockholders/ Stakeholders
  16. 16. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle • Help host events • Help create promotional giveaways (free t-shirts) • Help with social media and PR • Provide travel scholarships for developers • Hire Interns • Create goodwill • Sponsor the ASF and ASF events
  17. 17. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle • Influence development process • Manage the project • Buy influence • Prevent anyone from participating See Apache Software Foundation Fail
  18. 18. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle • Training on the Apache Way • Better mechanisms for promotion of projects • Improved infrastructure • Way to direct funds to support what’s important to me • Make it easier for me to demonstrate value to my company • Invest in the success of new projects • Don’t over extend precious resources
  19. 19. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle You have an opportunity to do awesome things and change the world. Don’t take it for granted.
  20. 20. ApacheCon 2014 - @mrhinkle And I work on open source at Citrix. http://open.citrix.com Thank You